40 Ultimate List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2022

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    When you have limited resources, you need to ensure that you’re not wasting any of your time or money when beginning a business. When it is about marketing, your company should not be able to afford to miss the power of marketing via email.

    The effect of email marketing may go beyond getting messages into mailboxes. There’s plenty of talk about marketing via email and its advantages, but what do numbers on marketing via email suggest? The numbers tell everything in showing the validity that email marketing has.

    Let’s examine the basic email marketing statistics, and then we’ll move on to essential email marketing statistics that you should be aware of in 2022.

    Email Usage Statistics

    Email Marketing Statistics
    40 Ultimate List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2022 8

    One of the greatest advantages of using email to connect with your clients is that nearly everybody utilizes email. In reality, 92% of internet-connected adults use email, and 61% of them use the service daily.

    In addition, more and more users are using it year after year. The number of people who use email in the US is expected to increase by 244.5 million 254.7 million in 2020.

    Additionally, more than 100 billion emails are being sent daily; this amount is projected to rise to 246 billion.

    It’s not just a way for people to use email to stay in touch with family and friends. They’re also using it to communicate with friends. In addition, 61% of customers prefer to receive messages from companies via email, which is great news for businesses.

    The even better news? 91% of people who use email go through their emails daily, with some checking up to 20 times per day!

    It’s usually the first thing people do when they go online 58% of internet users check their emails before looking at social media or news.

    The act of checking email can be a beneficial routine. For example, people check their email when watching television (69 %) while in bed (57 %) or when they go on vacation (79 %).

    Thanks to the mobile phone, users can frequently check their email anytime, anywhere.

    Let’s look at some email marketing mobile figures in the following section.

    Mobile Email Marketing Statistics

    Tablets and smartphones allow people to access their email while on the go, which is why mobile devices account for around 50 % of all emails read.

    Mobile-based checking of emails is particularly common among younger audiences; 40% of people aged 18 to 18 tend to always check their email via their mobile-first.

    Regarding the most popular mobile devices to use, 81 % prefer to access emails on smartphones, whereas 21% of them open emails on tablets. Smartphones are the top choice in the field of mobile devices.

    However, just because they check their email on smartphones, that doesn’t mean that they’re not using their desktops to check their email as well. In fact, 23% of people who check their email on the mobile device will then revisit the email later and many times on their desktops:

    If an email message is opened via mobile devices and then read another time on a desktop, the user is likely to have a 65 % higher chance of clicking through.

    As you will see, it’s crucial to ensure that your email is optimized for mobile because it’s the way that a lot of people access their email inboxes.

    42.3 % of users will remove an email if it’s not mobile-friendly. So if your email marketing campaigns don’t work on mobile devices, all your hard work is wasted.

    Automating emails is an essential feature for companies because it doesn’t just save time but it also makes your business more cash. 320 %  more revenue is generated from automated emails than those that are not!

    B2B Email Marketing Statistics

    Email Marketing Statistics
    40 Ultimate List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2022 9

    Marketing via email is among the most effective tools used by B2B companies to create more customers and leads. It is so effective that 40 % of B2B marketers agree that email marketing is a strategy that is crucial to their success.

    By using emails for marketing purposes, B2B firms can deliver information to subscribers to educate customers about their products or services and convert leads into buyers.

    77 % of B2B businesses utilize to send out an email-based marketing campaign as a part of the strategy for marketing content. Strategy. 79 % of B2B marketers consider email the most efficient way to distribute content.

    Additionally, B2B marketing emails see an increase of 23% in the open-to-click ratio over B2C emails!

    It’s easy to understand the reason 59 % of marketers in the B2B space consider email to be their primary method of generating revenue.

    Email Marketing Statistics
    40 Ultimate List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2022 10

    B2C Email Marketing Statistics

    Email marketing can be a boon for B2C businesses. It’s a great way to convert window shoppers into buyers, increase engagement, increase customer loyalty and retention, and much more.

    59 % of people who have been surveyed say that marketing emails affect their purchasing choices, and 88% of business professionals believe email marketing improves customer retention.

    Marketing via email is particularly important for businesses that sell eCommerce. 42.3 % of Americans sign up to emails to receive discounts and discounts, and about one-third of US members of a retail email list have purchased items from the brands whose emails they receive.

    According to research that 60% of customers returned to finish their purchase following receiving a personalized abandoned cart email. In addition, about 75% of them were planning to return in the future.

    Email Marketing Statistics by Industry

    49% of businesses employ some kind of automation for their emails. However, let’s see which industries enjoy the most benefit from email marketing.

    According to email marketing automation statistics by Campaign Monitor , the sectors that have the highest open rates are non-profit (20.39 %), Agriculture, fishing, forestry, and hunting (20.13 %), and the government (19.79 %) and healthcare services (19.12 %).

