Fastest multichannel repricer for eCommerce sellers
    Founder & CEO: Jordan Schanzer


    Company Description & Services

    Flashpricer is the fastest multichannel repricer for eCommerce sellers. Whether you want to crush your competition or find the right price for your private label listings, flashpricer is the quickest and most reliable repricer for you.

    Let our AI-powered algorithms do the work for you, or customize your own repricing strategy to optimize your prices how you want, when you want. With all of those tedious price changes off of your plate, you're free to spend time growing your business and producing more revenue.

    Competing repricers all use unreliable APIs which return out-of-date, missing, or incorrect Buy Box data about 40% of the time. To power flashpricer, we developed highly-effective technical solutions that use a hybrid of API calls and information displayed on the front-end of selling channels. That means we can price you into the Buy Box more often by using real-time data instead of outdated and incorrect information.

    The result is faster, more profitable results than any competitor.

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