Top 40 Most Influential Graphic Design Companies from Around the World

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    Design is a skill that numerous companies can acquire; however, only truly skilled graphic design companies will elevate this to the next stage. Additionally, it is challenging to create a brand in a field that is as in competition as graphics design.

    However, many graphic design firms and design agencies across the world have managed to stand out from the clutter and earn international recognition. Their top clients, extensive portfolios, and acclaim both globally and locally have helped them become one of the most sought-after and well-known graphic design firms around the globe.

    These are the most well-known graphic design companies currently in operation and listed in no particular order:

    1. Sociallyin

    Sociallyin is a Birmingham UK-based social media advertising company. The main service they provide is the production of social media content. They produce the entire original content within their facility. The team of creatives has achieved the art of the ideation process and has created the pace of production at a high level.

     The agency believes in creating posts on social networks that are different from the usual feed and align with your business goals. Their approach ensures that the team fully understands your company’s voice to effectively communicate and create content. Naturally, as an agency for social media, they will then make use of their content by analyzing the numbers to determine if the results are legitimate and observing the growth and figuring out how to enhance future campaigns.

    2. Clay

    Clay is a branding and UI/UX design agency based in San Francisco. They develop world-class digital products, including web design, and branding for all platforms. They list a variety of well-known top corporations as their clients, including Facebook, Google, Slack, Uber, Sony, Toyota, Samsung, and Coca-Cola. 

    They provide a broad range of graphic design and development services, including web development and design UX/UI design, digital strategy and research mobile, web, and development of apps animation design and 3D design systems and branding identity. In addition, they design and develop enterprise software that is human-centered, polished, and has the quick feel of the top consumer applications. Clay divides its expertise into four areas: design, strategy development, content, and strategy. As a UX/UI & app development firm, they create native mobile applications that work on iOS and Android Web-based applications and wearable apps, along with B2B/Enterprise Software.

    3. Neuron

    Graphic Design

    Neuron is an agency for UX/UI design that designs world-class digital experiences to assist businesses to thrive in today’s technological world. They offer San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles services. Some notable clients include Ford Models, Paycom, Vivint Home Security, LinkedIn, Sony, Harvard University, and many more. 

    They are experts with user-experience design, digital strategies, and front-end development. They help innovative technology companies develop digital goods and solutions that are easy to use and engaging and measurable. They also employ an approach to design that is human-centric. They connect with your clients, pinpoint their issues, and design solutions that improve their experience with your brand or service.

    4. Pentagram

    Pentagram is an independently owned design studio that provides almost every service you could require Graphics, brand identity packaging, products exhibitions, installations, websites, digital experiences, marketing communications, sound, and motion.

     Pentagram includes 24 associates who are not just the company owners but also all experienced designers. They also design and act as the primary contact for each client, demonstrating their commitment to the work for more than five decades.

    5. Xhilarate

    Xhilarate was founded in the year 2016 and provided services such as Web design logos, graphics, graphics printing, packaging, and print to create immersive branding experiences for their clients. Being one of the leading graphic design firms, Xhilarate creates human-centered experiences that assist brands in their transformation and growth. They’ve worked alongside small and large companies with varying budgets and timeframes.

    6. Sagmeister & Walsh

    Graphic Design
    Sagmeister & Walsh

    Sagmeister & Walsh collaborates between the world-renowned graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. The company is famous for its unique, edgy style. Their main focus is on art-related projects such as murals and exhibitions, and they’re fond of using design and art to transform abandoned urban areas or buildings. Although Sagmeister & Walsh might not be the ideal option if you’re searching for an established agency, however, they’re among the best graphic design firms in the world.

    7. Captiva Marketing

    Captiva Marketing is a full-service advertising agency specializing in online marketing, Paid search web design, social media, film production, and SEO. They seek out enthusiastic clients about their products and services and want long-term partnerships with their customers. Captiva Marketing has a team comprised of generalists, specialists, and managers who have worked in various industries.

    8. Starfish

    Starfish is an independently owned brand agency located in New York City. Their services encompass everything you need to design, maintain, and grow your brand’s experience. Starfish provides everything from marketing consultation to marketing, advertising, and branding.

    9. Cleveland Design

    Cleveland Design is a full-service communications company that provides branding alignment, interaction, and management services. The company was founded in 1992 and serves many different businesses and client sizes, from non-profits and startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

    10. Digital Silk

    Graphic Design
    Digital Silk

    Digital Silk focuses on creating high-quality digital experiences for its clients by implementing cutting-edge strategies for branding and apps, websites, and advertising campaigns designed for mid-to-large-sized businesses. Its team includes professionals with a top reputation who adopt an active, results-oriented approach.

    11. The Bureau of Small Projects

    The Bureau of Small Projects is an advertising agency focusing on branding, the development of websites, and marketing. The Bureau of Small Projects is one of the best graphic design firms for companies of any size, but it started by working only with large companies and Fortune 500 enterprises.

    12. Landor

    Landor has been in existence since 1941. It was established in 1941 by Walter Landor, is headquartered in San Francisco, and has offices in 26 cities across the globe. Landor is an expert in brand design, branding strategy, the mapping of customer experiences, customer segmentation, flexible adaptation, and other things.