    Similar to the other industries, those with the highest rates of click-to-open include forestry, agriculture as well as fishing and hunting publishing, entertainment and media, as well as real estate, construction, and design.

    Some of the sectors with the lowest open rates are food and beverages as well as consumer packaged goods and retail.

    Personalized Email Marketing Statistics

    Customers love receiving mailers and deals that are personalized to their interests and needs.

    In reality, 74% of the population is irritated by being shown irrelevant content. This makes individualization crucial in a successful approach to marketing via email.

    To please customers and send more relevant messages, 77% of marketers admit to using emails to deliver personalized messages to their customers.

    It is possible to personalize your email by a variety of methods. For example, many marketers customize emails based on demographics, such as gender and age. 66 % For example, % of all marketers tailor their emails according to the age of their recipients.

    You can also design personalized email marketing campaigns based on prior purchases or actions that the user has performed.

    For instance, Netflix sends emails to its customers based on television shows and films they’ve watched and enjoyed.

    Personalized emails such as these can deliver 6x more transactions rate!

    It’s not only about the content or content of the email.

    You must also customize your email subject lines. Subject lines with personalization receive an increase of 26% increase on the open rate.

    If your emails are customized to each user, you’ll have a greater chance of getting them to act and engage with your messages.

    Email Marketing Statistics
    40 Ultimate List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2022 11

    Email Engagement Statistics

    Apart from personalization, we’ll discover what other elements drive users to engage in your messages.

    The first and most important thing is, first and foremost, the subject line. The subject line for your email will be the first element users will see and is the one that decides to either read your email or ignore it. In fact, 47% of people who receive emails will read your email solely upon the subject line. The subject.

    First impressions are crucial, isn’t it?

    Therefore, you must catch the attention of the users by using your subject line. A lot of email marketers do this using emoticons.

    A study conducted by Experian discovered that subject lines for emails with an emoji boosted the rate of open up to 56% compared to subject lines that only contain text.

    Visual content in email campaigns

    Emails don’t need to be solely text-based. Invigorate your campaigns with additional images. Remember, 45% of the recipients claim they “like brands that do not take themselves too seriously” Don’t think twice about breaking free of the norms that have been in place for a long time. Take a look at these statistics on marketing emails and think about including emojis pictures, and videos in your next email marketing campaign.


    Email Marketing Statistics
    Source: Braze

    Emojis in emails is among the things that divides marketers who use email. Some claim that emails that contain emoticons are more effective however, others argue that the statistics for email show that the reverse is true. But it’s not easy.

    • 68 percent of the millennials prefer and use GIFs, emojis as well as stickers on their email. only 37 percent of those over 65 were in agreement with this.
    • Emojis included as the subject have an 56 percent greater open rate.
    • Females respond to emojis in a more positive way than males.
    • 76 76% of the people who were surveyed had at least one time used Emojis in their company emails.
    • Emojis that are appropriate for campaign for the holidays could reduce the rate of complaint to the level of 0% . Source: Braze


    Email Marketing Statistics
    Source: HubSpot

    What happens is the result when what happens when you embed video into your email? This list of marketing statistics for email will provide you with the exact details and will show you that videos can be the perfect choice to the next marketing email campaign.

    • A first email with video gets an increase in CTR by 96 percent.
    • 81 percent of marketing professionals employ video as a tool for marketing.
    • 78 percent of marketers who employ video claim that it improves the ROI.
    • The addition of a video to an email can result in an 200-300 percent growth in click-through rates.
    • Utilizing the term “video” increases the rate of open by 19 percentage and CTR by 65 percent and decreases the number of people who unsubscribe by 26 percent.
    • 54 percent of email users would prefer emails that include videos.
    • People typically prefer to watch video on their desktops ( 84%) but only 14 percent use mobile devices.
    • 90% of consumers report they use videos to help make a decision about a purchase.


    Email Marketing Statistics
    Source: Pinpointe

    Email content matters. However, the appearance of an email can be more important. The below statistics on email marketing indicate that images will be equally important for marketing emails in 2022, just as they were in the past.

    • A majority of the respondents claim to prefer emails that are mostly images.
    • The emails that have some kind of image have a greater open rate (27 percent) in addition to a lower CTR (4.5 percent) than email that is based on text (20 percent and 3%)).
    • 74 percent of users will unsubscribe from the email if it doesn’t open in 5 minutes ( which is most likely due to the size of images within this email).
    • 43 percent of recipients have read the emails without switching off the images.
    • Research has shown that it’s recommended to keep the text-to- ratio of images in emails to 4:1.


    What is the success rate of email marketing?

    Based on the information provided by MailChimp The average open rate for all industries is 21.80 % and the typical click-through percentage is 2.78% .

    What is the average ROI on email marketing?

     For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $36.

    Does email marketing still work in 2021?

    Yes, Email Marketing is Still the best way to get conversion in 2022, so yes its very effective in 2022

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