100+ Makeup and Beauty Business Name Ideas

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    The beauty industry is huge. To be successful in this field, you must find a unique and distinctive name.

    However, picking a catchy name for your beauty company isn’t an easy job. You must think of creative ways to come up with names for your beauty business.

    Your name is your branding identity, which will give people an idea of your company. So, selecting a catchy and appealing name for your beauty company is vital.

    In this article, we’ve given you the best makeup and beauty business name ideas and suggestions to come up with an amazing name.

    Makeup & Beauty Business Name Ideas

    Mobile Beauty business name ideas

    Mobile Beauty Therapist

    The Beauty Room

    My Beauty Squad

    Positively Pampered Mobile Beauty

    Sweet Beauty Treat

    Beauty At Home

    Daily Mobile Waxing

    Pari Mobile beauty

    Elegance Mobile Beauty

    Beauty Entourage

    Metro Look

    Sally Beauty

    Beauty Nature Collection

    Knockout Beauty

    Luxury Mobile Beauty

    Sweet Lemon Beauty

    Harmon Face Values

    Wigs and Plus

    Proper Skin

    Perfect Choice Beauty

    Luxury Skincare Boutique

    Catchy makeup and beauty business name ideas

    Nature lush

    Fashion pie

    Too kissy

    Pink pretty

    April fresh

    Shine and Shadows

    Savvy Cosmetics

    Lush Cosmetics

    From My Hands

    Face Shop


    Little Bee

    Glamour Dot Fusion

    Curious Lily

    Serene Say

    lady moments


    Fresh Loves

    A Blissful

    The Sunkist

    Pretty Strings

    lady Bird

    Retro Froley

    Beauty Page Name Ideas

    Beauty business names to inspire you:

    Forest Fossils

    Funky Bells

    Five dots makeup

    The beauty

    Wonder lap

    It’s all in the brand
















    Cherry blossom

    Say serene

    Pretty face


    Sizzling you

    Beauty Shop Name Ideas

    Makeup business and beauty business name ideas

    Forest cover

    Changer for all

    Beautify your imperfection


    The beauty within

    The organic cosmetic


    It’s all there


    Ireland special


    Box it right

    Beauty Basics

    Perfect Finish

    Vogue Styles

    Midas Touch

    Beaucoup Beauty

    Beauty Décor

    It’s beautiful

    Surprise yourself

    One point

    Curious Cutey

    Makeup Business Names

    Unique makeup & beauty business name ideas

    Beauty Basics

    Bossy Beauties

    Bella Beauty

    Beaucoup Beauty

    Glam Goddess

    Hidden Beauty


    Becoming Beautiful

    Generous Glam

    Allure Beauty

    The Bellas

    Makeup Maven

    Beaucoup Beauty

    Vogue Styles

    Supreme Sparkle

    Beauty Bounty

    Generous Glam

    Glam Goddess

    Get Makeup and Go

    Bold And Beautiful

    Beautification Station

    Cleopatra’s Beauty Store

    Cosmetic Line Name Ideas

    List of cosmetic line name ideas

    white and gold perfume bottle
    List of cosmetic line name ideas

    Pearlville Salon


    Midas Touch

    Helpful Highlights

    Midas Brushes

    Diamond Colours

    The Transformation

    Awareness Beauty Hub

    Renewed Appearance

    The Magic Touch

    The Assurance

    Confidence Make-Up

    Stunners Hub

    Supreme Sparkle

    Product Paradise

    Gilded Guidance


    Total Transformation

    Go, Go Guru,

    Guiding Guru

    Beauty Bounty

    Perfect Finish


    Make-up Masters

    Bella Beauty

    Beauty Essentials

    Strategies to Name Your Beauty & Make-Up Brand

    man wearing gray polo shirt beside dry-erase board
    Strategies to Name Your Beauty & Make-Up Brand

    The most innovative brand studies come in the world of beauty. Let’s examine the lessons we can take from these appealing brands that have swept all over the globe.

    Speak To Your Niche

    Do your items consist of natural ingredients? Do you offer cruelty-free brands? Do you have products specifically designed for those with sensitive skin?

    If your products offer these incredible benefits, be sure it’s immediately recognizable through your company’s name as well as the way you present your product.

    Nuxe has stepped up this approach by using a name that’s an amalgamation of the words “natural” and “luxury.” If you’re dedicated to using natural products as well as extravagant products that feel as if you’re you’re a millionaire, You’ll surely be awed by the name.

