Most Effective Marketing Channels for Ecommerce in 2023

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    In any eCommerce-related business, thinking carefully about the best way to advertise your brand effectively is essential. Because a hundred companies could offer the same product, What can you do to put your name on the map? Having a variety of marketing channels does more than this but will also bring you into contact with a wider group of potential customers. Marketing channels help to expose the brand’s name to prospective customers and increase revenue. Shopify offers its website, which can assist you in utilizing these channels effectively without needing the expertise of an experienced.

    But not all channels are indeed equal or appropriate for your company. A lot of new companies are overwhelmed by the choices of these channels. A well-planned and effective marketing plan that can visualize and defines your goals clearly and concisely is essential in ensuring that the channels be in your favor.

    What are Marketing Channels?

    A marketing channel is the collection of people or organizations and the actions that collaborate to move products (products or services) from their source to their consumption destination. The principal function of a marketing channel is to establish a connection between the business that makes products or services and the potential buyers who might be interested in purchasing it.

    Best marketing channel for e-commerce business

    1. Pay per Click (PPC)

    Pay-per-click or PPC can be described as an advertising strategy that pays your company for each time someone clicks or interacts with your ads through impressions or clicks. Pay Per Click ads are mostly seen through websites such as Google or Bing; however, it is also accessible on social media platforms such as Facebook. Your site will be displayed in the top position of the organic results when relevant keywords or phrases are searched. PPC is best used alongside SEO to build a complete strategy.

    1.1 Google AdWords

    Google AdWords has turned out to be a powerful marketing tool for any eCommerce company that is looking to acquire clients and retention. Each time you search for similar businesses like the one you run, Google AdWords will provide results for your business which helps to grow your business. More than 3.5 million searches get conducted through Google each day. This means that the search engine competition is intense on Google, which results in a price increase.

    1.2 Facebook Ad

    marketing channels
    Source social media marketing channels

    This is a completely different system from Google’s query-based advertisements. On Facebook advertising, ads are native to the feeds of users. So, if you are a business, you have the means to place your ads on people based on their interests, demographics, geographical location, interests, and behavior. Additionally, you have the option of advertising on Instagram. Therefore, Facebook Ads make for one of the top contenders for online advertising channels.

    2. Video Marketing

    marketing channels
    top marketing channels

    I’m a firm fan of the power of images. For one thing, ” 90 % of the information processed by the brain is visual,” and the brain processes images at 60,000 times faster than text.”

    One of the most effective methods to grab customers’ interest is to captivate your audience with images and demonstrate to them your product’s appearance, its functions and features, and so on.

    And there’s no better method to accomplish it digitally than with video. When you implement this channel, you’re taking advantage of the medium most viewers are already addicted to.

    3. Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is when people make money via commission when they promote the product or service on their site. For instance, food bloggers may include their preferred baking sheet or stand mixer and the type of flour they use in the recipe section of a blog post. The blogger earns a commission if someone clicks on the link and purchases the product.

    This kind of marketing is beneficial since it relies on an individual the target market is already familiar with discussing your product. In addition, this helps people feel more confident buying a product because they get advice from someone they trust.

    4. Email Marketing

    marketing channels
    examples of marketing channels

    In all likelihood, email marketing is by far the most frequently invested online marketing method. It’s cost-effective and is a direct way to reach consumers. The most popular services, MailChimp or Constant Contact, permit even the least experienced users to plan and design efficient emails. In addition, if you hire a third party to create email marketing campaigns, the expenses are significantly less than other types of marketing.

    The effectiveness of email marketing is that, regardless of your customers’ interests, they will be watching your business, even if just for a moment, before they decide to delete the message.

    Establishing your company’s reputation in the consumers’ thoughts is a vital element of the long-term expansion of your brand. Some people will delete their email at first; however, if they don’t unsubscribe, it’s typically an indication that they’re interested in your product or service but not ready to purchase immediately. Marketing through email can be successful immediately or further in the future if the right deal is found.

    They also allow you to utilize specific analytics to assess whether or not users are clicking on your advertisements. It is also possible to test A/B to determine the most popular marketing elements and adjust your marketing campaigns as needed.

