Complete list of 100+ Amazon Aggregators to sell you Amazon FBA business

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    Companies that have acquired popular brand names listed on Amazon have attracted over $13 billion of capital raised. They are also known as Amazon aggregators. The market experienced a boom year in 2020 due to three reasons that included the pandemic speeding up the spending of Amazon, Thrasio raising hundreds of millions of dollars, and Anker, the Amazon-owned brand, becoming to the public.

    There are more than 89 active Amazon seller aggregators as of January 2022, and the number will increase in the coming months. 46 aggregates have announced funding rounds that included 29 companies with 100 million or more.

    Most of the biggest Amazon aggregators are in the United States; however, companies are operating in Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, UAE and United Kingdom.

    Thrasio (USA)

    Amazon Aggregators

    Thrasio is an e-commerce company based in Boston. A firm specializing in the acquisition and development of brands to sell on Amazon. Amazon marketplace.

    With more than 700 employees, Thrasio has an in-house team comprising Brand managers, videos, supply chain experts, and growth marketing experts. In the last 24-months, Thrasio has acquired over 100 vendors. The categories include everything from spare parts for automotive, baby and electronic toys kitchen equipment and exercise equipment, home and decor music instruments, outdoor gear pet care, personal, toys, games, and crafts along with garages and yards.

    A few of the brands it bought and increased its scale included Angry Orange Odor Eliminator (acquired in November of 2018, and it was scaled up between $2.1m up to $21.4m of the sales), Beast Gear (acquired in October 2019and that was then scaled to $3.9m and grew to $5.7m) as well as Becky Cameron Bedding Collection (acquired in March of 202 and grew to $29.3m up to $67.5m). One of the latest purchases is the brand incubator in Germany known as Bonstato.

    In 2021, its earnings were projected at USD 1.4bn, and in 2022 revenue was expected to exceed USD 3 billion. In 2021, the company raised an initial pre-IPO round, expecting to be listed within 9 to 12 months.

    After having raised more than $3.4bn, the latest valuation of Thrasio is between $5-10 billion, intending to double it at the time of listing.

    Capital  raised


    Equity Investors include

    Advent International, Silver Lake, Solamere Capital, Harlan Capital Partners, RiverPark Ventures, PEAK6 Investments, Jawes Ventures, and Western Technology


    Morgan Stanley Credit Partners, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Credit Suisse Loan Funding, Monroe Capital, RBC Capital Markets, Barclays, BlackRock, BofA, JP Morgan, Oaktree Capital, Upper 90, and UBS

    Alphagreen Group (UK)

    Alphagreen Group is a global acquisition and incubation company with an emphasis on health and wellness.

    The company helps brands grow through the distribution channels that are part of the group and an extensive network of external Omni-channels.

    Incubation of brands through its marketplace and other channels provides information on demand from consumers. Distribution occurs across a variety of eCommerce channels, including DTC and on, Amazon, affiliates, and various other channels.

    I am scaling brands by leveraging growth hacking, an existing technology infrastructure, and a seasoned team.

    The company’s offerings include a sleep brand named Yawns and Europe’s biggest market for holistic health

    Berlin Brands Group (Germany)

    In 2005, the company was founded. This Group is one of the first Amazon brand aggregators in the market. The Berlin-based company has 34 brands that sell more than 3700 goods each day out of the brands that are still in the process of being developed and 20 that have been purchased from December to December of 2020. The company operates across 28 countries and recently purchased Orange Brands.

    The acquisition criteria comprise:

    Revenues range from EUR 1m to 100 million

    Averaging Amazon review of 4.5

    SKU catalog is usually under 500 SKUs, with the top-selling and most prestigious SKUs

    More than 70% of revenue comes from Amazon.

    Categories include Home & Kitchen, Consumer Electronics, Sprot, Garden & DIY, Arts & Crafts, Toys, Tools and Furniture.

    Perch (USA)

    Perch was established in 2019 among the biggest Amazon eCommerce acquirers with expertise in Amazon FBA and expanded and acquired additional D2C brands. At present, there are more than 70 brands within its portfolio which include Apparel and Beauty Health & Wellness, Home & Kitchen, and food

    Capital raised


    Razor (Germany)

    Razor was founded in 2020. Razor launched in 2020, Razor EUR25m with equity, and $375m in debt during the latest round of funding aimed at future Amazon FBA business acquisitions. Razor believes its major difference compared to Thrasio is the use of technology to assist in the acquisition process, which is why 1 million companies are evaluated each week. Razor aims to focus on businesses with sales of $1-15 million.