    Voice Your Mission

    A majority of 70 percent of Generation Y is taking into consideration the values of the company before purchasing a product. Gen Z youngsters are basically choosing the credit card when making a choice among brands.

    The cause your brand stands for is often greater than your product itself.

    Many major cosmetic lines that were established by the most well-known world stars often focus on what they stand for rather than the name of their well famous creators.

    Selena Gomez named her company Rare Beauty to show that beauty can come in many forms. Jessica Biel launched her products under the brand name Honest Beauty to ensure that it is non-toxic and have natural ingredients.

    Brainstorm Abstract Aesthetic Concepts

    If you’re selling lipstick or facial cream, you’re not just selling a few cosmetics. You’re selling beauty products in a box. Customers will select you based on your promises of how your product makes them feel.

    Do you want them to feel natural and beautiful? Do you wish to have an exciting and fierce style to show your self-confidence? Maybe you’re looking to create a fun atmosphere with a bright color scheme?

    Select a name that conveys the feeling. Nyx (pronounced”nicks” or “nicks”) was named in honor of Nyx, the Greek goddess that is night. Their extravagant, elegant makeup can make anyone feel like a goddess.

    Go For Euphonious Words

    Euphonious words are those which sound appealing and soothing to the ear when spoken out loud. Brands that are well-known worldwide such as Olay and Sephora have names that are unique, and this isn’t by chance.

    The trick to creating the sound of euphony using words is to play with various vowels and consonants and make a pleasing sounding mix. Be aware of how the word sounds are pronounced and speak the words out loud to observe what effect they have on you.

    Ask your friends and family which one they enjoy the most for an impartial opinion. Better if you could make a name using relevant words as Sephora did with Zipporah as well as sephosis.

    Talk To Their Aspirations

    Your avatars for customers have a defining identity that defines what they’re like at the present moment. Their idealized persona is a reflection of what they really desire to be.

    Brand names that appeal to the aspirational self are more effective than brands that are a reflection of the fundamental persona because we utilize cosmetics as a way to define who we wish to be.

    Perfume brands are masters of this strategy, such as Girl Of Now by Elie Saab or Scandal from Jean Paul Gaultier.

    Dior has named their fragrance Poison to address the female sexiness within their own, and they claim, “Hypnotic Poison isn’t a fragrance you wear, it’s a fragrance that wears you.”

    Use Exotic Languages

    Paris, along with Milan, is thought of as fashion capital, and many cosmetics companies use this in their favor. However, even if your brand does not originate from a fashion city, you can make beautiful brand names from foreign languages that convey mystery and appeal.

    Many cosmetics utilize the word beauty in various languages like Beaute (French) and Bellezza (Italian). Cle de Peau Beaute is a Japanese brand that could have been used as the English translation of their slogan “the key to beautiful skin”; however, they chose the more euphonious French words.

    Celebrate Modern Feminism

    woman in white long sleeve shirt smiling
    Celebrate Modern Feminism

    21st-century women want to be confident. They want to buy items that make them feel like they can accomplish anything and look stylish in the process.

    Whatever line of cosmetics your business is into, it’s impossible to go wrong by using this approach to marketing.

    Consider Other Genders

    If you’ve been living under the surface, I’m here to inform you that makeup for men is actually a thing, and it’s an untapped market.

    According to studies conducted in Europe, 71% of men believe makeup to be an essential component of their everyday lives, but only a handful of brands cater to this segment.

    When you launch a simple concealer pen that screams masculine confidence, or you launch a vibrant palette for people who are not gender-neutral to take on, inclusion in your marketing is essential. The first step in dealing with the issue is to employ non-gender-specific brands.

    Use Abbreviations

    Longer names for brand names can be easy to forget, and it will be difficult to promote your brand name when you present your products. If your business name for beauty can be too long, you should think about condensing it into an acronym.

    Did you know that MAC means Cosmetics Art Cosmetics? What about the haircare brand ghd, which translates to “good hair day?” SK-II originates from the word “secret key,” hinting at their secret ingredient that was discovered in the brewing process of a Japanese sake brewery. Ciate means Color aspiration, Innovation, Exciting, and Trend -See how it isn’t a suitable label?

    Research Your Competitors

    It is among the biggest sectors around the globe. This can mean intense competition but also plenty of inspiration. Take a look at the cosmetic lines that are similar to each other and ensure that the brand you’re thinking of isn’t already taken.

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