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    You have a lot to do to keep your eCommerce business running smoothly. You may not have the time or ability to maintain it yourself, such as creating product descriptions. Online businesses are especially challenging for small business owners who may not have the time or money to do so. Many tools for product descriptions can be used to create outstanding online stores. Strong AI supports these product description generator tools.

    Who are product description generators best for?

    These tools are available online and accessible to anyone who requires them. Product-description generators can help you create product descriptions for your store with hundreds of products.

    This isn’t the only situation. Even if you only have a few products and don’t have the time or energy to write copy for them due to your increasing workload, product-descriptions generator tools can help you. Content-writing agencies also use Product-description generators to speed up their work, especially when they run short of ideas. These tools are used to accelerate their work and deliver quicker.

    When to Use a Product Description Generator?

    Before we get started, it is important to know when to use a product specification generator. You won’t get the results you desire if you use the product description generator for the wrong purposes. First, you need to realize that product description tools don’t usually produce a captivating copy. They’re certainly helpful, but they don’t have the technology or intuition to match professional copywriters.

    It’s simple: professional copywriters dig into the minds of your ideal buyer and create copy that speaks to their deepest desires. They write words that are focused on your buyer. Product description generators are different because they focus on your product. Although it is subtle, this difference can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. The point is that product description generators are effective. It’s not enough if the rest of your marketing is correct.

    You won’t likely be able to sell electric cars, engagement rings, or packages of holidays using a product description generator. High-emotional and luxurious goods are not available. Before you accuse me as a career-anxious writer, I am not saying that product description generators should be ignored. In certain circumstances, they make sense. A product description generator is a great way to save time and money if you have a large catalog of products (like garden tools) that don’t need a product copy.

    What is the ideal length for a product description?

    While description generator tools can make your job easier, there are some things you need to keep in mind when using them. The length of your description is one of these. It is essential to determine how much information is necessary to convert visitors into buyers. A short description will not give the customer enough information to make a purchase decision. However, a long description will cause the customer to feel overwhelmed and may decide to skip reading the description. These days, the Internet is overflowing with content. Long content can almost be considered ignored content.

    For simple products like clothes and toys, the ideal product description should be between 150-200 words and 300-400 words. For more complicated products like electronics and supplements, it should be between 300-400 words and 300-400 words. This Flip’It Pan – Nonstick Pancake & Egg maker product description is a combination of text, bullet points, and a video.

    The 10 Best Product Description Generator Tools to Try

    There are many types of product description generators. Some are better than others. These are the top ones you should try in your eCommerce store.

    1. Jarvis

    Product Description

    Jarvis, previously known as Conversion AI, is a powerful machine-powered copywriting software. It can produce compelling copy that looks human for many different purposes, including Facebook ads, blog posts, and product descriptions.

    The platform uses proven copywriting principles like AIDA (attention-interest, desire, and action) to create copy that reads like a human wrote it. It can also integrate keywords naturally to please Google and make your product pages appear in search results.

    Jarvis also supports 26 languages (though I cannot speak Spanish, German or Chinese). This is an excellent advantage if you want to expand into new markets that don’t speak English. Jarvis includes a variety of templates, including Shopify product descriptions. These templates will make it simple to create amazing descriptions on a large scale.

    2. HotShp

    product description generator

    Hotshp is next. Hotshp allows you to create product descriptions, titles, and blogs for your eCom store. Hotshp isn’t like other tools in this list. It doesn’t use AI for copywriting. It uses real people instead. It is a bit more expensive than AI, but it produces high-quality copies.

    Hotshp allows you to import product descriptions into your store through Shopify WooCommerce, BigCommerce Etsy, and other platforms. Hotshp’s professional copywriters can return most product descriptions within a few hours. To create compelling descriptions, they’ll use images from your products and store.

    Hotshp also allows you to specify the tone of voice, style instructions, and other features that make it different from other product description generators. This means your copy will be consistent with brand standards.

    3. WriteSonic

    Product Description

    WriteSonic, an AI copywriting platform, is relatively new. It’s a relatively new tool, but it quickly becomes one of the most used tools due to its outstanding performance. Samanyou Garg (a full-stack programmer) founded WriteSonic after he was plagued by writer’s block every time he needed to create a landing page.

    WriteSonic is his solution for the agony that we all feel when staring blankly at a blank paper, trying to figure out what to write. You can choose from many templates on the platform. Each template can be used for specific purposes (e.g., Google ads, blog posts, or product descriptions). Next, you will be asked to give a brief description of your product.

    WriteSonic then turns on its artificial brain. For your review, it will send you dozens of full-length content pieces. After you have chosen the one that you like, you can edit, share, and publish it wherever you wish. You can sit back and watch the conversions and clicks come in.

    4. Hypotenuse AI

    Product Description
    Hypotenuse AI

    Hypothenuse AI is an eCommerce-specific product description generator. You can connect your eCommerce CMS to the platform and enter all your product information within a matter of minutes. You can then generate multiple product descriptions automatically using your product images, attributes, and SEO keywords.

    Don’t be discouraged if you are unhappy with the way things look. Hypothenuse AI allows you to tidy up any generated copyright on the page. With an organized workspace, your focus is on the next product. The platform can also sync back to your CMS, which makes it easier to bring your products to market quicker and easier, with descriptions that sell.