    13. The Yard Creative

    Graphic Design
    13. The Yard Creative

    The Yard Creative is an award-winning design studio based within South London. The core services offered by the studio are graphic design, interior design strategy, branding, and research. Yard Creative is a small company that provides branding, strategy, and design. Yard Creative operates with a small group of enthusiastic creatives who establish connections with partners and clients.

    14. Wolff Olins

    Graphic Design
    14. Wolff Olins

    Wolff Olins is a decades-old design and branding consultancy with a track record of attracting attention with its designs. It provides a variety of services ranging from strategy to design and transformation. Since its beginning at the age of 65, Wolff Olins has grown to include 150 designers, strategists, program managers, technologists, and educators.

    15. 2Novas

    2Novas is among the most effective graphic design agencies for small and medium-sized companies and can help clients to generate leads, increase customers back and establish long-term relationships with their clients. This is a marketing company that focuses on digital and video advertising. It has a skilled graphic design team to manage the day-to-day needs of graphic design, such as banners, brochures, fliers, Facebook post graphics, and many others.

    16. Lounge Lizard

    Lounge Lizard offers expertise in the areas of brand strategy, website design Digital Marketing development of websites, mobile app development Social Media Management SEO, PPC management, and optimization of conversion rates. In addition to storytelling for brands, naming and taglines, and strategies and research, Lound Lizard offers graphic design services, such as branding and identity, along with collateral.

    17. Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD)

    Graphic Design
    Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD)

    Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) is known for creating an immersive experience for customers. For over 27, SLD created a design company that is devoted to “The Blink Factor,” creating moments at the point of purchase that allows consumers to connect “in the blink of an eye.”

    18. DePersico Creative

    DePersico Creative is a family-owned graphic design company specializing in food and Beverage marketing. For the last three generations, DePersico has used its expertise in strategic design to communicate messages about brands and products that motivate consumers to buy.

    19. BMG Media Co.

    BMG Media Co. started as one of the most sought-after graphic design firms for local businesses’ requirements. It provides graphic design solutions to more than 600 clients across the globe. BMG Media has more than 10 years of experience and experience with graphic design, the management of content, and the use of digital media for marketing. It is primarily working with medium-sized and small companies and startups in medicine, healthcare real estate, healthcare, and restaurants.

    20. MetaDesign

    Graphic Design

    MetaDesign is among the most renowned graphic design agencies around the globe. It’s a creative brand consultancy that has been solving business and brand issues for its clients since 1979. MetaDesign provides services such as branding creation, brand planning, branding experience, and activation of the brand.

    21. Huncwot

    Huncwot is a design and development agency established in 2007 and is based in Warsaw, Poland. It’s a tiny team with just nine employees that specialize in interactivity and technological solutions, including branding, animation, art direction content, web development, and UI and UX design.

    22. House Industries

    House Industries is a design studio that develops products, fonts, and fonts. It also accepts orders and is interested in collaborations. The method is based on old-fashioned techniques such as drawing, painting, and lettering, which gives its work a warm and inviting feel. House Industries is known for its retro-inspired designs and has collaborated with famous names such as The New Yorker, Cher, Jimmy Kimmel, and Uniqlo.

    23. DELT

    Graphic Design

    DELT is an agency that provides full-service branding services with its headquarters within St. Louis, Missouri. It focuses on marketing web design and SEO and offers everything businesses require to create branding and stand out from their competitors. The branding services offered by DELT include logos and print designs to full-service branding development and strategy. DELT was established in 2014.

    24. The Chase

    The Chase boasts thirty years’ worth of experience in the business and more than 350 awards from national and international awards. This makes them among the top prestigious creative consultancies around the globe and has attracted attention for their unique corporate branding and design. The Chase provides a variety of products and services such as exhibits at museums, calendar design, and branding for sports stadiums.

    25. Metalab

    Metalab is an established design studio located in Victoria, British Columbia. Since its inception over a decade, it’s assisted businesses from start-ups up to Fortune 50 companies like Google, Slack, Disney, Medium, and many more. It’s also developed online applications like the application for managing projects Flow and an invoicing application Ballpark.

    26. Urban Insight

    Urban Insights was founded in 2000 and is based in Los Angeles. It’s a digital company that has participated in hundreds of successful launches of products. Urban Insight plans, designs, and creates websites made with popular software, such as Drupal and WordPress, and also provides the best design and project management employing the latest technology and best practices. Urban Insights works with its clients throughout the course of each project, understanding the needs of each client and then implementing technological solutions for a design that satisfy the clients’ strategic goals.

    27. Charlie Smith Design

    Graphic Design
    Charlie Smith Design

    Charlie Smith Design is a graphic design firm based in London, which has over 16 years of experience in design. The agency has a vast knowledge of graphic design, including packaging, printing Identity design, Book design exhibition design, and event design. Charlie Smith Design works collaboratively with its clients by listening attentively and working closely with customers to design unique solutions for their needs.

