Amazon Books: How to Buy Books and Textbooks online at Best Prices in 2022

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    Making money via selling Amazon Books does not have to be an unintentional leap to the uncharted. There are well-organized procedures and sophisticated analysis tools you can utilize to ensure the right path to success, whether you choose to start small or take on a larger scale. In this article, we discuss with you the most important steps to selling your eBooks on Amazon and provide insight on the best way to determine the price of books, how to keep track of inventory levels, and the best way to possibly earn some money.

    Amazon Books: How to sell books on Amazon  

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    When you sell books on Amazon, You must first decide if you wish to offer new or used books. In the case of books used, it can be from your shelves or other sources such as clearance sales or yard sales. Finding the best sources for your books is essential if you intend to sell your books on Amazon.

    You can purchase bundles of books that you can later sell on Amazon because it’s an effective method to fill your stock. First, it is important to decide which offline or wholesale options to buy your inventory. The next step in starting selling is to establish an Amazon seller account. There are also other steps to be followed that are listed below.

    •  Go to the
    • Create a regular user account  
    •  Then, you can point to your username, and the drop-down menu will pop up.  
    •  Click on the link ‘Start selling account,’ and then click on Sign Up. 

    Select between the individual seller account, which comes with a cost of $0.99 for each sale you make, or a Professional seller account, which comes with an annual fee of $39.99 each month.

    •  The next step is to add your books to the list by entering the ISBN and clicking “Have One For Sale.” 

    Then, you will need to explain more regarding the book’s conditions. In this regard, it’s essential to read the guidelines on the conditions you will need to meet to offer your book.

    • Choose the fulfillment option for your books. Choose fulfillment options for your books – FBM or FBA.  
    • Review reviews, costs of selling, as well as the profits.  

     Some additional details to keep in mind are:  

    •  If you select FBM for your books, you’ll be responsible for the packaging and delivery of books yourself. If you opt for FBA, then all the packaging, storage, and delivery of the books will be taken care of by Amazon. This makes it much easier to handle returns and customer service. 
    •  When you have sold a book, you must ensure you receive favorable feedback on the timing of shipping quality, time, and more. To ensure that you receive plenty of favorable scores.  
    •  The information required for selling your book on Amazon is identification proof and bank account details, the registration code for the book, ISBN, and the book’s SKU.   

    Selling books on Amazon.

     There are many options to sell books on Amazon, from collectibles to classic comic books, non-fiction books, and textbooks. The seller can choose any kind of book, but it’s crucial to consider the book that can increase sales and which book has the highest average sales. 

     New books are more sought-after than older ones because most people prefer to purchase fresh and new books. But, they are more difficult to acquire. You’ll need to be prepared to purchase huge quantities of books from wholesalers, publishers, and distributors. 

     However, purchasing used books is quite simple. There are many online shops to buy them, and you can purchase physical copies from bargain sales such as those held at thrift stores, bookstores yards, estate sales, and library sales. 

    How to list your book on Amazon    

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     When you’ve been authorized to sell your books on Amazon, you can begin listing your books once you have registered. 

     The most efficient way to do this is to visit the page that describes the actual product for the book that you would like to list. Then, instead of creating a new listing, you can list your books on the Amazon page. After you’ve listed the book on Amazon, it will appear in the same spot on Amazon. 

     This is an illustration:  

     To get to the product’s listing page, type the ISBN of the book (which represents the registration number) into the search bar of Amazon, similar to what you would do when trying to find a product you want to purchase. 

     The ISBN is usually located on the barcode or in the book’s dust jacket. 

     If the book was printed before 1970, it doesn’t include an ISBN. In this case, you’ll need to enter it manually. 

