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    Amazon’s Reviews – Every seller worth his salt knows the importance of getting reviews and feedback. Your product ratings and seller feedback are the top factors that form the buyer’s decision, but that’s not all. Amazon also takes into account reviews and feedback when their algorithm determines your product’s exposure.

    The problem is, Amazon has strict guidelines as to what you can and can’t do (emphasis on the “can’t do” part) when soliciting reviews from buyers. If you fail to comply Amazon can suspend your account or even remove it altogether. Getting accounts banned happens very frequently and this is something you must avoid at all costs.

    So, what can you do? In this short article we are going to go over the safest way to get reviews – the Request a Review button. 

    Meet Amazon’s Request a Review button

    In order to avoid confusion and edge cases as well as allow sellers to ask for reviews in a safe and effective way, Amazon introduced a “Request a Review” button on each order page. When you, the seller, click the button it sends an email to the client asking for a review and feedback. The email is auto translated to the buyer’s locale language and since it’s worded by Amazon it’s as safe to use as can be. 

    Evey since it was introduced, many sellers abandoned less secure ways to ask for reviews, such as using buyer-seller messaging, and switched to the Request a Review button. 

    Don’t make review requesting a chore

    The Request a Review button is an amazing feature but it has one crucial drawback – buttons must be clicked. This means you need to open the order page and click the button for each order. Let me repeat, you need to click it for each order. This is a laborious and repetitive time that will consume a lot of your time. 

    Fortunately there are workarounds that let you enjoy the safety and efficiency of the button without losing time on it. You can use apps and automations to do that for you. 

    Many of the Premium apps include such a functionality that automates the button. Alternatively, you can use a dedicated app to do it for you. 

    Let’s take HighFive as an example. HighFive – Reviews & Feedback automation is a free Amazon approved app that automates the use of the Request a Review button. 

    It even lets you set different ask times for your different products. Setting shorter times for easy to understand products and longer time for complicated ones, increases the number of positive reviews you get. 

    HighFive is a 5 star rated free app that can significantly increase your reviews and feedback and help you rank higher and sell more. Download it for free and start collecting product reviews in just a couple of minutes. 

    Another advantage that is often overlooked of this method is recency. It is not enough to get high ratings, you also need them to be recent in order for Amazon to factor them in. When using a request automation like HighFive you ensure your chances of getting recent reviews.

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