Microsoft Ads: How To Create Your First Campaign in 2023

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    Microsoft is more than just a search engine, nor is it the creator of your Windows operating system. It’s also an effective advertising platform that can assist you in reaching your target market and business objectives.

    This insignificant search engine comes with some significant advantages in advertising, like lower prices per click, lower competition, and access to a large possible customer base. However, you’ll be able to see the advantages for yourself when you get there.

    To help you better understand Microsoft Ads and how to maximize its benefits, we’ve created this complete guide. In it, we’ll discuss everything from the fundamentals of Microsoft Ads to more complex subjects like designing effective campaigns.

    What Are Microsoft Ads?

    Microsoft Ads, formerly Bing Ads, is Microsoft’s self-service advertising platform that lets advertisers create campaigns and reach users through the Microsoft Search and Audience Network.

    According to Microsoft their search engine, their system (which includes partners such as AOL along with Yahoo) comprised 37 percent of all PC searches in the US at the time of 2019.

    As with Google, Microsoft has made significant strides to improve its AI and machine-learning capabilities through new features like Automated Extensions and Dynamic Search ads. Bidding strategies that are automated and much more.

    microsoft ads
    microsoft ads platform

    Why should you run a Microsoft ads campaign?

    Bing could be the missing part of your marketing puzzle based on the product you’re selling and the people you’re trying to reach. Here’s why.

    In the beginning, Bing boasts a 6.7 % market share, making it the second-largest search engine. This may not seem like too much, but there’s the massive growth potential for Bing.

    Then, over 1 billion people are using Windows 10. Because Microsoft is the owner of Bing, the company redirects lots of users into their search engines via Cortana, as well as the search bar located at the bottom of your computer screen. That’s a lot of reliable, simple traffic!

    In addition, according to a Wordstream study, the mean click-through rate (CTR) on Bing Ads is 1.25 percent, and just 0.86 percent in the case of Google Ads.

    Types of Microsoft Ads Campaigns

    Microsoft Ads offers eight different kinds of campaigns:

    • Expanded Text Ads
    • Responsive Search Ads
    • Product Ads
    • Multimedia Ads
    • Microsoft Audience Ads
    • Microsoft Advertising in Bing Smart Search
    • Dynamic Search Ads
    • App Install Ads

    Each kind of campaign comes with distinct benefits and advantages; therefore, it’s crucial to pick the best type of campaign that meets your company’s goals.

    Three benefits of advertising on Microsoft Ads (Bing)

    Low competition = lower CPCs

    Many businesses view Microsoft Advertising as an afterthought, meaning fewer advertisers are on the platform and consequently less competition.

    Since Microsoft Advertising works in the same format that is similar to auctions like Google Ads, fewer advertisers will ultimately result in a lower cost because of a lower cost-per-click. There is an increased chance of ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) which could result in a greater CTR.

    While this is likely to vary by business, it’s a great chance to gain lower-cost clicks on your website.

    More Transparency

    microsoft ads

    A major advantage Microsoft offers over Google is that it gives greater transparency in reports.

    Like Google, Microsoft Advertising has an extensive network of search partners on both sites owned by publishers (such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and and on their owned and operated Networks (such as Yahoo!, AOL and Outlook).

    In contrast to Google, you can have the data broken down by search partner websites and opt out of those that perform poorly. Google isn’t able to provide that kind of information to advertisers. So instead, you can opt in or opt-out from any search engine.

    More control

    Another benefit Microsoft Advertising has over Google is that it gives greater control at the group level.

    On Google settings, such as the location, language, and ad timetable are all set at the campaign level. Although Microsoft provides this option, these settings may also be set at the advertising group level. This gives advertisers greater control and could be particularly beneficial regarding the international campaign.

    If an advertiser were to create multi-lingual or global ads on Google, they would have to be integrated into different campaigns, which could lead to many campaigns that need to be managed. In Microsoft, however, these ads could easily be created in the same campaign, using the granular ad group settings to handle the different locales and languages.

    How do you create your first campaign using Microsoft ads

    Microsoft Ads enables you to connect with millions of people who use the Bing Search engine to search for products and services. Follow these steps for launching your first campaign using the platform.

