Google Password: How to save, manage & protect your passwords like a pro in 2022

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    How to change your Google password

    To change your Google password, you’ll have to go to Google’s Google Account page. There, you’ll be asked to sign back in. After that, you can follow these steps to modify your Google login password.

    Go to your Google account security page.

    google password
    how do I find my google password?

    To change your Google password, simply go to security on the left of the page.

    Prepare to change the Google password.

    google password
    google password checkup

    The Security tab is on the left side of your screen. Scroll to the right side until you get to the Logging into Google section. You’ll find the last time you updated your Google password in the Password line. (At the time, security experts suggested updating passwords at least every 90 days or more often. Today, however, NIST recommends only changing passwords to make them stronger, or in the event of a data breach and, therefore, the information provided by Google isn’t as crucial.)

    Simply click the Password button to begin changing the Password. You may require entering your Google account password again during this process.

    Create a new Google password

    In the Password Window, users will be able to input their new Password in the upper portion of the box. If you’d like to view the actual characters, you enter them and click the eye icon on the right-hand side of the box. This will take out the space between the words. If you do not leave the slash mark intact, you’ll see only dots when you type your new Password.

    Once you’ve entered your fresh Password inside the upper part of the box, enter identical passwords in the bottom box. Be aware that you’re Google login password will be case-sensitive for letters and can be used with numerals and symbols.

    Select the Change password button. If your passwords don’t coincide, you’ll receive an error message appearing in the lower part of the box, and you’ll need to enter the passwords. If they are compatible, the click will save the new Password.

    How do you recover your Google password?

    Maybe you just bought a newly purchased laptop or iPad and are left with no idea of your Google username. You’ve tried a variety of options without success. If that’s the scenario, you’ll need to retrieve your password. Here’s how.

    1. First, go to for account recovery

    google password
    Google Password: How to save, manage & protect your passwords like a pro in 2022 6

    2. After that, you’ll be asked to enter the email id of the account that you’d like to recuperate.

    3. You’ll then be asked to enter the Password you’ve remembered.

    google password
    google password list

    4. After that, you’ll be presented with the “Account Recovery.”  screen. This is where you’ll be able to be asked to enter a verification code through a mobile phone or an email address that is associated with your account.

    google password
    google generated password

    5. When you enter the verification code you were given, you’ll be able to change your Password.

    If you don’t have a mobile number or email address linked to an account, there may be other options to verify your account, such as answering security questions when you created your account.

    Reset your Google password

    Note Steps for resetting your Google password will differ based on the kind of account. First, check to ensure that you’re following the proper instructions for your particular account.

    If you’re among the only two admins for your domain, then follow this procedure:

    • Visit
    • Click Need Help?
    • Enter, I don’t know the password for my account.
    • Next, enter your administrator’s email address.
    • Click Continue.
    • Complete a CAPTCHA (if you are prompted) and then enter the Password you last remember.
    • Make sure to click Continue and again.
    • Google will send you a password recovery email at your email backup, or you’ll be required to verify the ownership of your domain.

    How to reset your Gmail password

    Forgotten your Gmail password? Go to Google’s Account Recovery (which opens in a new tab) page, where you’ll be required to input your email address and the last Password you’ve been using for the account.

    If you cannot remember a password, click “Try another option,” and then Google will send you a message on your phone. If you’ve added a recovery phone number to your account, this is the case. Is.

    If you’re not able to set up your recovery number, you can click “Try another method” again then Google will send you a message to the email address you used for recovery.

    Still can’t get in? Click ‘Try another option again, and you’ll be asked to answer a security-related question you had chosen when you first opened the account. Gmail account.

    If nothing else works, and you cannot remember the answer to the security question, Try a different method to try again. You’ll then be asked to examine your email account within 12 hours. During this period, Google will attempt to confirm that the account is yours.

    Suppose Google can send you an email with an email that will allow you to reset your password. If you’re unable to find the email, check for it in your Spam and Bulk Mail folders, and then add into your address book.

    Always choose a strong password.

    Never make use of the same password for multiple applications. After all, if one account is compromised, you wouldn’t want an attacker to have access to your other accounts as the login information is the same.

    If you’re concerned about keeping track of numerous credentials and passwords, the best password management software can do the job for you. Many can generate passwords that will generate a strong username for you.

    If you’re using Gmail to work, check out the top business password managers.

    If you decide to pick an individual password, choose a mix of numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters, making it difficult to figure out. The symbols “‘ the!’ and ‘%’ might be worth considering, too, because they can make your Password more difficult to identify.

    Enable two-step verification

    Google provides two-step verification to Gmail that gives you an extra layer of security to your account.

    The email and Password are the first steps to getting access to the account. Activating two-step verification requires adding another step, making it more difficult for hackers to access your account.

    Each time you sign in to Gmail, the code will be transmitted to your phone through a phone call, text message, or Google Authenticator application. If you own the Security Key, you can connect it to the computer’s USB port.

    To enable this feature, follow the steps you would do to change your Password. However, instead of choosing Password under the Sign-in section of Google, choose 2-Step Verification.

    You’ll be then asked to sign in once more. Choose the method to receive your code and click the option to test it right now.

    A message will be sent to your phone, following which you’ll have to select a backup alternative in the event that the phone is lost or the desired second step isn’t available. Respond to the prompt, and you’ll then be able to switch the 2-Step verification feature on.

    How to Save a Password to Chrome

    The first step to managing the passwords you have saved is to ensure that you enable password saving. It is done via your passwords menu.

    To open it, you must click on the profile picture at the top right, after which click the tiny icon that resembles the shape of a key. You can also type chrome://settings/passwords and hit Enter.

    Turn the switch that says “Offer to Save Passwords” to the off position (it must be turned off by default).

    Go to a website on which you must sign in, enter your details, and then sign in. When the form is completed, Chrome asks if you would like to store your Password. Select “Save.” If you select “Never,” the site is added to the “Never Saved” passwords list. We’ll walk you through how to take a website off the “Never Saved” list down below.

    If you have saved your Password, Chrome will automatically fill in the sign-in forms when you next visit the sign-in page. If you have multiple usernames and Passwords stored for a single website, click the box and select which sign-in information you’d like to use.

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