Mailchimp Review: Benefits, Features, Alternative + Free Templates

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    What is Mailchimp?

    Mailchimp is an extensive email marketing platform that meets all your requirements for email communication with affiliates, customers, and other stakeholders. Contrary to many other all-in-one marketing and automation platforms, Mailchimp is a website-based program. In addition, it is a web-based application, which means that you can access it as a normal website in any web browser without having to download or install a large software application on your device.

    In addition to facilitating the marketing of your emails through its logistical features (mailing list management, template design, segmentation, automation, etc. ), Mailchimp also offers analytics features that can assess how you’ve been doing in your email marketing.

    The free account comes with a limit of 500 subscribers and a maximum of 3000 messages. There are several pricing models with over 500 subscribers.

    Benefits of Mailchimp


    If having a service for your newsletter that can be integrated with other tools, whether you’re an e-commerce blogger or a non-profit owner – is crucial to you, then Mailchimp is an option. It has myriad integrations with well-known and special-purpose software (such as Zapier or WordPress).

    Helps in managing your inbound campaigns 

    MailChimp has always stressed that running an opt-in-based leads capture campaign is important. They make it easy for you to achieve this with tools like form fields, landing pages, and automated drip campaigns. With the addition of their built-in CRM, it is now possible to create customer profiles and assign them a lifetime worth (Standard plan and up).

    Put together custom landing pages for high CTR.

    Most marketing messages aim to encourage recipients to click on the link and land on the landing page. The aim is to convert leads into prospects and potential customers into leads. With Mailchimp, you can design your custom emails and landing pages. Themes can be selected for lead generation, listing growth, promotion of your product, and acceptance of payments, and then tailored to fit your company’s offerings and your marketing message.

    Provide online or in-person services

    in-person services
    Mailchimp Review: Benefits, Features, Alternative + Free Templates 6

    The new appointment booking feature of Mailchimp allows you to add a page of your service’s listing with your availability on your website. You can also accept online payments.

    Commerce features to your email marketing tool:

    There’s a benefit of having all the features you require in one place. For example, people who wish to manage their email marketing campaigns and sell their products online in one place are likely to be impressed that it’s possible with Mailchimp.


    Mailchimp Review: Benefits, Features, Alternative + Free Templates 7

    Surveys are a crucial element of marketing via email. They are generally categorized as follow-up email messages to the primary marketing email. But, many companies and marketing platforms fail to consider this vital element of email flow in the marketing process. Mailchimp has a comprehensive survey tool with its latest version. In addition to typical shopping experience surveys, you can utilize Mailchimp to conduct surveys for information-driven pricing, analyze a product’s market, and even generate new product concepts.

    Mailchimp automation features

    This is why MailChimp is falling behind its rivals over time. Marketing by email without automation is similar to building cars without factories. It’s possible to (slowly) construct one yourself, but you’re not going to build a whole collection of vehicles on a large scale and sell them to a mass of people.

    It’s not like MailChimp does not offer any kind of automated email; however, it does offer some; however, it’s extremely basic.

    Let’s look at what you can accomplish using MailChimp’s automation features.


    You can set up autoresponders and contact new contacts when they sign up, and then program emails to be sent at a specific date and time (e.g., one day following the day they join the list). You could also create an event series to celebrate users’ birthdays or messages sent during the holidays.

    Google Remarketing Ads

    MailChimp will automatically produce Google advertising for remarketing campaigns that target people who continue browsing the internet. The goal is to bring those who did not purchase initially and give them an additional incentive to buy.

    Recover abandoned carts

    It’s probably the most innovative automation feature. It allows them to send reminder emails to customers who’ve abandoned their cart and inform them to make the purchase.


    MailChimp also comes with basic feedback automation that allows you to contact customers following their purchase from you. Send them surveys, invite them for reviews, or provide helpful tips, and decide when you would like these emails to be delivered (e.g., 15 days following the purchase).

    Personalized product recommendations

    Another useful automation feature for brands selling online is personalized product suggestions. You design the email, and MailChimp will create an automatic recommendation list following your customers’ purchases.

    This isn’t the most sophisticated algorithm behind this feature. However, you’ll need to have a substantial number of customers who make several purchases or purchase purchase products with a clear connection.

    Best Free Mailchimp Templates for Email Marketing

    1. MailBakery Zeta – Free HTML Email Template

    It’s crucial to think about the stage of the customer’s journey; the person who follows you has reached out before sending an email. It’s not a good idea to send an email to introduce your company to someone who has been keeping track of your brand for a long time, and the content is redundant.

    In the meantime, you can send an invitation message to those who have just joined the email newsletter. In this case, you should consider employing mailbakery’s Zeta template. It has a sleek and professional appearance that can be customized to reflect your brand. It also comes with an editable timeline and space for testimonials, making it one of the top Mailchimp templates to use to send an introduction email.

    Mailchimp Review: Benefits, Features, Alternative + Free Templates 8

    Download MailBakery Zeta

    2. Colorlib Email v4

    Mailchimp Review: Benefits, Features, Alternative + Free Templates 9

    Marketing professionals often use emails to promote other content for marketing, for example, blog posts. The Colorlib Email v4 email template can be useful in this regard. The Mailchimp template is completely free. It can also allow you to showcase your most recent blogs and edit the layout to match your website’s style. This will ensure the consistency of your brand.

    Download Colorlib Email v4

    3. MailNinja Summer

    Mailchimp Review: Benefits, Features, Alternative + Free Templates 10

    Since people now browse email on mobile devices more frequently than on computers, your emails must be designed to make them easy to read on mobile devices. The MailNinja Summer Mailchimp template can help by allowing you to break up the contents into smaller sections comprising text, pictures, and other formatting elements. It’s also responsive, which means it can consistently load and render on smartphones and tablets.

    Download MailNinja Summer

    The Best Mailchimp Alternatives in 2022

    1. Sendinblue: The Best Mailchimp Alternative

    Sendinblue is a budget-friendly and easy-to-use email marketing program. However, it’s not the only thing. It also comes with a complete marketing and sales toolbox, in addition to the essential tools for marketing via email and marketing automation, including CRM SMS, Chat, Inbox sharing, Inbox, and Facebook ads capabilities.

    2. Moosend

    Moosend is a similar low-cost marketing and email marketing service and an automation platform.

    Compared to Mailchimp alternatives, this one isn’t equipped with certain native integrations or multichannel marketing options. It does, however, have everything you need to design and deliver successful email campaigns.

    The main benefit of Moosend compared to Mailchimp is that it’s significantly less expensive and comes with a free service. Overall, it’s a great option for small companies and those who don’t often send mail.

    3. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is the top marketing tool for non-profits, small-sized businesses, and small-sized businesses.

    They let you create professional newsletters for your email using the ease of editors that you can drag and drop within a matter of minutes.

    It comes with essential features, including the capability to manage email lists, track delivery of emails as well as open rate. The stunning reports you receive will reveal how your marketing emails are doing.

    4. HubSpot

    If you’re seeking more than the ability to send emails, HubSpot is an ideal Mailchimp alternative to think about. HubSpot’s marketing email service is complete with a range of automation and marketing tools to assist you in creating individual, unique experiences for your users.

    5. Sendinblue

    Sendinblue is highly effective marketing via SMS and email service for companies.

    It’s loaded with powerful features to build email newsletters, marketing automation SMS campaigns, Facebook ads, landing pages, live chat, and many more.

    Their personalized marketing automation tool allows you to send unlimited emails to specific audiences in response to user behavior.

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