How to Get Started with Meta Business Suite: Beginners Guide

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    Meta Business Suite is a marketing tool similar to Business Manager, intended for small-sized companies, and includes additional tools and features that simplify the management of Facebook and Instagram accounts for business.

    This tool, for free, offers useful features for professionals. Unfortunately, it cannot handle all your daily social media demands. However, it can certainly help significantly. Let’s examine the ways Facebook Business Suite can help your company and the times when you’ll require other tools.

    What is Meta Business Suite?

    Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Suite) is a free platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. From here, you can control all your Facebook and Instagram accounts from one location.

    In the Meta Business Suite, you can:

    • Create or schedule posts or stories for your Facebook page or Instagram feed.
    • You can read and respond to the latest messages and comments on your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts all in one place.
    • Automated responses for frequently asked inquiries and actions.
    • Get audience insights.
    • Advertisement launch for your business on Facebook as well as Instagram.
    • Access additional Facebook options and setting to control your company’s presence.
    meta business suite
    How to Get Started with Meta Business Suite: Beginners Guide 7

    Using Meta Business Suite Insights

    Meta Business Suite makes it simple to keep track of your business marketing campaigns and accounts across Meta Messenger and social platforms.

    Here are a few of the knowledge Meta Business Suite provides and how to utilize Meta Business Suite:

    Ad spends: You can monitor your advertising spend across the various Meta platforms. Then, based on how you’re doing, you can alter your spending in line with your needs. For instance, if you spend a lot of money on Instagram advertisements but notice via other data that the ads aren’t delivering and you want to redirect your budget to Meta platforms on which you’re doing better.

    Engagement: Meta Business Suite lets you view your natural and increased content engagement. You can determine what type of is most effective in terms of content and make use of it to inform your next strategies as well as the content you post via social networks.

    Audience demographics: With Business Suite, you can look up information about the people interacting with your account and your content. For instance, you can determine where they’re located, their other interests, age, and much more. This information can be used to develop content that appeals to your existing customers or adjust your strategy if you feel your content isn’t reaching your intended audience.

    Meta Business Suite Vs Facebook Business Manager

    Facebook offers a new interface for businesses that comprises a comprehensive set of tools created to manage the entire business marketing and advertising-related actions through Facebook and Instagram. On the homepage display of this new user interface, users can view notifications from their Facebook and Instagram business accounts, as well as an overview of the most recent posts and the most important information related to the performance of their accounts.

    In addition, there’s an inbox that is unified to receive messages from Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as comments from company accounts on Facebook or Instagram. The inbox lets users with business accounts create automatic messages that respond to followers and people. The insights screen within the business suite displays information about Facebook and Instagram more simpler. It offers information to comprehend the user base on both platforms.

    Download meta business suite mobile app

    Download the mobile app by clicking the links below:

    How to Use Meta Business Suite?

    This Meta Business Suite course will show you how to make the most of this powerful tool to grow your company.

    1. Start using Meta Business Suite

    meta business suite

    Use your internet browser.

    Type in

    But you’ll need to create a business manager first.

    In the near future, Facebook Business Manager will merge with the Meta Business Suite.

    So this means that Meta Business Suite will become the only point of contact for everything.

    When you enter the Meta Business Suite, ensure that your business account is selected (see the top-left left-hand corner).

    If you aren’t able to see the business account, you can follow these instructions:

    meta business suite
    • Select the Account
    • Select the account for business from the drop-down menu
    • It’s likely the same account you’ve linked with on Instagram.

    2. Connecting a Facebook business page to Meta Business Suite

    • Choose the option to add Facebook pages.
    • You can add a page using three ways: adding to a Page that you already own, requesting access to an existing Page from a different business, or creating a brand new Page. Select the method that is most effective for you.
    meta business suite
    • Follow the steps according to the page’s selecting the mechanism to be added.
    • Repeat the process for adding additional Pages. For instance, if, for example, you’re an agency, you may want to create Facebook Pages that are owned by clients.

    3. Other users can be added

    • Go to “People,” then click on the “People” tab under Settings, and then select the “Add People”  option.
    • Enter the email address for the person associated with Facebook, and then choose the access level you wish you want to assign the user (Admin or Employee).

    meta business suite
    • Select all assets you would like for the person to be able to access and similar settings.
    meta business suite
    • Send the invite email.
    • After the invitation is accepted after which, the user will appear in the People tab.
    • Repeat the process if you wanna add more users.

    The benefits of using the Meta business suite

    1. Schedule Post and Story

    The scheduling of social media content prior to the time is crucial, but in the past, Meta’s native tools did not allow for complete scheduling. With Business Suite, you can plan all kinds of Facebook and Instagram content ahead of time.

    2. Engage customers

    Comments or shares, likes, and comments? All are here! You are able to interact easily with your customers while they engage with you. Answer the comments of your customers and thank them for sharing your posts.

    3. Hashtag Organizer

    Hashtags used on Instagram or Facebook can be great for adding contextualization to your posts and making your content more visible. However, making use of hashtags using native tools was always an awkward process up to the point that Business Suite launched.

    To save, find and reuse hashtags, use the tool for creating posts within Business Suite. In the text box, click on the hashtag symbol. Enter a keyword in the Search bar. There are tons of suggestions and the number of times it’s used to gauge its popularity of it through Facebook and Instagram.

    4. Goal Setting

    If you’re looking to gain more followers or connect with many more people through Facebook and Instagram, setting and adhering to your goals can be more difficult than they may appear. Through Business Suite’s Business Suite goal-setting feature, you and your team can be able to work together to track progress towards objectives.

    5. Prioritize Notifications

    If you get a lot of notifications on your Facebook and Instagram accounts, it’s important to prioritize them according to importance. By focusing on the most critical interactions, including posts and messages, you’ll be able to gain more value from your company’s social media presence. Meta Business Suite automatically prioritizes your notifications. After you click on the notifications tab, it is possible to look at the top-priority activity of your audience above. From there, you can quickly view and respond to any activity from the audience. Under this, you’ll be able to look up notifications with lower priority that don’t require a response.


    Meta Business Suite allows multiple actions from one platform, improving productivity and giving teams access to the same channel for collaboration. Meta Business Suite is a reliable and useful instrument for marketers to have complete visibility of their social media presence.

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