Ampd drives customers from Google Ads to Amazon.
    Founder & CEO: Joshua Gebhardt


    Company Description & Services

    Ampd creates an untapped, net new revenue stream partner for your brand on Amazon. With over 3 billion product searches conducted on Google every day, Ampd automation leverages the power of Google Ads to drive massive traffic to your Amazon PDP and Storefronts.

    Ampd is the only platform that fully unlocks Google's potential for your Amazon store. With data science honed over 25,000 campaigns and counting, Ampd provides intelligently guided paths to launch customized, self-optimizing Google Ads for your products. Further, the downstream effects of Ampd have been shown to dramatically lift company organic sales on Amazon as well.

    Unlock the hidden 30% of your customers with Ampd! Elevate your Amazon store by connecting with Google traffic.

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