What is Microsoft OneDrive: Features, Benefits, Plans, Reviews

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    OneDrive is a top cloud storage service provider for commercial and personal use. Suppose you’re planning to join one of the OneDrive plans for professional or personal use; we suggest reading the remaining part of the article to understand Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive pricing. Keep in mind this price is based on OneDrive pricing for 2022.

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    What is Microsoft OneDrive ?

    OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is an online cloud storage service that Microsoft provides. OneDrive is compatible with Windows 10 as a default destination to save documents. In addition, it offers free Microsoft account users five gigabytes of storage space before providing upgrades.

    OneDrive lets users save images, files, and other files across different devices. Users can also save documents in OneDrive and have it automatically sync to other devices. This means one can work on and access the same file from different places. In addition, OneDrive offers relatively simple accessibility to the cloud, allowing sharing of documents with other users.

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    OneDrive’s important features

    All-device access. Access your files on any device with native applications and an internet browser.

    Options for sharing. Share files inside and outside of your company by using their email addresses even when they don’t have a Microsoft Service Account.

    Collaborate with Microsoft Office tools. For example, create spreadsheets, documents, and presentations in real-time through Office web applications and desktop and mobile applications.

    Search powered by Microsoft Graph API. Find recommendations for files concerning your connections, how you got files, and when you last visited them.

    Compliance and security. Microsoft Apps bundles include compliance and security features that can be scaled according to the bundles’ functionality and offer high-end protections for enterprises in the bundles.

    Benefits of OneDrive

    1. Access from anywhere and at any time

    Microsoft designed OneDrive to offer users immediate access to their information regardless of where they are and on any device. So, for example, a user could begin editing the contents of an MS Office document on their computer at work, then open it on their mobile while they travel home, and then effortlessly continue working on it on their MacBook the following evening.

    To allow synchronization of data that is not limited to the data stored in the “OneDrive” folder, Microsoft allows the synchronization of additional folders that are on an endpoint, with distinct (and typically not-changing) names such as “Desktop,” “Documents” and “Downloads.” Although this could impact the network’s bandwidth, as it increases the amount of data synchronized every time, it allows users to sync data from various other places where files are typically available.

    2. Strong Security

    With world-class data centers and high-tech security, You can be assured all your information is protected. In addition, Microsoft employs high-quality encryption to safeguard your data while in transit and storage.

    3. Easy File Sharing

    Sharing files is easy through OneDrive. OneDrive users can easily share their files by right-clicking on the file and indicating the address of an email to share it with. It’s a more secure and efficient method of sharing when compared to email attachments. It isn’t constrained to the same dimensions, restrictions, and other limitations.

    4. Access is restricted

    If you are a security-conscious company, it is possible to restrict what devices can transfer files. If you want to ensure that employees aren’t working on synchronizing their work files with the computer at home or another unauthorized gadget, then there are ways to impose these limitations. You can also choose who is allowed to share files and what kinds of sharing they’re permitted to conduct (internal only, only specific email domains, and so on).

    5. Bandwidth limiting

    Users are able to define a Kbps limit on the capacity they’d like to allow OneDrive to use for downloads and uploads. Administrators might be able to implement a centralized policy that limits upload speeds as a percentage of the total throughput.

    6. Files on Demand

    This great feature allows users to save space on their computers. Users can select to have all of their data exclusively within the OneDrive cloud and allow just the files they prefer to “pin” or download to their devices. This allows those with smaller storage devices on them to keep huge amounts of data on OneDrive without the need for the data to be stored on their respective endpoints.

    Download Microsoft OneDrive

    • Browse to
    • Click the Download tab.
    • Run the downloaded file.
    • If prompted regarding User Account Control, click Yes.

    It’s done; you’re done.

    Types of Office documents

    Office Online allows you to create a variety of types of documents, like:

    • Word documents
    • Excel Workbooks
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • OneNote notebooks

    How to create a new Office document:

    • In this case, we’ll build the following Word Document.
    • Click the New button and choose the desired document type in the dropdown menu.
    • The document you have created will be saved and then opened.

    Microsoft OneDrive Pricing and Plans

    onedrive personal

    OneDrive Home Plans:

    It is possible to use Microsoft OneDrive for free. However, its OneDrive storage limit for the free version is 5 GB.

    If 5GB isn’t sufficient for your needs, you could select an upgraded OneDrive plan to add more cloud storage to Your OneDrive account.

    OneDrive offers a Standalone plan. It’s $1.99/month (or $19.99/year and you get 100GB of OneDrive storage.

    OneDrive Business Plans:

    onedrive for businesses

    Microsoft OneDrive also provides business plans. One OneDrive business plan is $5 per user per month. Every user gets 1TB of cloud storage. The limit for file size is 100 GB.

    Another OneDrive business plan costs $10 per month per user. Each user is entitled to unlimited personal OneDrive cloud storage. The file size can be as large as 100GB.

    Subscribe to Microsoft 365 to Get 1 TB Free OneDrive Storage

    If you sign up for the Microsoft 365 plan, You can receive 1TB worth of OneDrive Cloud storage.

    The most affordable Microsoft 365 subscription is Microsoft 365 Personal which costs $69.99/year or $6.99/month. In the Microsoft 365 plan, you are able to download desktop Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Also, you can enjoy 1TB of absolutely free OneDrive storage.

    You can also select to go with the Microsoft 365 Family plan, which is priced at $99.99/year and $9.99/month. The plan allows you to share your subscription with five others. Each user can receive 1TB of free OneDrive storage and 6 TB of storage in total.

    Microsoft 365 also offers business plans that do not just provide free OneDrive storage but also premium Office applications. The Microsoft Standard plan costs $12.5 per month. The standard plan is priced at $12.5 per month for a user. Every user gets 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage and also gets all the popular desktop Office applications.


    People who rely on Microsoft products will appreciate OneDrive’s close connection to Windows as well as Microsoft 365. It allows you to collaborate on files in real-time, and they will automatically back them up.

    However, OneDrive isn’t the least expensive as well as secure cloud-based storage service that you can find. The interface isn’t slick or stylish in any way. However, it is simple and easy to use; you’ll require minimal or no instruction to operate it. If you require assistance, OneDrive’s responsive and comprehensive assistance is more than enough.

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