How to Optimize Google My Business & Get FREE Traffic in 2022

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    One of the easiest methods to increase customers and traffic is to claim and improve the quality of your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Google My Business (GMB) lists your business’s operational information, reviews, posts, etc.

    If used properly, Google My Business is a highly effective tool that can boost your profits and give you important insights into your clients. I’ll go over its importance and how you can maximize it to increase sales.

    What is Google my Business?

    Google My Business It’s an application that allows users management and improves their business profile through Google. To explain the basics of what Google My Business is and how it functions, let’s first ensure that we know what a Business Profile is.

    The Business Profile is the Google term used to describe your Google listing for your business. Business Profiles can be found within Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search.

    Creating business profiles is similar to adding a location on Google Maps. It’s something anyone including an uninitiated stranger (or an automated list generator) can create. All Google needs is the name of the business and the location, and the category. After Google determines that the business is not duplicated, they establish an official Business Profile for the specific area. This Business Profile is then open to customers who can leave a review, add photos, request information, and even reply to queries. The Business Profile can also be filled with data that Google gathers from the internet.

    Benefits of Google My Business

    Google My Business
    google my business listings

    1. It’s Highly Visible

    Google Local Pack Google Local Pack occupies a huge space on the first page of Google search results. In addition, it’s the first page a Google user sees after they enter their search.

    It enables Users to See the Information They Need at a Glance.

    Google Local Pack is a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that lists the localities relevant to your search. The site also provides a range of other information relevant to prospective customers might need access to: where it’s situated on the maps, the company’s contact information in case prospective customers have any additional concerns or need to make an appointment or store hours, and even the business’s star rating. So it’s an excellent option for both the business and the customers.

    2. It’s free to use

    As we’ve already said, GMB is a no-cost listing for businesses on one of the most popular search engines available on the internet, placing your company before many potential clients. Similar to GMB, it is also available many other popular directories available on the internet for various sectors. But, they usually are priced regardless of whether it’s a month-long fixed-rate or annual rate.

    3. People can Leave Reviews of Your Business

    Never undervalue the importance of customer reviews, particularly about search rankings. Another study conducted by Moz confirms how online user reviews can be believed to comprise 10% of the way search engines rank their results.

    Therefore, if you wish for your business to appear on the internet, utilizing GMB to create an environment that makes it simple for customers to give positive reviews about your business is imperative. There are many other reasons you should encourage people to write reviews.

    Reviews Improve Local SEO

    Many people depend on reviews when deciding on a purchase. In reality, up to ninety percent of buyers could be in the direction of online reviews. That’s the majority of them. Every one of them.

    4. Google My Business Images Provides a Great First Impression

    The presence of a GMB page is a technologically smart touch to your web branding since it shows your customers that you’re keen to remain current and up-to-date. Responding to their needs on the internet makes it easy for them to call or connect or purchase and then return.

    5. Improves SEO

    Your Google My Business can indeed be one of the most effective SEO tools. It’s not enough to just add a few contact information. You’ll need to enhance Google My Business to get the most out of Google My Business to get the most effective results.

    Below is a graph illustrating the most important items you need to optimize for Google My Business to work to improve your rankings and SEO.

    Why you need to optimize your Google Business Profile    

    The above comparison shows that optimizing your Google Business Page can help consumers choose your business over your competitors. There are also advantages when you optimize your Business Profile to ensure efficient Local marketing.

    Increase engagement

    Consumers are increasingly navigating through Google without ever visiting any other site. Why? Because the information found in the search results pages answers their queries and results in “zero-click searches.” With the potential for more people to interact with your business through your Google Business Profile than your website, you’ll want your profile to be designed for high-quality interactions and converts.

    Boost your local ranking

    Google’s algorithm to rank Business Profiles doesn’t just look at relevance and proximity but also the quality and activity of the information. So making Your Google Business Profile will send the right signals for Google to place your business better within the local search results. As you’ve probably guessed, a higher position is more exposure and more engagement with your business.

    Making sure you optimize your business Profile can allow your company to be more prominent in Google Maps and on the first page of Google Search results like these.

    Get Leads

    A typical Google Business Profile alone doesn’t provide much for getting customers. However, they’ll be able to find out the location of your business and read reviews–if they are aware of your company’s name at all (creative business name concepts are here!). With an optimized Business Profile through your Google My Business account, potential customers will find you on keywords, call your number, browse your website, look up your services and products and FAQs, submit a quote, make an appointment, and book a reservation and much more. Additionally, you can monitor clicks to your website, appointment, or menu link with UTMs or Google Analytics.

