Top 10 Print on Demand Companies: How to Choose The Best in 2022

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    When it concerns printing on demand, the website you decide to use to sell and list your products is a huge deal.

    This decision will impact how you manage your business, including store management, fulfillment methods, and potential revenue.

    To assist you in making a wise choice, here are the top 10 sites that allow you to earn money through print-on-demand.

    what is print on demand

    Top 10 Best print on demand sites

    1. Printful

    print on demand
    print-on demand services

    Printful is among the most well-known print-on-demand companies available.

    It has more than 220 distinct items and offers a range of choices for printing, like direct-to-garment, cut and sew sublimation, and embroidery. You can also apply customized tags to your products as well as include stickers and inserts into the packaging of your product.

    Printful’s mockup maker makes customizing simple, and the platform works with all the major platforms, such as Shopify and Etsy. The products are usually available for shipment within 2-5 days.

    2. Redbubble

    print on demand
    print-on-demand products

    Redbubble is a renowned print-on-demand site that caters to new and emerging artists and designers. Unfortunately, its marketplace does not integrate with other marketplaces or online stores. This makes Redbubble less appealing for those who already run a business online or wish to sell through several sales channels.

    If, however, you’re an artist who wants to sell custom items, this platform might suit your needs. Redbubble gives you the opportunity to set up an online storefront that you can set up on the platform that you can modify to match your personal branding. The catalog of products is just like no other, offering clothing, accessories, homeware, and other gifts.

    As an online marketplace, Redbubble could assist you in getting noticed by the first buyers. You can upload your design and select any number of products that customers can look through either on the general marketplace or in your own store. When someone purchases an item with your design, you are compensated. Also, you retain all ownership rights to your design. Be aware that Redbubble does not provide some of the helpful extras offered by other print-on-demand websites, like Graphic design and design tools or a mockup maker.

    3. Printify

    print on demand
    print on-demand sites

    Printify gives you access to a vast network of print-on-demand providers around the globe. You can select the most suitable company in your region to get fast and efficient shipping. Naturally, this means that the time to ship and the quality of the product will differ based on the provider you select.

    The print-on-demand business allows businesses to personalize more than 300 items with various options, including sublimation, embroidery, and direct-to-garment printing.

    Printify also provides Premium and Enterprise plans, which offer significant discounts to businesses with high turnover.

    4. Society6

    print on demand
    best print-on-demand companies

    Society6 distinguishes itself from other print-on-demand websites by focusing on the artist and his work. Apart from offering traditional items on other POD platforms, They also offer a greater selection of art prints, including frames and stretched canvas.

    The site also hosts an active community of artists, which means you can connect and receive feedback from your customers and creative peers.

    Society6 operates as its own marketplace but does not offer integration with other marketplaces or stores. However, after you sign-up and sign up, you can create your own store on the website.

    The platform is completely free to use. Artists sign up, personalize their shops, upload their designs in the proper dimensions for each item and begin selling. While Society6 could use your work to advertise its brand name, they retain the rights to it.

    5. Teelaunch

    print on demand
    print on demand t-shirts

    With a catalog that is priced competitively (including exclusive items such as Bluetooth speakers) with reasonable fulfillment times and a helpful support staff, Teelaunch has all the necessary nuts and bolts to help you start an online print-on-demand company.

    Teelaunch is another reliable and flexible print-on-demand site that works with Shopify as an official partner. What stands out is the quality print-on-demand mockups of t-shirts they produce for you. In addition, they offer high-quality product images you can use in marketing materials and images of life for their products.

    The manufacturing process usually takes between 3 and six business days, after which the orders are shipped from the US, Canada, or the U.K facilities. The cost of shipping will depend on the item and the destination. The complete breakdown of the prices for more details as well as the shipping time for each country.

    6. CustomCat

    print on demand
    print on demand clothing

    CustomCat is a print-on-demand business; orders usually arrive in two to three days. The print-on-demand store offers several printing options, including direct-to-garment printing, 3D dye infusion, and sublimation.

    CustomCat also has one of the biggest print-on-demand catalogs of merchandise available, making it an excellent choice for those seeking unique products for your print-on-demand.

