11 Best Amazon Price Monitoring Tools

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    You are not leveraging the price differences of products across eCommerce stores. This will result in you losing money and not getting the best deal. You will also need to be competitive as a product seller. This means knowing how your competitors are pricing the same products.

    Online products are not priced equally across retailers. Every e-commerce site has its pricing criteria, which means that prices can vary from one store to the next. This is essential information to know in order to make the right decisions as a seller or buyer online.

    Price monitoring tools allow you to monitor the prices of products in multiple stores at once. Some tools can even help you determine the most competitive price for your product. There are many price monitoring tools on the market. This article will help you find the best Amazon price monitoring software on the market.

    What is price monitoring?

    The practice of price monitoring is an old business practice. Retailers’ staff had to go into competitors’ stores to check the prices of every product in each aisle. They would use a photograph memory to record prices, as a pen and notebook would not be obvious.

    Businesses should be able to gain an understanding of the market’s pricing structure quickly. This strategy allows companies to ensure that their pricing strategies match the market.

    The data they collected was not updated in real-time and did not reflect current trends. These prices would have already been updated by competitors when they had finished manually scanning competitor prices.

    Companies have been impacted by the rise of technology and the internet.

    • Employees no longer need to be physically sent to other stores.
    • You can use price monitoring tools to get real-time pricing data.
    • Get hold of prices from competitors within minutes
    • Make strategic business decisions based upon the pricing data that they collect.
    • Dynamic pricing is a good option.

    You are on the right path if you’re interested in monitoring the prices of competitors. Crayon’s State of Competitive Intelligence report for 2019 shows that 96% of businesses monitor their direct competitors, while 93% monitor their indirect competitors.

    This graph was taken directly from Crayola’s 2019 State of Competitive Intelligence. It shows the percentage of companies that track their competitors.

    There is a growing trend towards competitive Intelligence, which includes price monitoring.

    How does price monitoring help businesses?

    Price monitoring is simply a way for companies to adjust their product pricing in response to market conditions. Let’s look at a few examples:

    If sneakers are sold on Amazon for $80 per pair, a company will lose customers to competitors who sell the same style and quality sneakers for $60.

    Customers may be willing to pay $100 for the same sneakers, which could lead to a loss of revenue.

    How can companies make sure they don’t face these situations? Price monitoring tool is the solution.

    Best price monitoring tool for Amazon sellers



    Price2spy is undoubtedly one of the most powerful price monitoring tool available in the market. Price2spy offers prospective customers a 30-day free trial option without requiring credit card details.

    Price2spy’s main features include price comparison and smart spidering, price alerts, reporting, price analytics, and price change alerts. Price2spy can help you find repricing opportunities and compare prices across stores. It also provides a complete market overview. You can also use historical price reports to spot trends.



    DataCrops provides full data intelligence and aggregation. It supports price monitoring and a variety of price intelligence tools such as competitor price monitoring, hotel pricing intelligence, and flight pricing intelligence.

    DataCrops was founded over 12 years ago and has done business in more than 70 countries. Although this tool is one of the most powerful on the market, it is disappointing that the pricing is not made public. Request a quote.



    Prisync monitors and tracks competitor prices. This price monitoring tool allows you to see all your virals from one interface. Prisync’s operation is simple. To make yourself competitive, all you need to do is add products or competitors. The tool will then pull relevant data from competitor websites.

    Prisync supports price matching, MAP monitoring, and dynamic pricing. It also offers price management, price watcher, and price watcher. Prisync. The tool is very affordable, and there’s even a free trial.



    Omnia is a product price comparison tool for retailers. Omnia provides tools to help you save time, remain competitive, and increase your business’s profitability. The software is fully automated and focuses more on dynamic pricing.

    This tool makes dynamic pricing simple. You can have some freedom with the tool’s flexibility. The tool allows you to create pricing rules, adjust price elasticity, and then let the tool do the rest. For customers who are not yet customers, Omnia offers a free trial.



    Amazon’s Repricer allows you to monitor your price and make adjustments. This price monitoring tool will enable you to quickly price your product dynamically. It scans your competitors’ prices and adjusts your pricing to reflect any changes. This allows you to remain competitive on Amazon.

    Repricer’s unique feature is the ability to exclude low-quality sellers so you can compete only with the best. This tool allows you to upload the product cost and determine the profit margin.

    General web scrapers with price monitoring support

    They can also be used to scrape other data, apart from price data. They are much cheaper than price monitoring tools and can be used to extract other data forms, in addition to price data.



    Octoparse is a well-known name in web scraping. This tool can be used to scrape data from any website without having to write a single line code. Octoparse provides templates to make scraping simple. Templates are available for scraping product data, including prices from e-commerce sites.

    Amazon, Walmart, and Rakuten are just a few of the sites that support Octoparse. Octoparse can be used as a cloud service or as a desktop app. Octoparse costs a monthly fee, but new users can get a 14-day free trial.

    Apify Store

    Apify Store

    Apify Store offers scrapers for online eCommerce stores like Amazon, Aliexpress, and Google Shopping. Most of them are entirely free to use. You can also suggest a scraper or request a custom solution if it isn’t available.

    Apify’s web scraping and automation platform have its own pool intelligently rotating proxy pools to make online scraping easier. Apify scrapers have been used by many of the world’s largest companies to monitor their competitors’ prices. However, Apify’s fully scalable scraping tools make it easy for anyone to get started, with no programming required.



    ScrapeStorm was created by an ex-Google crawler. This tool allows you to monitor the prices of your competitors or find out what price a particular commodity is going for online. ScrapeStorm uses AI to make collecting data simple.

    You can also export to a variety of formats. ScrapeStorm’s ability to support task scheduling is one thing you’ll love. You can also use it to support data deduplication and automatic export. It is also easy to use for developers., one of the fastest-growing software companies in America, is primarily focused on data. This company will take care of all your data collection. They can extract large amounts of data from the internet. offers a tool that allows you to monitor competitive pricing without any coding skills.

    They offer dynamic pricing services to e-commerce shops that want to use their data to determine the best prices for their products in order to remain competitive in today’s market. doesn’t offer free trials, unlike the other tools.



    The homepage for this tool claims it is free. But, there are restrictions to this free tier that can hinder your progress.

    You will need to sign up as a paid user to enjoy the full potential of the tool. ParseHub allows you to scrape data from any website, no matter how complex or obscure. Although it is simple to use, the tool is extremely powerful and flexible. This tool allows you to monitor online the prices of commodities, and it also supports schedule scraping. provides digital commerce intelligence. allows you to easily monitor the price of any product. This is not all. It can help you monitor the cost of the products you are interested in and also automate tasks that you perform on target websites.

    They have provided the Digital Data Capture Robot as the tool for this job. They also offer support for dynamic pricing, competitor intelligence, and other features. Users of have seen amazing results using the software they offer.


    This is just a small selection of price monitoring tools on the market. There are many other tools on the market. If you have programming skills, you can create one for your specific use case.

    If you’re serious about price monitoring and need additional features like alerts and dynamic pricing, I recommend one of these price monitoring tools. You can use the web scraping tool with price monitoring support for small marketers and buyers.

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