    5. Copysmith

    Product Description

    We have CopySmith, which we quickly moved to numero Cinco. CopySmith allows you to generate product descriptions quickly. Their website states that each piece of copy is written word-for-word by their AI engines. This guarantees that your copy is 100% original and unique. CopySmith is able to assist you with writing marketing copy for PPC ads and emails.

    CopySmith currently offers AI writing services for English at the time of this writing. CopySmith claims that they aren’t yet proficient in other languages. They do, however, say that they will soon improve their non-English language options. Paid plans start at $16/mo if billed annually. Access to the most popular plan, which includes chat support and third-party integration, will cost you $50/mo. Contact them to get a quote if you require bulk import or export features (which many readers will need).

    6. Ginnie

    Product Description

    Next, Ginnie. This is a tool I don’t know how to pronounce. Ginnie was once called Kopign, which is also difficult to pronounce. However, their AI algorithms are not used to create their product names. If they were, I wouldn’t include them in this list!

    Ginnie allows you to create thousands of unique product descriptions simply by entering product specifications. It generates engaging, SEO-optimized content on a large scale. It is especially useful to be able to submit brand guidelines so that your product descriptions sound on point. As if they were written by your in-house copywriter.

    Ginnie is available in the Shopify app store. However, it has received mixed reviews. It currently holds a score of 3.5/5, which isn’t too bad. It is, however, a handy tool that I found in my quick exploration. After just a few tests, however, I rate it higher. But, you’ll have to decide.

    7. Descrii Product Description Generator

    Product Description

    Descrii uses AI to create high-converting copy for landing pages and ad campaigns. It uses a variety of interesting copywriting techniques, such as: Pain – Agitate – Solution-style product descriptions. Before – After – Bridge style product descriptions. Transform features from your products into benefits.

    Descrii’s ease-of-use with Shopify is one of its best features. The Descrii App can be found in the Shopify app store. If you have a lot of products to update, the bulk product description feature can be very useful.

    8. Adzis Product Description Generator

    Product Description

    Adzis is a content creation tool that allows you to create blog posts, product descriptions, and videos at scale. Adzis uses smart-AI algorithms to make it easy to create great content even if you’re not an expert in writing. It makes it easy to create 1000s of product descriptions quickly. This allows you to launch and scale your store quicker. Adzis offers an exclusive service that does everything for you. It’s completely hands-off. All you have to do is send them your product catalog, and they will take care of the rest. Their experts will help you choose the right keywords and strategies for optimal results.


    Product Description

    Rytr, an AI-powered copywriting tool that is beautifully designed, is available for purchase. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also powerful and simple to use. You can create unlimited characters for a flat monthly charge (for ads, blogs, descriptions, etc.). You also get access to a community of business owners and a dedicated account manager.

    You can create a copy in more than 25 languages with the tool. You can also choose from more than 20 tones to ensure that your copy sounds professional. These styles are great for defining a tone of voice if you don’t yet have one.

    10. Snazzy AI

    Product Description
    Snazzy AI

    Snazzy AI is a free tool that generates product descriptions. Did you mean free? Snazzy AI offers a freemium plan. Their content writing tool is free, and you don’t need a credit card to access it. You can only create five copies per day. After playing with Snazzy’s tool, it produced excellent copy. Some of the examples I received may not be distinguishable from human-written copy to the untrained eye.

    Snazzy, like other tools in this list, lets you input the brand information to create a copy that sounds just like you wrote it. Snazzy is very simple to use. You need to input a few product tags, and you will get full-length product descriptions back.

    How to Use a Product Description Generator For Best Results

    It is essential to be familiar with the basics of product descriptions before you can use a product description generator. Your generator will still make you the editor-in-chief of all descriptions. Here’s how to ensure your generator is running smoothly.

    1. It should be easy to read

    A wall of text is the fastest way to lose potential customers. To interpret a wall of text, you need to focus and use a lot of mental energy. Divide your product descriptions into bullet points and subheadings.

    2. Use natural language

    It’s time for a new product description generator tool if yours is generating corporate-speak. It’s difficult for people to understand stuff that doesn’t sound natural. If your product description sounds like it was written by a robot, you need to make some changes.

    3. Optimize for SEO

    For organic search traffic to be attracted, product descriptions that are SEO optimized are a prerequisite. Make sure you include the keywords that will rank high in search engines in your product description generator. In general, longer descriptions work best for SEO purposes.

    4. Prioritize benefits over features

    Products featured are not as compelling as product benefits. If you were to buy a toothbrush, would it be better to have one with the most cutting-edge bristles or one that will give you the whitest smile? You need to go beyond the basic features and get to know your customers’ motivations for buying.

    5. Make sure to use lots of accurate tags

    Your product descriptions are the most important tool for AI product descriptions. They can only be as powerful as the information they receive. The better the outcome, the more descriptive terms and tags you can use.

    Final Words

    We have compiled a list of the top product description generators. Tell us which one you like! You don’t care what product description generator you choose, but you must ensure that your customers are satisfied. Data shows that satisfied visitors will convert to sales.

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