Guide to Building Customer Loyalty Program for Ecommerce Stores in 2022

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    The most valuable customer is the most loyal. If your customers are happy with your brand, they’ll tell the world about it. Ultimately, that’s how the brand’s ambassadors come into existence. But, the way to loyalty isn’t just an accident; it’s the result of developing and implementing high-quality loyalty programs.

    The loyalty program has been a crucial tool for businesses to compete and manage fluctuations in the market. However, for them to be successful, your loyalty program has to be supported by a plan.

    Effective customer loyalty strategies require loyalty programs and, most importantly, customer understanding.

    What is a loyalty program?

    A loyalty program is an approach that a business uses to reward its customers with discounts and rewards to reward loyal customers. It assists businesses in keeping current customers and increasing sales. A company can be an element of a rewards program for customers who make repeated purchases from this business.

    Major benefits of loyalty programs for stores that sell online?

    We’ve discussed the loyalty program benefits. Let’s examine the main ones.

    1. Stop battling over price with your competitors

    price competition
    customer loyalty program examples

    Nowadays, it’s easy for consumers to check hundreds of prices with just two clicks. If they think only about the products you sell instead of your brand and store and brand, you’ll be in a price race to the lowest. It’s the bigger stores, such as Amazon, which will prevail.

    One of the greatest advantages of loyalty programs for customers is that they will stop you from having to compete with price alone. In addition, by connecting to the emotions of your customers, they allow you to differentiate your business and its products apart by offering a more enjoyable (and individual) user experience.

    2. Retain existing customers

    Customers loyal to their brand spend 67 % more than those who purchase new. This is a statistic you cannot be able to ignore. However, attracting customers can cost you five times more than keeping existing customers. Apply this logic to your business, and you will observe the positive effect it will bring about.

    In times of uncertainty, customers who are part of a loyalty program could bring greater value to your business. For example, our data analysis from that initial COVID-19 lockdown shows that the number of orders from members who signed up was significantly more than in March.

    This clearly indicates how retention is among the most cost-effective methods of expanding your company. One of the major benefits of loyalty programs is that you can increase your efforts to keep customers returning to spend more. Once you’ve started to convert existing customers into loyal customers and you’ll be able to see the value of managing customer loyalty show in the long run.

    3. Increase Customer Lifetime Value

    The value of a customer’s lifetime (CLV, also known as CLTV) is the profits derived from your relationship with your customer. It reveals the value of a client to you right now, in addition to how much that relationship will be worth in the near future.

    What is the significance of this? First, the numbers show that you’ll get the bulk of this”365-day “value” within just 30 days. A third of it will be seen on the first day, increasing to 79% after three months.

    4. Establish personal connections

    personal connections
    types of loyalty program

    Building this emotional bond and ensuring that your customers are loyal to your business will show how much you appreciate your customers. I believe that you can do this by building authentic relationships. Your customers are different; therefore, treat them with respect.

    Most often, businesses only divide customers into two or three groups. It makes customers feel unimportant or unimportant.

    What are the goals of an online loyalty program?

    Once you’ve figured out what an eCommerce loyalty program is, you can examine the main aspects and purposes that are part of an online loyalty program which are:

    • Boosting customer retention rate. The loyalty programs for eCommerce aid in keeping current customers in a way that keeps them interested in making them buy more often and more often from you.
    • Increasing total sales. The eCommerce loyalty programs can be the most efficient method of obtaining regular purchases from your online customers or attracting new customers. After every interaction, customers are given discounts, cash back, coupons, freebies, and gift cards.
    • Profiling the customers you serve. Online rewards programs to collect customer information and assist with other eCommerce business functions, including making content more personalized, better-targeting advertisements, or developing new sales strategies for the coming years.
    • Increasing customer buying experience. Rewards offered by eCommerce encourage people to spend their money online because online shopping is more effortless, well-thought-out, and adapted to their needs.
    • Building unique communities. Your rewards program online can create interest groups. Members can join to enjoy exclusive benefits unavailable to the rest. This is referred to as “experience reward” and is part of the VIP benefits, which increase loyalty program members’ value over time.

    How to build customer loyalty program for eCommerce

    1. Prioritize customer service

    customer service
    customers loyalty program

    Your company should put money into customer support to ensure you’re reaching out to customers promptly. You’ll have several different abilities to develop in any employee who deals with customers, such as empathy, patience, and clear communication, in addition to others.

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the customer’s interaction with your company. Research has revealed that nearly 50% of customers aren’t ready to work with a business after one bad experience. However, we’ve also found that customers are eager to discuss their experiences on the internet.

    While you might not be able to stop every negative experience with your brand that might occur within your business, the customer service department can be an intervention point to be a source of relief for customers or assist in resolving any issues that may arise.

    2. Exceed customer expectations

    The high quality of the products or services you offer is the most important element in whether your customers keep coming and returning. 88% of customers agree that the quality of the product is the main factor in their decision to stay loyal to a company.

    Online customers cannot feel and touch the product in person; it is crucial to guarantee the quality. Customers only can trust images and descriptions of products. So, you must ensure that your product’s photos and descriptions are appealing and real. Customers will be more likely to purchase from your store if the first purchase arrives as promised or, at the very least, lives with their expectations.

