Oberlo Review – Is it Worth It? How Does it Work and Alternatives?

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    Oberlo offers a dropshipping system that assists retailers in finding different products to sell through Shopify stores. The solution monitors market sales trends, order volumes, and competitor information to help sellers find the best products. Using the Oberlo Chrome Extension, product listings can be directly imported from AliExpress. In addition, sellers can modify the data and images to match their store’s brand.

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    What is Oberlo and What does it do?

    dropshipping with oberlo

    Oberlo is the most popular source of products and Shopify store management software for dropshipping companies. Imagine it as the intermediary that connects Shopify as well as AliExpress.

    It connects directly to AliExpress and makes it easier and more efficient to manage the process of vetting suppliers, sourcing products, importing products, and managing your store.

    It allows you to find products based on different categories, and then you can import these and alter their information to make them unique and handles tedious tasks, such as large orders or inventory of products.

    Oberlo takes away the effort of choosing high-quality items by adding them to your store, taking orders, and ensuring inventory.

    Oberlo key features

    Oberlo has distinct features that make it easy to import items directly through AliExpress into the Shopify store.

    The following features are included in the free plan and are guaranteed to make the dropshipping company more efficient than ever.

    Importing products from AliExpress is easy.

    While Oberlo does not function as an eCommerce platform, it is an essential link between your store and the suppliers. Oberlo is specifically designed for AliExpress as it lets users import items directly from AliExpress. AliExpress database and sell them in your Shopify store in only one click.

    Customize product details

    After you’ve added items to your imported list, Oberlo provides a variety of options for the customization of the product. It is easy to import items from AliExpress Then; you can alter the details to fit the style of your store’s voice and design. This could include changing the description of the product and its title to improve SEO or changing the images included.

    Automated inventory updates

    Another major advantage of the Oberlo application is that the basic plan automatically updates your website store’s inventory levels. You don’t have to fret about checking or updating inventory reports. Your customers will never purchase items that are out of stock.

    Alongside automated updating inventory levels, Oberlo offers the ability to update your product in bulk prices. This can mean increasing prices to meet demand and supply or decreasing prices for a specific period, like during a sale or another promotion.

    Optimized to appeal to a global audience

    Oberlo is a multilingual platform that supports different languages, currencies, and international shipping, allowing customers to purchase and sell items anyplace around the world. Oberlo is available in English, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

    If you import items, you’re currently able to only do it with USD. However, you can sell items in any currency you wish by altering the settings of your Shopify store.

    Keep track of the performance of your Shopify store by using Analytics.

    oberlo marketplace

    Not just is Oberlo facilitate the process of including products in your online store, but it also assists in managing your dropshipping business more efficiently with analytical analysis instruments. These tools allow you to easily track your profits, sales, and expenses while you work on managing your business and making sure you have satisfied customers.

    Oberlo pricing & plans

    Oberlo offers two plans available: Explorer or Boss. A Boss plan & Explorer plan is completely free, provide unlimited monthly purchases for up to 500 items, and include Google Chrome as an add-on.

    Oberlo price

    Explorer plan

    This Explorer plan now comes with the option of a variant mapping to two or more products. Variant mapping is useful when you offer different variants of the same item, for example, a single product that comes in various sizes and colors or sources it from different vendors. It lets you consolidate all variants in one listing, making it simpler for you to manage the listing and for buyers to purchase the product. Before May 2021, the option of variant mapping was available only to Boss customers for up to five items.

    Boss plans

    The Boss plan boosts the number of products available to 30,000 and includes additional options like shipping tracking and bulk order orders. With a price of $29.90 per month, the Boss plan offers cost-effective and essential features for serious drop shippers.

    Is Oberlo worth it for Dropshipping in 2022? The Pros and Cons

    Oberlo is a great dropshipping software. It’s possible to technically operate a successful business with Oberlo. The main issue is that it restricts the number of suppliers you can use only to AliExpress suppliers.

    However, does it the right choice for you? Let’s review the pros and pros and

    Oberlo Pros:

    • The app contains features that will help users save time by automating ordering fulfillment, pricing rules, and time-saving functions.
    • It is a very low price of entry. Anyone can set up Dropshipping stores in the space of a few days.
    • It’s user-friendly and easy to use.
    • There’s plenty of instruction offered for users of Oberlo.
    • It is good enough to let you test the products, and the paid plan is available at reasonable prices. So. all in all, Oberlo is a very inexpensive alternative.

    Oberlo Cons:

    Compatible only with Shopify; can’t use it with any other builder of websites.

