Merch By Amazon: How to increase sales in 2022

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    Merch By Amazon: Finding the most effective product to market on Amazon is difficult. If you find an area of high demand and little competition, you must locate a factory that can produce the product (within the budget you have set) and stay on top of quality assurance at every step of the process.

    If you’re interested in the concept that you can sell your products without the hassle of working with an external source, Merch by Amazon is something you’ll be interested in checking out.

    merch by amazon success

    What is Merch by Amazon?

    Merch By Amazon
    merch by amazon program

    Merch by Amazon lets you showcase your original designs on T-shirts and make them available on the most popular platform. Merch by Amazon is the top T-shirt printing on-demand service. There is no need to spend a dime creating and sharing designs for t-shirts with Amazon.

    Receive the royalties paid on the day your design t-shirt is sold. The only thing you have to do here is uploaded your designs and provide colors and prices. Amazon will handle everything else.

    In another sense, Merch by Amazon is known for its Print on Demand (POD) platform. In the past, Amazon’s work has expanded from t-shirts to items like long-sleeved tees and hoodies, premium t-shirts, and more.

    What Can You Sell on Merch by Amazon?


    • Standard t-shirt
    • Premium t-shirt
    • V-neck t-shirt
    • Tanktop
    • Longsleeve t-shirt
    • Raglan shirt
    • Pullover sweatshirt
    • Pullover Hoodie
    • Zip hoody

    Phone Accessories:

    • PopSocket grip
    • Phone cases


    • Tote bag
    • Throw pillow

    How to create a product on Amazon Merch?

    After you’ve been approved, Amazon Merch will send you to your dashboard, which appears like this:

    In Your Amazon Merch Dashboard, you can design new designs, manage existing ones, and review your sales. On the dashboard, you can view the status of your account, which includes:

    • Submissions available
    • Products that are published
    • Tier (seller level)

    There’s also a button that lets you instantly “Add products.” From there, you’ll be able to view details on sales that have occurred across each U.S. and E.U. market.

    1. Create your first item by clicking on the ‘Add Products to your dashboard.

    You can currently pick from various items to display your images, such as sweatshirts, shirts, phone cases, pop sockets, pillows, and tote bags.

    Merch By Amazon
    Source: Junglescout

    2. Click the ‘Upload Artwork’ link (or “Edit Details”). If you’re uncertain about your editing abilities, Amazon Merch offers downloadable templates that can simplify the process.

    Amazon provides particular rules to Merch products to ensure that the final product is high quality and accurately depicts what the customer will see on the page.

    Merch By Amazon
    Source: Junglescout

    In the general sense, uploading art files that are used for Merch designs should contain:

    • The sRGB color space (the standardized RBG color space for digital graphic images)
    • Transparent PNG files
    • Not more than 25 mb

    Amazon offers designs template that can be used in Adobe Illustrator to assist you in the layout and size of your artwork on the item you prefer.

    3. When your design is complete, you can set a price and make it live. Then, your listing will go through eight states in how Amazon evaluates your work.

    • Draft: It’s the status of your design as you are working with it. It remains in draft until you’ve submitted your design.
    • In Review: After submitting your artwork, it is subject to review to ensure that it doesn’t violate Amazon Merch’s policy on content.
    • Rejected: When your style is not in line with Amazon Merch’s guidelines for content, the status of your design is changed to ‘Rejected.’
    • Beginning Method: If your design is accepted, Amazon starts the process of adding your design to their library.
    • Process: After the procedure has begun, the product is moved to ‘Processing’ when Amazon begins to build your listing.
    • “Pending Approval: There is also the option of looking over an example of your design. Once you have given Amazon “the okay,” it shifts between “Pending Your Approval” to “Live.”
    • Live: Once the listing has been made, the status of your listing changes to “Live,” and you’ll be able to start selling.
    • Eliminated: Designs that don’t sell within the first 180 days after being launched or violate Amazon’s Content policies are taken off the site.

    Tips to Successfully Sell Using Amazon Merch

    Merch By Amazon
    how to sell on merch by amazon

    Here are some suggestions to help you grow the size of your Amazon Merch business.

    1. What’s Trending?

    Keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Check out the latest trends and hot items on the social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also utilize Google trends to find out what’s trending in the area that you offer.

    Remember that you are not allowed to infringe Copyrighted or trademarked properties.

    2. Slow Movers

    If you’re only starting, you’re restricted by ten submissions. It is important to give a product between two and three weeks before it starts to gain sales. If your product isn’t doing well, look for an alternative to replace it.

    3. Pick Your Niche

    If you’re a current seller, you may already recognize the importance of having an area of expertise. For those who aren’t aware of it, finding your niche on Amazon and the process of narrowing it down to a sub-niche can be essential in the online retail sector. Decide on the kind of products you’re looking to offer that appeal to the people you want to sell them to.

