10 Best online Free Form Builder to Quickly Create Powerful Forms in 2023

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    Forms online can be used for a variety of applications. For example, if you run an online company, it is possible to gather data to create your email list or find out what people think of your company or product. In the same way, marketers use forms to turn more of their visitors into qualified leads.

    An effective form builder can help you develop the forms you need to manage all of these use situations while keeping your brand image, tracking submissions, and figuring out how to improve the data collection process.

    The best online form builder to quickly create powerful forms

    1. Google Forms (Web)

    form builder
    Google Forms

    Google is back at it. If you’re looking to build reliable forms quickly, Google Forms is your best choice to complete the task in a matter of hours.

    Forms created in Google Forms are easy and simple. There’s not much noise, and you can concentrate on the questions. Type them in, as Google Forms can guess which kind of question you’re asking and save you a couple of seconds instead of selecting the appropriate type by dropping it into the menu. If this is the first time you’ve built an online form, the final result will look fantastic, and you won’t be spending an entire afternoon scrolling away.

    2. Microsoft Forms (Web)

    form builder
    Microsoft Forms

    Microsoft Forms isn’t the most well-known name, as are other Microsoft applications, but it’s true. But this form creator is simple and works well with Excel. Much like Google Forms, it focuses on getting the best form into the hands of your target audience as quickly as possible.

    It certainly appears to be it’s a Microsoft product. If you’ve used Microsoft applications for a lengthy period, you’ll understand the basic idea of navigation in minutes. It’s easy to add your questions to edit the settings for any of them by hovering over them and clicking the appropriate button inside the WYSIWYG editor. If certain answers require particular inputs–e.g., you can only let those over 65 complete the form – you can create the input validation settings for every question.

    Microsoft Forms vs. Google Forms

    Continue the Microsoft Forms vs. Google Forms rivalry: like Google’s services, Microsoft Forms doesn’t let you customize your branding; however, it’s a good option for those who want to finish your work quickly. Six templates have an image of the background and a color scheme. If none of these templates appeal to you, click the refresh button in your browser, and six more options will be displayed. If the refresh button isn’t working, you can select the color scheme you prefer and then a static image.

    3. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

    form builder

    HubSpot’s online forms builder is among the most effective form builder tools available. It combines the fundamentals of creating forms with the latest technology to offer more capabilities than an online form builder. And it’s free.

    While it’s not one of the more sophisticated forms builder tools, you won’t require any technical expertise when you use HubSpot’s form builders. It is easy to build forms using the drag-and-drop form builder. You can also convert online visitors who aren’t registered as leads by using unlimited forms fields, submissions, and custom forms that connect to your contacts database.

    When a person fills out the form, they’ll automatically be transferred into HubSpot CRM. After they’ve been added to your CRM, you’ll be able to set reminders, contact them, and then send individual emails to each of them to help you manage and build relationships with your contacts.

    The form builder from HubSpot also enriches contact information and a strong connection to HubSpot’s Marketing hub, making it a great choice for teams that want one system for managing their contact forms, forms, and marketing campaigns.

    4. Best Form Builder to Customize Forms: Typeform

    form builder
    best wordpress form builder

    Typeform is one of the classy form builders that lets you design forms that look attractive to the eye.

    The app allows users to answer one question rather than display a set of questions.

    The form creator allows users to answer easily on mobile devices as well.

    Instead of the typical radio buttons, Typeform features larger buttons to make it easier for those surveyed.

    Without question, Typeform allows you to build online forms that can be interactive, making it among the top software for creating forms; however, be aware of the lack of customer support as well as the high learning curve.

    5. ClickUp Forms

    form builder
    drag and drop form builder

    ClickUp is a comprehensive collaboration and project management software designed to assist teams of all sizes in managing their work and improving communication. ClickUp Forms offers a variety of configuration options that make it easy to create your perfect form for every scenario, add crucial questions, and gather useful responses.

    Drag-and-drop feature to drag task fields into the form and to create new fields using Custom Fields to build your perfect form. In addition, make it more customizable by selecting the primary theme color that matches your branding and adding your logo or image as icons, as well as adding an overview in the upper right-hand corner of the page, to provide your users with more information and directions about how to complete the form.

    Use Form view to speed up the intake process and transform survey results into actions within ClickUp. You can easily share your form with anyone by copying the direct link or embedding it into the web with HTML. You can also export your responses to the form in data in a CSV file. The form submissions will create a task list within ClickUp, providing you with an organized method to organize the surveys and keep them in order.

    6. Best form builder for small businesses & enterprises: Pandadoc

    form builder

    PandaDoc Form builder software is the latest software developed by the company that allows you to easily collect credit card transactions using existing integrations, such as PayPal as well as Stripe.

    Users of this program are able to easily create forms using the same editor for documents that are employed to make proposals, quotes, and contracts in the initial place.

    The software allows you to create separate documents and email the documents to customers in the onboarding or registration process.

    Respondents can make legally binding electronic signatures by filling out and completing forms without the need to fill out additional documents. It is also possible to embed this software directly into the web page or other workflow online.

    7. Typeform

    Typeform is different from other online form creator software. It lets you build forms that feel like a live presentation with many patterns, effects on transitions, background styles, micro animations, and more.

    It is possible to use Typeform to build forms like quizzes, surveys, and quiz giveaways, as well as lead capture pages in addition to other forms. It offers a wide variety of templates for all types of forms.

    8. Growform

    form builder
    form builder app

    Growform is a form-building tool that is designed for landing pages. It has a design like Typeform that allows users to build multi-page forms that feel like presentations.

    The primary distinction, in this case, is the fact that Growform is specifically designed to help you make use of forms to increase the conversion rate of landing pages. Utilizing Growform, you can build forms that have conditional logic to let users set up appointments or request quotes, inquire about the best services, and so on.

    Growform has a broad selection of templates for forms that can be used on different types of lead-generation websites. You’ll find alternatives for web design intake forms, life insurance appraisals, mortgage calculators, and numerous others.

    9. Convertful – the best all-in-one online form builder tool

    form builder
    best form builder for wordpress

    Convertful is an effective form builder that offers excellent conversion rate solutions on-site. Convertful is a straightforward WordPress plugin that is perfect for growing your business without any effort.

    The user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop online form creator allow you to create subscription forms to enhance your website’s performance and make landing page creation simpler than ever before. Additionally, your layout will be in perfect harmony with your brand’s style because of the builder’s capability to fully customize your designs.

    10. Cognito forms – the best builder with unlimited forms

    form builder
    Cognito forms

    Cognito Forms is among the top form builders for creating sophisticated forms for a small budget. Although you can design your own form, Cognito Forms also has many useful templates for your forms to pick from.

    They’re neatly organized in categories like forms for registration to events or order templates, contact forms, educational forms, and so on. Additionally is that you can make customized Word, Excel, or PDF files to keep your data in order.

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