    3. Invite Followers and Audience

    Apart from creating a solid online community, E-commerce companies can also invite subscribers from their followers and fans to receive marketing and newsletters to keep them informed about forthcoming promotions, sales, or services.

    4. Offer personalized content and product recommendations

    Personalized experiences demonstrate to customers that your brand’s message is relevant to their lives and goals. Therefore, consumers should look at brands that offer the best products and content for them.

    The study illustrates how consumers would pay a higher price when they received personalization, and more than half of users have stated that they wouldn’t want to trade personal information such as email addresses and names when receiving customized content.

    5. Connect with your customers through social media platforms

    In the world of e-commerce, you will have fewer physically-based interactions with your clients. So, it is important to utilize various channels to interact with your customers to make them feel engaged in your business.

    Nowadays, every company needs to have an active presence on social media. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to share and connect with others and allow you to communicate and interact with your customers on every level.

    Inspire your customers to join your page and share their experiences. Encourage social interactions such as liking, commenting, and sharing through incentives such as giveaways.

    6. Choose a multi-channel customer support system.

    If you’re looking to create the trust of your customers, you should be aware of your customer’s demands. Using a multi-channel system for service is among the most effective methods to communicate with your customers, particularly when they require help. Customers will have access to your service staff, leading to more customer interactions. Interactions with customers. The more frequently you contact those who purchase from you, the greater chances you’ll be able to impact the experience they have.

    7. Invest in your site

    loyalty program reward

    To ensure that your online business will succeed, you must invest in your website to make it speedy and responsive. It should also be easy to use. The slow loading times of your website are likely to cause your customers to be frustrated, and 40% of them will abandon your site if it takes longer than three minutes to load. One way to increase your loading speed can be to improve and reduce the size of the images you upload to your website.

    Investing in a web-based builder with responsive designs is also recommended. The site will adapt to the size of the user’s screen. The responsive design stops the information away from getting cut, and users won’t need to scroll around to read your text.

    8. Give exclusive perks, such as free shipping and discounts

    Offer customers various benefits such as discount coupons or free shipping coupons. This strategy can also help make customers more likely to return for purchases or boost the average value of online shoppers.

    Be mindful not to offer these perks frequently because you want them to be thrilled should they receive them.

    Depending on what you sell, you can offer these discounts several times per year to encourage customers to make repeat purchases, like in retail stores.

    Create a loyalty program for customers

    1. Determine the Objectives of Your Customer 

    In the general case of an incentive program for customer loyalty, the customer is required to act, and afterward, they receive a reward. The actions you decide to reward and the rewards you offer will be contingent on the objectives you wish the loyalty program to reach. For example, if you are looking to reward referrals or increase social participation on the internet, define the goals of your loyalty program to ensure it encourages specific consumer behaviors and enhances specific aspects of your company.

    2. Use of customer data to determine what they are looking for

    After you’ve established the primary purpose for your loyalty program, it’s time to use the customer information you’ve gathered to create a program that is efficient and relevant for both your customers and you.

    It is possible to use crucial data from customer services information, such as major milestones (birthdays or anniversaries.) and purchases, social activities, as well as purchase amounts and preferences for purchases, to design targeted reward programs that boost sales and loyalty.

    3. Select Rewards That Create Incentives

    Another aspect you need to consider when creating your loyalty programs is your incentive. Particularly, the incentive you’re offering your customers is attractive. Ultimately, the desired reward will encourage people to engage with and spend money at your company and increase loyal customers.

    4. Create rewards that are worthwhile and easy to attain

    It is important to ensure that the loyalty program provides rewards that are useful for the customer and achievable in a reasonable time.

    5. Promote your loyalty program 

    The effort and time you invest in creating your loyalty program must be the same effort you have put into figuring out a plan to promote it to your clients and potential customers. Here are a few suggestions to aid you in the development of your advertising and marketing initiatives:

    • The most well-known email announcement
    • websites banner & landing pages
    • Promotions on social media

    6. Keep in touch with your customers  

    Keep in touch

    Programs for loyalty are popular with consumers; however, let’s face it that there are plenty of them on the market. Therefore, it is important to remind customers of the benefits the program can provide, or it will be reduced to an additional loyalty card placed in their wallets.

    Research suggests that the typical American is a part of seven loyalty schemes; however, 30% never redeem the loyalty rewards.

    7. Check the effectiveness of the adjustment as needed

    In the process of implementing a loyalty program, There are several crucial metrics to take into consideration to gauge its effectiveness overall. For instance, the rate of retention of customers as well as the rate of customer churn Net Promoter Score and the Customer Effort Score. If, for instance, the loyalty program is successful, then the retention rate will increase as more people sign up for the program. If the results aren’t satisfactory, you must be prepared to make the necessary adjustments. The adjustments depend on the program’s performance and how customers respond to it.


    Customer loyalty to you is one of the main elements determining whether customers return. Establishing trust and loyalty in your customers is crucial for your online business to achieve sustainable success.

    Your loyal customers add enormous revenue to your business and reduce costs when you are looking to acquire new ones.

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