    28. Happy Cog

    Happy Cog is a New York-based business created by Jeffrey Zeldman. The company has been creating digital experiences for as long as the internet was in existence. Being a complete digital marketing agency, Happy Cog designs and creates websites apps along with digital and interactive experiences for customers across all industries. 

    It offers services that include design, experience, strategy development, data, analytics optimization, promotions, and marketing. Happy Cog is one of the top graphic design firms because of its capacity to assist clients in crafting the most effective message and reach the right public in a way that inspires actions.

    29. VerdanaBold

    VerdanaBold is an agency for design and storytelling situated in Chicago. It was established in 2016 and is a tiny staff of four. VerdanaBold collaborates closely with its clients to develop visuals, presentations, and infographics built on data, research, and communication. VerdanaBold provides services that include visual storytelling information, design languages, and design systems,, and templates and training.

    30. Leo Burnett

    Graphic Design
    Leo Burnett

    Leo Burnett is an agency for graphic design based in Chicago, established by Leo Burnett in 1935. The company has grown to include 85 offices spread across 69 countries across the globe and employs over 9,000 employees. Leo Burnett offers services including multichannel advertising, Data and Analytics design, interactive and digital Direct and CRM online shopping, multi-cultural, experiential production, research shopping and marketing strategies, and social.

    31. Pearlfisher

    Pearlfisher is an independently-owned graphic design company located in London, New York, San Francisco, and Copenhagen with a goal of creating “simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future.” Pearlfisher has more than two decades of experience and includes employees with distinct areas of focus:

    Futurists inspire and inform by studying the way in which the world is evolving.

    Strategists are the center of the agency’s creativity and define the way brands can meet evolving needs and wants. Designers create ideas through experience. Realizers innovate solutions and create designs that achieve.

    32. Frog Design

    Frog Design is a global design company founded around 1969 by Hartmut Esslinger. Over the last fifty years, the company has worked to help businesses develop strong brands. Frog Design offers several services such as growth strategies, CX strategy and design products, development and distribution, corporate design, and venture design by utilizing a holistic method that blends strategy, design, and engineering.

    33. ArtVersion

    Graphic Design

    ArtVersion was established in 1999 and described itself as an agency for creativity. Based in Chicago with additional offices at Portland in Oregon and San Francisco, ArtVersion has a staff of 14 strategists, designers, and developers who offer the web with UI/UX, design branding, and graphic design. 

    Through its experiential design process, ArtVersion creates emotion and a connection between consumers and brands through the use of interactive web design graphic design, graphic design, and branding strategies.

    These are our top picks of graphic design companies that are currently operating. Whatever you’re seeking, these companies will have your graphic design needs as well as a lot of them can give an entire marketing experience for excellent results. If you’re looking to create an integrated, brand-named experience for your customers, these graphic design companies that are on this list will create it.

    34. Essen International

    Essen is a different detail-oriented graphic design firm that has full control over each project from the beginning to completion. Since 1980, they’ve been in business, and their 40+ years of experience prove their strength. Their designs are precise, well-thought-out, vivid, and conceptually smart.

    35. Bedow

    Below started out in desperation. The designer Perniclaw Bedow was out of work and decided that his only option was to create the graphic design firm. He was looking to create something that was different from the norm. In 2005 Bedow was on its own path. They are no longer in need and have a selection of highly regarded clients to work with. They also adhere to their distinctive style that is characterized by wit, fun concepts, and vibrant color palettes for the tables. Their list of awards is long, including the European, German, and Swedish Design Awards. Each award is well-deserved!

    36. Bond

    What differentiates Bond is its meticulous staff curation. They’ve made it a priority to attract designers from a variety of disciplines to create a multi-disciplinary design studio. Bond is an expert in digital, identity retail, spatial, and identity, as well as packaging and design for products for various companies, including start-ups and multinational companies.

    Services that are offered Animation and motion graphics Brand design, branding strategy for brands Digital content creation interior design, branding and branding, packaging Print design UX/UI design

    37. Studio Fnt

    Graphic Design
     Studio Fnt

    According to their own terms, Studio Fnt “collects fragmented and straying thoughts, and then organizes and transforms them into relevant forms.” In another way, Studio Fnt is a funnel that focuses ideas from clients as well as their target demographics and surroundings into concepts and later into visual shapes. Studio Fit is a print-based studio that creates identities and interactive/digital media.

    38. Fable

    Fable specializes in conceptual ideas using branding art direction, the direction of art, editorial, packaging publishing, and digital design. It’s not surprising that they have recently been awarded the highly coveted British Design & Art Direction Award in particular, given the stunning and vibrant geometric and pattern-based designs are!

    39. Winkreative

    Graphic Design

    A large portion of Winkreative’s portfolio is filled with top clients from the tourism and hospitality sector, and its distinctive fashion sense is evident in each of their creations. They focus on the bigger picture, starting with the strategic need, which constitutes “the essential foundation for every client and project.”

    40. Bravo

    Bravo is a graphic design firm with humor. Their website is a loose version of a Mad-Lib puzzle that compares their designs to Chuck Norris and The Game of Thrones. They work with clients from both sides of the world, and their well-crafted work lets their personality shine through.

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