    Dropshipping is only available from AliExpress, so it’s more difficult to find products of high quality. In addition, there aren’t many categories.

    Because AliExpress suppliers are located in the eastern region shipping locations, delivery times to the U.S. or other regions of the globe can be extremely long (even when using ePacket shipping).

    Highly competitive, it’s difficult to achieve lasting success without needing to hunt for new opportunities every day. Moreover, if you discover a winning product, it is likely to be copied by your rivals, while distinguishing yourself with branding takes more time than it takes.

    How to find Dropshipping products with Oberlo   

    Two ways are available to find the products available on Oberlo. One is to search within the app itself, and the second option is to locate items that are available on AliExpress.

    1. Locating products on Oberlo

    • The best way to locate products is to search the Oberlo dashboard. It allows you to look up popular products, check how well they’ve performed, and then easily incorporate them into your store.
    • Select ‘Search Products’ after opening the Oberlo app. You’ll be presented with a selection of the top dropshipping items and a menu above them.
    • Select a category and browse through thousands of items. If you wish to add a product to your store, simply click “Add to Import List and then go through the product before making it available to the store.

    02. Locating products on AliExpress

    It’s best to locate items from AliExpress If you know what items you’d like to dropship. This gives you more control and choice over the products you choose to add to your online store.

    • Before you can use Aliexpress to search for and export items, you’ll have to install the Oberlo Extension
    • Once you’ve successfully added the extension to Chrome, you can connect the extension to the app you’re using.
    • The final step is that you’ll need to alter the shipping settings. You can go back to the Oberlo App> Settings > Shipping -> enable ePacket. The ePacket service is an alternative shipping option provided by third-party logistics companies (3PL) in China and Hong Kong. It allows merchants to offer an affordable, speedy shipping solution for light packages. Because you’re dropshipping products out of China to other nations, ePacket is your go-to method.
    • Search for the product on AliExpress If you hover over the item, you’ll notice an Oberlo icon appear to indicate that the item has been made available to import and E-Packet shipping.
    • Click an Oberlo icon to transfer the product into your store.

    Best Oberlo Alternatives

    1. Spreadr

    oberlo alternatives for shopify

    Spreadr is an application that allows you to dropship Amazon products and make affiliate payments. In addition, you can add any product you’d like to import from Amazon into your Shopify store with just one click. The app is compatible with Shopify and other E-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce or BigCommerce.

    Spreadr lets you quickly modify the title and description of the items you decide to add to your store. You can earn a 10% commission for every purchase made while Amazon manages your store’s inventory, customer support, shipping, and customer support. It is easy to sign up for a free membership in Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon Affiliate Program through the application.

    2. Spocket

    oberlo competitors

    Spocket is among the most popularly rated Oberlo alternatives to Oberlo available. Some experts suggest that it’s more sophisticated than Oberlo, in particular in terms of the quality of the suppliers that are and suppliers available. Spocket is a great option if you’re looking to set up a local dropshipping business. This means you won’t receive packages from China and other parts of the world to people within the U.S.

    Instead of being focused on Shopify shops, Spocket also comes with an extension to WooCommerce. It is designed to help you improve the performance of your eCommerce with effective ways to connect with your customers and create strategies for long-term sales Spocket is an essential component of your strategy for selling online.

    3. Oberlo drop shipping alternative: SaleHoo


    SaleHoo can be described as a dazzling New Zealand-based business that offers retailers a range of over one million products to choose from while they develop the eCommerce brand. You can now select items from various wholesalers and drop shippers based on your specific requirements. In addition, you can search the vendors listed in the marketplace to ensure that you’re dealing with the most reliable suppliers with the capability of expediting delivery.

    SaleHoo’s goal is to be a straightforward substitute for Oberlo for those who need an easy method of finding reliable suppliers. In addition, the software is inexpensive for novices who may not have lots of money for their ideal strategy for a product. For example, SaleHoo costs just a little more than $65 per year for the first year.

    4. DSers


    The DSers platform is similar to Oberlo; however, some significant features make it an ideal choice. The platform is designed specifically to streamline dropshipping via AliExpress and is also fully compatible with Wix and WooCommerce, as well as Shopify.

    The program comes with more automated features that allow you to make the process of updating your inventory hands-free. Pricing rules, tracking information, and orders’ bulk processing can be automated on DSers.

    Pricing is the area where DSers excels. It provides 3000 AliExpress products for a free account. You’ll have to move up to the following level for access to the platform’s automation capabilities. The Advanced plan costs $19.90/month and increases your subscription to 20,000 items.

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