     When you’ve reached the product listing page, you’ll discover a gray button that reads “Sell on Amazon” just below the Buy Box

     After you click that button — and for as long as you’re allowed to market your book you’ll get this screen:  

     Then, enter the following details:  

    • SKU  It’s your code for the book. It could be whatever you’d like, but it’s better if it’s something that helps retain it. If you do not leave it blank, Amazon randomly generates one for you. 
    • The price I suggest the price of the book according to the book’s condition. For instance, books with “Acceptable” quality usually sell for less than those of “Very Good” value. Don’t necessarily follow the lowest price, as it can result in the book being in a “race to the bottom.” If your book is in excellent condition, it’s likely to sell, even if you have an inferior, less expensive option. 
    • Quantity If you own multiple copies of a book, enter the total number here. If not, the default is one unit. 
    • Condition The following are the five conditions for Amazon book sellers: “New,” “Like new,” “Very good,” “Good,” and “Acceptable.” If you sell collectible items (see FAQs), You will also have the option of “Like new,” “Very good,” “Good,” and “Acceptable” books. I wouldn’t suggest selling a book listed with a title that says “New” condition — even if the book is in excellent condition. This is due to the possibility that you will be subject to a report from your publisher, or Amazon may ask for an invoice. 
    • Fulfillment Channel FBM, or FBA. When you input the data, two things will occur:  
    • If you choose to sell the book via FBM, your listing for the book will be added to the page for the book’s product description within 15-30 minutes. So all you need to do is keep your eyes open for it to go on sale. 
    • If you choose to sell your book via FBA, you must prepare the book to be shipped directly to Amazon. It generally takes about a week for your order to be delivered to the fulfillment center for the destination.  

    How to sell used books on amazon

    amazon books
    amazon books kindle

    Setting up your Amazon seller account  

    Suppose you’ve got some products and are now ready to start selling, which is excellent. You can do this regardless of whether you have an Amazon account or you’re brand new to Amazon; the process is fairly easy. 

    Set up an Amazon seller profile and select whether you’ll operate as an individual or a professional seller. It’s completely free to sell on your own; however, you’ll be charged per the quantity you sell. Professional sellers will pay a monthly fee for the account. 

     For first-time booksellers, It’s best to begin as an individual before transferring your account to a professional once you’re selling more than 40 units each month. 

     How do you list and price the books that you have used? 

     There are a few alternatives when it comes down to selling your books through Amazon FBA:  

    • Make use of the Amazon Seller app to take pictures of your books, and upload them, creating each listing by hand, or  
    • Enter the ISBN in Amazon’s search bar, select “I have one to sell,” and then the “I have one to sell” option. It will display the details in the book. 

    Amazon provides particular guidelines for how to classify and categorize used books. This includes the way you define the state that your book is in.  

     Amazon’s categories for used books include:  

    • New
    • Used – Like New
    • Used – Very Good
    • Used – Good
    • Used – Acceptable

     If you are purchasing used books, it is also possible to add a “specific condition” note with additional information, e.g., “this book has highlighting or a handwritten note on the front page.” 

     Including this information is extremely crucial to customer experience and feedback, so be sure you have your books ready before selling and looking for these items. 

     Also, you must ensure that your pricing is savvy. This is the first thing that can turn customers towards you or turn them off of you.  

     Things to take into consideration when pricing used books on Amazon:  

    • Condition. 
    • Price on Amazon     
    • Your objective     
    • Multiples     
    • Amazon fees     
    • The Buy Box     

    Fulfillment by Amazon for used books 

     You are able to manage it yourself or join Amazon’s top-of-the-line FBA (Fulfilment through Amazon) Program.  

     Through a partnership with FBA, All you have been able to do is take the books to Amazon’s fulfillment centers throughout the US, which are then stored, picked, packed, and delivered to your customers when they make a purchase. 

     It is a cost-based service; however, it will automate your distribution, which takes an enormous task off your shoulders. In addition, your customers will be able to take advantage of the famous Amazon speedy shipping times, and since books are bulky, sending each one on your own could be costly anyway. 

     Transferring your books into the Amazon FBA warehouse  

     If you sign up for FBA, Amazon will send you a list of fulfillment centers. Choose the nearest one to your location, and then follow the instructions for shipping.  

     Amazon creates shipping labels that you can add to your packages. Then you’re responsible for taking the books to Amazon’s warehouse and wrapping them according to Amazon’s specifications. After Amazon has received them after being processed and processed, the rest is taken care of by Amazon. 

     Final Thoughts  

     Jeff Bezos started with books when he founded Amazon because, according to his, “there are more items in the book category than there are items in any other category by far.” Therefore, you’ll have plenty of choices; in addition to that, books typically be extremely profitable (especially when they’re available at no cost from family members and friends). 

     Making money selling books through Amazon takes enormous effort and perseverance. You could spend hours combing through shelves at thrift stores. However, this is extremely profitable. 

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