    Capital collected


    UnyBrands (USA)

    The company was established in the latter half of 2020 by Ulrich Kratz as the CEO, Eugen Miropolski (Nordstar), and Christian Harnischfeger. The Miami-based buyer hopes to purchase 20 brands each year. The primary focus is on quality and not quantity. The main areas of focus are pet care, personal care, household items, and baby and juvenile. The goal is to expand brands by 20-40% each year. Presently, Twelve brands have already been purchased throughout Germany, the UK, and the US. The Investment Committee vets each LoI before being offered to the buyer. The company has over 45 workers.

    The amount of revenue must exceed $1m, with the Cost of Goods Sold accounting for less than 30 percent and a 20 percent EBITDA margin. The low frequency of seasonality is another important aspect to consider when looking for companies.

    Elevate Brands (USA)

    Elevate Brands focuses on acquiring Amazon brands across Europe, the North Americas, the UK, and the EU. Focusing on the Pet, Grocery, and Supplement aspects, Elevate Brands has a portfolio of more than 25 brands with an average growth rate post-acquisition of 100%.

    SellerX (Germany)

    The largest privately held firm L Catterton, has been a major investor in SellerX to purchase Amazon FBA businesses. Its current portfolio comprises thirty brands, but it is planning to increase the number of brands by leveraging its extensive knowledge of manufacturing, eCommerce, as well as operations to purchase and expand new brands in the categories of Baby, Homeware, Pets and Health, Beauty fitness, and many other categories.

    Heyday (USA)

    It not just makes Heyday purchase and grow eCommerce brands as well; it also provides tips on how to raise capital and expand the size of a company.

    Factory 14 (Luxembourg)

    Factory 14 is located in Luxembourg and is a well-rounded team of former PE, VC, and marketplace experts as the founders. Factory 14 has raised over $200 million (mostly credit) to purchase brands from Amazon. One of these acquisitions included Pro Bike Tool, a cyclist who was a champion.

    The criteria include that the revenue comes primarily generated by Amazon FBA, with $500k annual sales being the minimum amount to be considered.

    Positive growth in revenue on a year-on-year basis and high margins.

    Minimum one year of operational background.

    The categories include personal care as well as sports, children, pets, home and kitchen, and garden. The main focus lies specifically on European or North American registered businesses.

    Capital raised


    Equity Investors

    Venture Friends, DN Capital, and DMG Ventures


    Victory Park Capital

    Growve (USA)

    Concentrated on eCommerce brands that are in healthy lifestyle categories, for example, personal care or supplements, Grove has a portfolio of 25+ brands and more than $500 million in sales. Grove also offers GMA service, which assists eCommerce companies to grow on Amazon by providing M&A expertise as well as account management, and international sales

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Palm Beach Capital and Synovus

    Moonshot Brands (USA)

    Contrary to the majority of companies, Moonshot Brands buys both Amazon and Shopify businesses in just 35 days. The process includes an initial appraisal completed within 48 hours and a formal offer within 72 hours. Moonshot Brands provides a variety of eCommerce solutions, such as growth capital, brand-building marketing, and supply chain management, while giving the founders the option to stay on with the brand to assist in its growth.

    The aggregator is focused exclusively on North America, the UK, and the EU. Since its inception in 2020, it’s successfully completed the Series A

    The total amount of capital that was raised


    Equity Investors

    FoundersX Ventures, L2 Ventures, Garage Capital, Outbound Ventures, N49Pm KSK Group, Hippom Lambda School, Twitch, and Shift

    Olsam (UK)

    Established in 2020, Olsam is involved in the acquisition of UK and EU the EU and UK FBA businesses. Similar to other Amazon aggregators, which involves purchasing and growing eCommerce companies and executing the initial steps to acquire the brand. Its current portfolio comprises brands that come from Home and Kitchen, Sports and Stationery, e.g., Peak Coffee and Ottergami.

    The founder was at Amazon headquarters in London and was in charge of thousands of EU sellers in addition to their own Amazon business

    Capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Aperion Investment Group and Elevat3 Capital


    North Wall Capital

    Acquco (USA)

    With a particular focus specifically on Amazon FBA businesses in North America as well as Europe, the UK in the UK and EU, Acquco is built by former Amazon employees. Acquco makes use of technologies to streamline due diligence processes, swiftly take on brands, and gain access to deal flow that is not yet tapped, and make key operations decisions regarding its portfolio. In less than a year, the company raked in more than $100 million in revenue from eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and Amazon operations.