    4. Don’t Be Afraid To Set Higher Prices

    Merch By Amazon
    Set Higher Prices

    Many new sellers fear setting price points too high due to the current marketplace.

    If you’ve got unique designs and an individual style, don’t hesitate to increase the price of your items.

    A slightly higher rate indicates that you are confident in the product.

    If you decide to increase the price of your Merch, be sure you’re offering quality merchandise and ensure that your designs aren’t copies of designs already in use on the market.

    5. Build Your Presence

    If you’ve a targeted market, you must establish a following for your company. To do this, you need to reach out to your market by creating original and relevant content. For example, you can select blogs, social media, and newsletters that draw in your particular people.

    This can increase the number of repeat purchases and helps keep your costs for customer acquisition (CAC) lower.

    6. Advertise

    Advertising can be a very effective tool to increase your product sales. You can place ads for your products on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or Amazon to put your product to your clients.

    You can also create relevant information and advertise your product through Tik Tok. With these strategies, you can earn profits even with a tiny user base.

    Amazon offers two distinct advertising options. The first is that Merch by Amazon provides web-based promotions that permit you to make Facebook and tweets. You can then share them with your friends, family, and followers. You can also design specific in-app advertisements for Android, iOS, and Fire O.S. However, Amazon has launched advertisements for their Merch products. But, the program is still in the early phase. You must get access to the program by logging into the portal.

    Merch by amazon alternatives

    1. Teepublic

    Teepublic is a marketplace that allows custom designs and apparel. It lets designers promote the designs they create and sell them to buyers worldwide and allows customers to browse products and buy them on the internet. Designers need to sign up for an account to sell their designs, while customers can purchase their favorite items without signing up. Designers can read their Design Guide to get acquainted with the entire procedure and then sell their product more effectively.

    Buyers can browse Adult Apparel, Kids Apparel, Masks, Home Goods, Cases, and Stickers and pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover American Express Cards, and PayPal. Teepublic ships to various international countries, including Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, and many more.

    2. OrbitKit

    OrbitKit is the top-of-the-line design management system that supplies artists, digital marketers, and designers with the best tools to sell and publish their merchandise on marketplaces online. You can build, arrange your design library and get your designs in front of millions of customers worldwide. It allows you to include new products in your listings in just a couple of clicks.

    Reduce or increase the cost of the product and observe how customers react to determine the ideal selling price. Tags that were lost are added to designs and help them stick out. The most appealing feature is that any change to the description, title, or tag will be immediately applied to every marketplace, making it easy to quickly correct spelling errors. OrbitKit lets you complete orders through Shopify and Etsy and offer various designs on one page to boost cross-selling. In addition, it has an outline system that can allow you to transform and update listings in a matter of minutes.

    3. Printify

    Printify is a Drop Shipping and Printing Service for E-Commerce that lets sellers create custom-designed products, sell them on the internet, and then watch their sales increase. Starter accounts are available at no cost, and upgrading to premium or enterprise for a reasonable price. It offers hundreds of professional products of the highest quality and is the biggest global network of printers. In addition, it has reasonable prices and allows you to control the peak season with automatic routing capabilities and many partners.

    Printify has more than 300 top-quality items with well-known brands. Sellers can choose the most effective products to maximize the profits of their businesses. It is possible to include a variety of items like phone cases, T-shirts, mugs, and many more by using the free design tools offered by the company. Printify’s process is simple and painless.

    4. SPOD

    SPOD is a Print-On-Demand and Dropshipping solution that lets you develop, market, and sell your product online. It offers you the tools necessary to create designs that are professional in quality, as well as build and expand your collection of print-on-demand products. In addition, it creates the majority of orders within under 48 hours so that clients receive their packages with no delays.

    The company offers fair rates on all goods and does not compromise quality in exchange for the cost. It offers Facilities in Europe as well as the USA that allow you to reach out to millions of customers. It has many integrations, such as Shopify, Order Desk, SPOD API, Magento, and WooCommerce, to help you open new markets and sell your products more efficiently.

    5. Lulu Xpress

    Lulu Xpress is an online Print-On-Demand option that allows users to print professional-quality books and ship them to over 150 countries in the world. It’s easy to use, works quickly to complete orders, and comes with no hidden charges. It supports more than three thousand types of formats and book layouts, and binding styles to allow you the most flexibility.

    The books are printed to the top quality with no limits. The most appealing aspect is that it is able to be shipped to over 150 nations. This gives you the possibility of having the books delivered anywhere. The books are printed on demand and require 3-5 days to deliver. Lulu Xpress has an award-winning team that will be there to provide assistance anytime.


    Merch on Amazon is a great platform for entrepreneurs and designers to earn extra cash and even make a lot of money. It’s important to understand the ropes and learn what can provide you with an advantage over other shops in the marketplace.

    With these simple Merch from Amazon techniques and tips, begin your store and use these tips and tricks. Be sure to let us know which one was successful for you.

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