Fulfillment infrastructure for online sellers
    Founder & CEO: Ryan Terko


    Company Description & Services

    Fillify is a unique tool in a crowded space of Amazon tools. It is designed by an 8-figure Amazon seller who used it to scale their own FBA operation, and removes human error from the FBA shipment process. It is the only tool of it's kind and is designed to help sellers bypass the new Send to Amazon workflow.

    Fillify helps sellers more easily manage and automate the process of creating, processing, and sending FBA shipments to Amazon. It contains unique features that help users save money, get inventory to Amazon faster, and minimize or totally alleviate any receiving delays at Amazon. It ensures a faster and more accurate receiving inventory at fulfillment centers, and also helps them recover funds Amazon owes them for lost items on their FBA shipments.

    Fillify can allow users to:

    > Fully manage FBA shipments outside of Seller Central
    > Create shipments with a spreadsheet instead of selecting products one at a time.
    > Removes the need for Case Pack Templates and Box Content files.
    > Track which items in the shipment have been processed and which have not.
    > Allows you to print labels on rolls for faster application
    > Automatically embeds box content info in 2D barcodes directly on FBA box labels.
    > Stores invoices and shipping docs with shipments for faster FBA shipment reconciliations.
    > Can generate multi-SKU FBA box labels.
    > Purchase Amazon Partner Carrier rates or use your own rates.

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