    7. SPOD

    print on demand
    print on demand drop shipping

    SPOD is a site for printing on demand operated by the company Spreadshirt. They boast among the fastest fulfillment times in the market 95percent of their orders are shipped within 48 hours. This enhances customer satisfaction. Naturally, the company might not have the best-known catalog of products printed on demand, but they offer some of the best rates and an easy-to-use product design tool.

    For most print-on-demand businesses, calculating shipping costs (in actual time) for orders containing several products from various categories can be a bit difficult. But, as SPOD’s pricing system for shipping is dependent on the value of the order which is based on order value, they can make it simpler to design shipping rules that maximize the profits of your business while encouraging cross-selling and upselling to motivate customers to boost their “value” of their cart.

    Shipping is within 48 hours from the U.S. It Starts at $3.57 for domestic shipping, with an estimated 3-8 business days. Costs are determined by the total value of your order, not the number of products or items. Visit their shipping calculator to get more information.

    8. TeeSpring.

    print on demand
    print on demand products

    TeeSpring has a lot of the same features as RedBubble. It’s free, and you don’t require a credit or debit account; plus, they also own its own manufacturing company.

    The only distinction is that TeeSpring doesn’t provide customers by generating organic traffic. Instead, it’s you who is responsible for driving people to your site.

    Aside from making your designs, you will need to figure out ways to drive customers to your store. This could be via advertisements on social media, paid advertisement marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).

    Consider this as an illustration. The store is dedicated to engineers. To increase traffic to their website, they set up a Facebook page that regularly posts funny memes targeted toward engineers. In time, they’ve gained a huge following, and they are now able to market their T-shirts too.

    9. Merch by Amazon.

    print on demand
    print on demand services

    Merch from Amazon is similar to RedBubble as well as TeeSpring. When you offer a T-shirt, and someone makes an order, Amazon will print, pack and deliver it to the buyer. This entire process is carried out in Amazon’s production warehouse.

    There aren’t any charges to start; it is necessary to complete an application prior to being allowed to sell.

    Once you have been accepted, designing and uploading items on their site is simple. All you have to do is be able to upload an image of art onto their application. You can then customize the features of your item, including the dimensions and price, as well as the description and title. After that, you can list it to sell on the website!

    After Amazon remove all fees they charge, The remaining profits are distributed as an income in your savings account. It’s an excellent option to start If you’re short on cash.

    10. Apliiq Dropship

    print on demand
    what is print-on-demand

    If you’re looking to create an apparel line that places quality and design first over everything else, there are very few better alternatives than Apliiq, located within downtown L.A. They provide a variety of customizable options to design your own high-end retail private-label apparel items. Print on demand items provides the highest quality and best selections. They deliver to over 150 countries, including India.

    Offering better wholesale prices than other print-on demand providers (starting at 20 % off for bulk orders), Apliiq is an ideal partner for those who want to create a fashion-focused brand and sell it through a combination of offline and online retail channels.

    Production could take as long as 7 working days on orders. They provide weight-based shipping from $3.99 within the U.S. and international shipping to more than 150 countries worldwide (see the website for international shipping for rates on the shipping table). To expedite fulfillment, you can choose to pay an additional 10% for a rush order cost or select their express shipping option.

    How do you select the best printing company to meet your requirements

    Good return policy  

    Even a bulletproof print-on-demand source strategy isn’t a guarantee that your customers won’t be able to return items. The way you handle returns reflects your brand’s image. Simply stated, a few negative feedback on social networks or consumer forums could hurt the business. However, you’re not in control over how a return is handled.

    Pricing plans and flexibility  

    You’re searching for prices you can manage. But, that’s not all. You need a firm with a flexible policy. For example discounts on bulk orders can allow you to earn more money.

    Rapid & reliable shipping

    If you’re planning to operate a dropshipping printing business, it is important to take note that you will not be able to control the packaging and delivery in any way. Instead, your print on demand partner will take care of the services for you.

    Range of products is offered.

    The wide range of products that are offered for sale provides greater flexibility. The extensive product offerings offer greater opportunities than those with a limited selection, particularly if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur beginning your first online business.

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