    5. SMS marketing

    marketing channels

    The SMS marketing method is when companies send text messages directly to new or repeat customers. This type of marketing usually requires a sign-up reward because of how personal it is. However, the immediate and direct characteristics of SMS make it efficient. It is important to reach your target audience in a limited manner but only when there is something significant to communicate.

    For instance, Olipop, an alternative to soda that is healthy, makes use of SMS marketing to inform its customers about new flavors and limited-edition releases. As a result, the SMS marketing strategy is gaining success: one launch earned the brand about $30k in only 15 minutes.

    6. Content marketing

    marketing channels

    Content marketing could refer to various marketing channels; however, it is usually about creating natural (non-paid) content for your own channels. These channels can include your blog and the social media platform, emails, and YouTube channel, as well as your podcasts if you own one.

    In addition, in bringing traffic to your website via popular search results or popular social media posts, Content marketing can create trust with your target audience and assist in filling any questions or gaps they may have regarding your product.

    For instance, Omsom, the food brand that specializes in Southeast as well as East Asian sauces and meal kits, has blogs to tell stories about various recipes and food items as well as profiles of chefs and tastemakers.

    7. Influencer Marketing

    There are two primary goals to be aiming for when launching an e-commerce marketing campaign: results and a good ROI. The influencer marketing method can provide exactly what you want if done properly.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it’s defined as “a form of marketing that focuses on targeting key industry leaders to drive brand message and awareness to a specific market of consumers.”

    You could have a YouTuber with a significant following showcasing an item from your catalog in a video. You might also have someone popular on Instagram display it within one of their blog posts. And it’s been shown to produce results.

    According to the latest data, over 9/10 marketers who employ the influencer method of marketing ( 93 %) claim that it helped them increase their visibility.

    In terms of the average ROI, every dollar you spend on influencer marketing is $6.50 in sales. That’s about 11X the ROI of traditional types of marketing that is digital.

    It’s difficult to dispute these numbers. I consider it to be one of the most effective e-commerce marketing channels that can provide immediate exposure to your brand.

    The case is clear CLIO Makeup, the Korean cosmetics firm.

    marketing channels

    They’ve succeeded in generating publicity through partnerships in a partnership with Instagram Beauty influential Ya Stacey, who currently has 209k followers.

    8. Referral marketing

    A recommendation from someone they know, such as a friend or family member much higher than a blog post or paid advertisement. This is why the concept of referral marketing is extremely effective. It encourages users to share your brand’s name and products or site with friends and family members they trust.

    Referral marketing is like affiliate marketing in that it makes use of specific links to connect the person who refers you to an existing customer or account holder. Instead of giving customers who refer them a commission, it is possible to offer discounted prices on your next order, shipping for free, or even access to special benefits.

    Certain referral promotions reward both the person who made the referral and the new customer. For example, Allbirds gives you 15 percent off every person who buys through your recommendation. In addition, the new customer gets an additional 15% off their first purchase.

    9. Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an efficient method of getting your company to a large population. It is the process of creating a website, such as a product page, that meets the needs of users who search. For instance, someone who is actively looking for something like a “retro iPhone case for sale” is likely to be looking to buy something, and your website should be optimized to satisfy their needs, i.e., it will allow them to purchase the item.

    The satisfaction of the searcher’s intent is the key to displaying higher in the search results. When search engines such as Google find an online retailer satisfying its customers’ expectations, they will boost it by ranking the site more highly on the search engine.

    10. Community building: traditional marketing channels

    Establishing a community around your brand is among the most effective marketing strategies you can implement. Take Harley-Davidson, for instance. The company was in danger of going out of business in 1983, but it re-emerged as a multibillion-dollar business 25 years later as a result of its unwavering commitment to building a strong brand-name community.

    The term “brand community” refers to a community comprised of individuals — in the ideal case, your customers and audience members — who join together because of their loyalty to a particular brand or product.

    Other notable brands that have active communities of brands comprise Apple, Jeep, Walt Disney, Barbie, Lego, Xbox, Sephora, Lululemon, and Starbucks.

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