    The total amount of capital that was raised


    Equity Investors

    Singh Capital Partners, CoVenture, and Crossbeam Venture Partners


    Aman Bhutani

    Merama (Mexico)

    With a seed investment of $60m and $100m in debt, Merama focuses on buying LatAm eCommerce brands and expanding the businesses. Merama is comprised of former employees of Facebook, Mercado Libre, and Amazon

    Capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Concentric, Monahsees, Valor Capital Group, MAYA Capital, Balderton Capital, Advent International, SoftBank

    Cap Hill Brands (USA)

    In 2020, Cap Hill Brands was founded. Cap Hill Brands has a portfolio of more than seven brands that span from children’s toys to nutritious food options for kids. The aggregator is fast-moving and has a 48-hour offer turnover and a team that focuses on product development, marketing distribution, and brand management after the acquisition.

    Capital collected


    Equity Investors

    VersionOne Ventures and Maveron


    Victory Park Capital

    Branded Group

    With a portfolio of over 25 brands and generating more than 150 million euros. Branded is declared to be the best 0.01 percent seller.

    The focus of revenue is $1m-$30m with over 20 percent margins

    Two years of trading history which has a growing positive path

    FBA sales should be more than 90% of the sales.

    Low Seasonality

    At least one product that has sales of more than $50k.

    Healthful and strong accounts

    The main areas of focus are Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellness, Kitchen & Dining, Exercise & Fitness, and Pet Care and Care for babies, Care, Arts & Crafts

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Vine Ventures, Gabriel Naouri, Target Global, Regah Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Kima Ventures, Lurra Capital, and Declaration Partners


    Kreos Capital

    Suma (USA)

    A next-generation platform for commerce that develops and acquires FBA brands.

    Capital raised


    Equity Investors

    i80 Group, Pace Capital and Material

    Global Bees (India)

    Established in 2021, Global Bees has already acquired the Better Home for an undisclosed amount

    Capital that was raised


    Equity Investors

    Chiratae Ventures, Chrys Capital, FirstCry, Softbank Vision Fund, Lightspeed India Partners and PremjiInvest

    Boosted Commerce (USA)

    Boosted Commerce focuses on all categories except fashion and electronics.

    Leading category with strong potential for growth.

    Preference for FBA brands that earn 80 percent of the revenue generated through Amazon.

    The top 4 SKUs must make up the 80% mark or more of the sales. Profit margins should be 20 percent or more

    The seller must have at minimum two years of trading history and no black hat transactions

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Torch Capital, Crosscut Ventures

    D1 Brands (USA)

    D1 Brands focuses on buying Amazon FBA businesses in North America, the UK, and the EU. The company is category neutral. A minimum of 24 months of operational experience is required. The company currently has more than 20 brands.

    D1 Brands splits its analysis into Marketing, Brand Supply Chain, and Competition Analysis. The brand analysis covers the criteria of high star ratings of the top five SKUs in the last twelve months of revenue, plus average star ratings across all catalogs Review count for five SKUs in the top 5, review of black activity/any reasons for product suspensions.

    Quality Control Process details and current IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score.

    Equity Investors

    ID8 Investments, CoVentures, and Crossbeam Venture Partners

    Forum Brands (USA)

    Forum Brands focuses on the acquisition of Amazon FBA businesses in North America and Europe, the UK, and the EU. Forum is looking for brands that have annual sales based on Seller discretionary earnings (SDE) that exceed $200k. High gross margins, strong growth of revenue, and low seasonality.

    The categories include pet products, Health & Personal Care, Patio Lawn & Garden, Home & Kitchen, Baby Products, Sports & Outdoors, Tools & Home Improvement.

    Capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Norwest Venture Partners, NFX, Concrete Rose Capital, and Architech Capital

    Intrinsic Brands (USA)

    Intrinsic Brands focuses on buying and growing Amazon brands within the Health & Wellness sector- vitamins for pain relief and OTC personal care, beauty, feminine care, orthopedics, oral health, and other devices

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Define Ventures and Link Ventures

    Foundry Brands (USA)

    This team of Foundry Brands is made up of former employees of Amazon and other major conglomerates. It focuses on businesses that have up to $50 million of revenues operating in the pet, homeware fitness, and beauty industry.

    Capital raised


    Equity Investors

    LightBay Capital and Monogram Capital Partners

    Mensa Brands (India)

    In 2021, the company was founded. Mensa Brands is an investment company that is able to identify promising opportunities across the Home, Lifestyle, and Beauty verticals to help companies grow. It provides expertise in branding and marketing growth, demand planning, growth, and process optimization

    Capital raised


    Equity Investors

    Norwest Venture Falcon Edge Capital, Accel, Tiger Global Management, Prosus Ventures

    Valoreo (Mexico)

    Valoreo concentrates on buying and growing eCommerce companies within Latin America. Focusing on brands with excellent consumer reviews and merchants with high growth industries, Valoreo offers to value your company for no cost and complete the purchase within five weeks.