    1. Create a Microsoft Ads account

    Visit the Microsoft Ads’ homepage and click the green Sign up Now button. Follow the steps and fill in the necessary information, including your email address, telephone number, and the location of your business.

    After reading, you must acknowledge the conditions and terms, then click to create a new Campaign.

    NOTE: If you already have an account with Microsoft, you can enter your username and email, and Microsoft will set up the Ads account for you.

    2. Set your campaign goal

    The next step is that Microsoft Ads will ask you to select a goal for your campaign. The options include:

    • Visitors to my website
    • Telephone calls to my company
    • Visits to my company location(s)
    • Conversions on my website
    • Sell online products

    Choosing a goal allows you to start an initiative, but be sure you choose a goal that aligns with your company’s goals. For instance, if you seek to increase your sales on the internet, choosing “sell products online” as your campaign’s objective is the best choice.

    3. Select your keywords

    microsoft ads

    Selecting the best keywords is crucial to create an effective search marketing campaign. You can utilize the Microsoft Keyword Planner to perform thorough research on keywords. Usually, advertisers have to select Tools within the Header on their dashboard to get access to Keyword Planner, but for the first time, it will be shown at your fingertips directly.

    4. Select your ad type

    After you’ve decided on your goals, now is the time to establish your ad settings and target. Microsoft allows you to choose between two kinds of ads for search engines and audiences.

    Search ads show in the uppermost position of results for the search, While advertisements for an audience are displayed in other places (within the article content, for example) on websites like Microsoft Edge, MSN, Outlook, and other partner websites. For the most part, new advertisers will start using search ads since they are easier to create and manage than audience ads.

    5. Make your first advertisement

    microsoft ads

    The system will prompt you to create your very first ad. You’ll be shown the page on which you’ll be presented with choices to add the following information:

    • Your business’s name
    • Images (up to six ads show one at each time)
    • An extended headline (90 characters maximum)
    • A brief headline (30 characters maximum)
    • Ad text (90 characters maximum)
    • Final URLs (for mobile and desktop)

    After you have added it after that, click Save to go further.

    6. Set your daily budget and make your bids

    At this moment, Microsoft Ads will ask you to establish the daily amount of your budget. Choose a number you’re comfortable with. You’ll pay every day until your ads have been active. Microsoft also estimates how many impressions and clicks your advertisement could receive based on the information. You will also find your maximum monthly amount below the daily budget section, which is the highest amount Microsoft Ads will charge you monthly.

    Beyond that, you’ll be able to decide how much you wish to offer for the ad placed. You can opt for the minimum bid suggested or select a figure which reflects the average cost per click for Microsoft Ads in your industry. Make sure you don’t leave your bid plan on autopilot. Adjust your bids according to how well the ads perform.

    For example, if an ad is generating much more conversions than you thought and you’re increasing the bid adjustment of the particular advertisement.

    7. Include your payment details

    Once you’ve established your budget, you’ll have to fill out your business details and your payment. Microsoft will then provide two options for payment:

    • Pre-pay is a requirement to cover the cost of your ads for the month ahead in advance
    • Post-pay will require the payment of your advertisements by the close of each month.

    8. Create your campaign

    After that, then Click Save to begin your very first Microsoft Ads campaign. Your ads will appear when users seek your targeted phrases through Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and other syndicated partner websites (like MSN and Outlook).

    What are Microsoft Shopping Ads & why its better than Google ads

    Microsoft Bing’s shopping advertisements are also known as “Product Ads.” The term “Product Ad” refers to the Product Ad includes images from your site’s catalog of products as well as pricing, promotional text, and information about your brand. Here are some interesting facts regarding Product Ads:

    • Bing Shopping ads have a 45% greater click-through rate (CTR) than Google.
    • The cost-per-click (CPC) from Bing Shopping Ads is 30 percent less than Google’s.
    • Bing’s Shopping Ads cost-per-acquisition (CPA) can be as much as 40 percent less than Google’s.
    • A typical Bing user spends 35% more money when shopping online than Google.

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