    How to create my business account 

    • Create a Google Account
    • Go to, then login to google my business
    • Enter Your Business Name
    Google My Business
    sign in to google my business
    • Enter Your Location
    Google My Business
    How to Optimize Google My Business & Get FREE Traffic in 2022 8
    • Inform Google which areas you service.

    Google My Business
    How to Optimize Google My Business & Get FREE Traffic in 2022 9
    • Choose a Business Category
    Google My Business
    How to Optimize Google My Business & Get FREE Traffic in 2022 10
    • Add Contact Details
    • Finish and Verify Your Business
    Google My Business
    google my business dashboard

    How to Optimise Your Google My Business Page

    1. Create an account on Google My Business.

    It’s crucial to remember that a Google Business Profile can be distinct compared to a Google My Business account. The latter can be utilized to access and enhance the earlier. To implement the strategies described in this guide, it is necessary to have a Google My Business Account. Once you have it, inform Google to link it with your Google Business Profile. To set up an account, go to and sign up using your Google/Gmail account for business (instead of your personal Gmail if you already own one).

    Complete your profile

    Your customers will be 2.7 higher likely to think your business is trustworthy when you have a full Google Business Profile. They’re also 70 percent more likely to visit your business.

    Google specifically declares that “businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches.” Naturally, this increases the relevance score of your website. The most important thing here is to inform Google users “what you do, where you are, and when they can visit.”

    If your business hours shift during the holidays or seasonal changes, keep them current.

    Add relevant keywords to your profile.

    Utilizing the correct keywords will increase the relevancy. Are you unsure where to begin? Try Google Trends or Keyword Planner.

    Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and other tools for monitoring social media can help you find the terms people use to find your business. Include these terms naturally in your description of your business. However, do not overuse keywords or employ irrelevant ones. This could cause harm to your search rankings.

    Verify your location

    Verified businesses with verified places can be “more likely to show in local search results across Google products, like Maps and Search.” In addition, having a verified address can also help increase your score on the distance ranking.

    If you skipped over verifying your location in the account creation steps above, request your verification postcard now at

    Upload images as well as videos of your business

    The Google Business Profile includes a logo and cover picture. Utilize images that match other social networks to allow users to identify your business’s identity.

    However, don’t stop there. Include photos and videos to show your workplace, location, and you’re a team.

    Share photos of your menus, food items, and dining area if you manage an eatery. Make sure they’re appealing, professional, and professional. They should also not be low-res. Based on Google the search engine, companies that have photos get more requests for directions and more visitors to their sites.

    Encourage and respond to reviews & questions.

    People trust their friends more than they trust companies. A positive review could be the element that can tip prospective customers in your direction. Reviews also help improve your Google rankings.

    The best time to request a review is when you have succeeded in having provided a positive experience. Google provides a direct URL to request clients to rate your company for ease of use.

    Keep your business information up to date. 

    Be sure to update your profile for your business if you alter the business hours, contact details, and so on. There is nothing more irritating to customers than turning up during business hours only to find that you’re closed if you’ve got special holiday hours or as a single event. Ensure that they are visible within your Google Business Profile profile.

    You can also make Google My Business posts to communicate updates and news about products and offers, and events.

    Add your products

    If you are selling items, ensure that you include up-to-date inventory on your profile on business. Alongside showing up on your profile, your items can also be displayed on Google Shopping.

    To add items to your business profile manually, follow these steps:

    From the dashboard On the dashboard, select Products on the left menu. Then, click Start to create your first product.

    Google My Business
    google my business pages

    How Does Google Determine Local Ranking?

    Most of the time, Google ranks local listings according to three factors:


    Relevance refers to how the local Business Profile corresponds to what a potential customer is seeking. When you add more details to your profile, it gives Google additional information to better ensure that your business’s information is relevant to the searches that it could be applicable.


    Distance measures how far a result is away from what is used in a search. If the searcher does not specify the location of their search, Google will use what they know about the searcher‘s location about the user’s place of residence to calculate distance.


    Prominence is the term used to describe how a business’s name is known. In some cases, Google will consider offline aspects when determining prominence. For example, landmarks that are famous museums, landmarks, or well-known stores are likely to show prominently in local search results.

    In addition to the most well-known areas, Google determines prominence by assigning value to website directories, articles, or articles. What number of Google review reviews and Google reviews are also incorporated into the results of local searches. Google will also look at your overall search performance; this is why SEO good practices are crucial, especially for local businesses.

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