Manage Amazon and Sales Channel Product Safety Compliance Easily with Comply PRO+

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    Comply PRO+ is a revolutionary new cloud-based Consumer Product Safety Program Framework for Sellers and aggregators where they can build their product and compliance data and see a real-time customizable dashboard of their data with the PRO Dash.

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    Product Safety Compliance

    As a CPSC-approved Product safety coordinator, we know compliance programs. When selling in multiple channels, you need a robust compliance program to build seller proof of compliance, as you will need more than a test report and a certificate. We set you up for success by providing the framework to build and manage your company documents, standard operating procedures, product data, supplier data, test reports, factory audits, inspections, certificates, and incidents, all on the product level, and use tagging for refined search to find what you need quickly. Use the supplied folder framework or create custom folders to match how you operate your business and create custom fields on the product field to capture product data needed for the products you sell.

    Streamline product development activities and track tasks to bring products to market quickly and manage global retailer sales channel compliance in one place. Never have a test report expire with the 45 and 21 test report expiration reminders; even send emails to your lab or factory to start the recertification process.

    Comply PRO+ features include:

    • Pro View Dashboard
    • CPSIA Ready live
    • Scheduler & Calendar 
    • Document Library 
    • Incident Reporting
    • Sales Channel Compliance
    • Customizable Product Views
    • Amazon Products & Marketplaces
    • Global Where Sold Map with # Products by Country
    • Licensed Products
    • Suppliers
    • Supplier Audits
    • Test Labs & Reports
    • Production Runs/Batch Tracking
    • Shipping Details
    • Quality & Inspections
    • Certificates Tracking
    • Product Development Module
    • Authorized Representative Access
    • EZ uploader makes onboarding a breeze; be up and running quickly

    Use the Scheduler to manage compliance-related activities and assign tasks to team members so there are no missed deadlines or surprises. Business owners sleep better at night knowing where things stand, and compliance managers will save time, allowing more time for business.

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    With Comply PRO+, you Build actionable product data around your product to show proof of compliance and see information regarding the product, type, status, sales channels, and Amazon marketplaces. You can also track licensed and children’s product compliance. A prebuilt custom view allows you to search for information quickly on each product type. Build your documentation from the prototyping stage to capture all required documentation to sell globally with our technical file folders. Quickly see how many documents you have in each folder to ensure you keep all items like images, packaging, instructions, warnings, labels, and registration cards in one place on the product level. Using product families, you can upload one test report to all family products or select just one.

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     An Amazon Sales channel is prebuilt into every plan. Create sales channels for Walmart, Shopify, eBay, Target, or others to store sales channel documents, see stats by sales channels like products sold, and track audits and inspections required by each retailer.

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    Document every production run from the Purchase order and all items on that order with your tracking label, batch tracking, or date code. Using the production data, tracking label, and test reports data, you can then issue a certificate on each batch so that in the event of an incident or recall, you have data to prove it was an isolated issue. Manage all your certificates of compliance on the product level.

    If you conduct product inspections before shipments or when the product arrives, you can store all internal or external product inspection reports on the product supplier, sales channel, and inspection company and even associate them with the products inspected. See your scheduled inspections on the calendar and upload the finished report when you receive it.

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    Once inspected and when ready for pickup, track each shipment from your supplier to see incoming items on the calendar and dashboard, and you can even track express shipments.

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    Comply PRO+ advanced features help you easily organize, manage and store your documents, meet regulatory retention guidelines, and even provide Authorized Representative access to your responsible person in the EU & UK.

    You can import your Amazon, product, supplier, sales channel, lab, and inspection company data quickly via our EZ Excel uploader to get you onboarded quickly. Just add images, test reports, and documents. With our patent-pending software, you can spend more time growing your business and protecting your brand as we give Sellers all the tools they need to run, scale, and exit their businesses. 
    Visit for plans and pricing or to schedule a demo. Use the CRUX423 promo code to get a Free additional user when signing up for any plan before May 11th, 2023. ( a $600 annual value)

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