    Capital  raised


    Equity Investors

    FJ Labs, Kingsway Capital, Pesight Capital, Kaszek and Angel Ventures

    Heroes (UK)

    It is located in the UK was started by three brothers with an investment bank and venture capital background. The company is category neutral with a higher than a 4-star rating. It is crucial to have an excellent best Seller rating (BSR) as well as a high amount of reviews (300or more) that have a record of how the reviews were created.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    360 Capital and Fuel Ventures

    Bentiago Group (USA)

    Bentiago Group offers a valuation for Amazon businesses within 24 hours and a full acquisition in 28 days.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors


    Win Brands Group (USA)

    Established in 2017, Win Brands Group focuses on the acquisition of Amazon eCommerce brands across North America, the UK, and the EU and hopes to grow the revenue by 250% within the first 12 months after acquisition. The group collaborates with founders on areas where value can be created and provides a 30-60 and 90-day strategy to take care of branding along with the supply chain and improvements to PR. Its current portfolio includes three brand names: Gravity which focuses on sleeping; homesick, which offers home scents; and Qalo, which sells silicone wedding rings.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Assembled Brands and Burch Creative Capital

    Una Brands (Singapore)

    The company is focused on creating brands in the Asia Pacific region; Una Brands has secured $40 million in seed capital. the aggregator has recently purchased a Shopify company for $1.3m within the Health & Wellness industry

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Kingsway Capital, 500 Startups, Presight Capital, MPGI 468 capital Alpha JWC Ventures, White Star Capital

    10 Club (India)

    Expertise in pricing, logistics and SEO, brand management, and inventory management, 10 Club focuses on buying and growing eCommerce brands.

    Equity Investors

    Fireside Ventures, Secocha Ventures, PDS International, and Class 5 Global

    GOAT Brand Labs (India)

    A special investment company that invests in the areas of beauty, fashion, and nutrition. The firm also assists in increasing and growing D2C enterprises by targeting growing marketing and distribution channels

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Tiger Global Management, Mayfield Fund, Better Capital, iSeed

    Dwarfs (The Netherlands)

    The Amazon seller acquisition company, Dwarfs is a scaling-up from the Netherlands that entered the market in May 2021. It is planning to acquire twenty companies within a year, after having purchased four companies already. It is primarily focused on sellers that sell their products on the Dutch online marketplace However, it also considers Amazon sellers from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France


    Total capital raised


    Equity Investors

    FJ Lab, Harlan Capital Partners, and Solid Ventures


    North Wall Capital

    Technology Commerce Management (Israel)

    TCM makes use of Al as well as machine-learning to discover and acquire eCommerce companies that are on Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. The company also makes use of this technology to grow its operations and has racked up annual revenue of $45 million.

    Capital that was raised


    Opontia (UAE)

    In its first year of existence, Opontia focuses on the acquisition of eCommerce brands in eastern Europe and MENA

    Total  capital raised


    Equity Investors

    Presight Capital Global Founders Capital, Kingsway Capital, Raed Ventures, VentureSouq

    WonderBrands (Mexico)

    The company based in Mexico intends to acquire profitable eCommerce businesses from LatAm.Though there are many sellers and plenty of competitors, Wonder Brands focuses on companies that have sales of up to $5 million to scale. They offer assistance with category management and brand development, as well as technology and marketing.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors



    Victory Park Capital

    Recountour (USA)

    Recountour is focused on eCommerce companies with founders who are passionate. Sales must exceed $1.5m with a margin of more than 20% and offering products that are high-conviction. The company is focused specifically on US brand names and obtained $40 million in financing via debt. The company has made six acquisitions completed to date

    Capital collected

    $3.9m + $40m in debt

    Equity Investors

    Lionel Partners and Samaipata

    Telos Brands (USA)

    With a particular focus on Amazon as well as others D2C companies, Telos Brands looks for Amazon FBA sales to be 75% of sales. The brand needs to have outstanding reviews on its products and an extremely organic search. It also expects the sales to be between $100-500k

    Capital raised


    Equity Investors

    Picus Capital

    High Five Brands (USA)

    With an ex-team of Shopify executives, High Five Brands has experience in the supply chain and the marketing industry, analytics, and finance. These are the tools it employs to expand the number of eCommerce stores it buys. The company purchases a variety of customer segments; however, it tends to stay clear of clothing, food, and technology. A sales of $2-5 million and at minimum $5000 EBITDA are also necessary.

    Capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Amit Sharma

    Evenflow Brands (India)

    With a particular focus specifically on Amazon and Flipkart companies, Evenflow will acquire and expand these businesses through its inventory and performance marketing as well as the platform-specific merchandising skills.

    The company is focused on selling with the highest-ranking SKUs, with high organic search results and growing categories. Performance rewards are also provided.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Equanimity Investments and 9unicorns Accelerator Fund

    Alpha Rock Capital (USA)

    Alpha Rock buys and operates Amazon FBA businesses. The current portfolio of Alpha Rock comprises 9 brands that they are growing with their expertise in logistics, supply chain inventory, and PPC.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Diverge Group (UK)

    Diverge group invests in the UK and other international brands for consumers with revenues of between PS1 and 20 million and high growth

    Flummox (Switzerland)

    Flummox is focused on purchasing Amazon FBA and Shopify brands and hopes to grow rapidly within the first 24 months after the acquisition.

    YABA (Spain)

    It stands for “Your Amazing Brand Amplifier” YABA buys and scales Amazon FBA businesses in Southern Europe. While the majority of Amazon aggregators focus on FBA companies, YABA is also scouting for FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) brands. Yaba utilizes a scoring system that includes the seller’s ratings on Amazon and the number of favorable as well as organic reviews, as well as the number of product lines (around 20 is the preferred range, but less might be more effective). It is crucial to maintain a high retention rate among repeat customers.

    20 percent margin of net profit is the point at which they’ve reached cut-offs of EUR 300k in net profits over the past twelve months.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Bonsai Partners, 10x Group, JME Ventures, aldeA Ventures, Crossbeam Venture Partners

    Goja (USA)

    Goja is focused on purchasing Amazon companies and is currently expanding its portfolio of 10+ brands using its knowledge of product development, manufacturing, fulfillment of orders, digital marketing, and customer service.

    Equity Investors

    3L Capital and Next Coast Ventures


    JP Morgan

    UmbrellaFund (USA)

    The aggregator is focused on purchasing Amazon brands that are at least two years old, have more than $200,000 in profit, have a 50% margin, have high YoY growth, and are in specific industries. Their current portfolio comprises more than 20 brands.

    Merx (Germany)

    The German acquirer Merx manages European Amazon FBA brands with minimum sales of 100,000 euros and sells the top brands in their categories.

    Mothership (UK)

    Another eCommerce buyer with a team comprised of specialists with extensive experience in the development of digital brands. Clear product differentiation. Excellent review and rating quality. The categories include kids, pets outdoor, home, fitness as well as beauty and health. Concentrate on brands that have more than PS1m in revenue. They have an easy path to PS10mplus in revenue, and the SKKU portfolio is a concentrated collection. Excellent organic ranking and growth in keywords. Ample DTC potential. A growth rate of 50% or more and an average Margin of 20 percent or greater

    Savitar (Spain)

    An operator and acquirer of European Amazon brands that have between EUR500,000 and 20,000,000 in sales.

    Amazing Brands Group (Germany)

    Amazing Brands Group organizes deals that contain an exit as well as a participation payment based on EBITDA or the revenues that the retailer earns. Companies can be part of the group with no requirement for having to sell their eCommerce sites.

    Equity Investors

    Virtual Network

    Power Brands (Germany)

    Marketplace Power brands purchase and grow Amazon brands with double-digit million-euro sales.

    E-brands (Finland)

    An aggregator is relatively new to the market that entered the Amazon marketplace in the month of March 2021. The company concentrates on brands from the EU and the US with a focus on ethical and sustainable sourcing.

    Excite Foundry (UK)

    A UK acquirer that uses technology and data to guide their buying decisions in order to create Amazon FBA brands

    Equity Investors


    Scythia (UK)

    Co-CEOs of Scythia were employed by Amazon UK. The aggregator provides brands with agreements with the possibility of future payments once the business is accelerated by Scythia

    One Retail Group

    Established in 2013, One Retail Group focuses on purchasing eCommerce brands from The UK as well as the EU. Their seven portfolios of brands operate within the Health & Wellness space. A lot of the brands they created from beginning to finish. The focus of acquisitions is PS1m to PS20m revenue-producing brands with at least 12 months of trading experience. Clean Amazon account. Limit to 40 SKUs. It is agnostic to category. Excellent reviews and a high ranking within the category

    The Stryze Group (Germany)

    In 2020, the Stryze Group will have a portfolio of D2C brands. Their brands are accessible via Pull-Ecommerce (via Amazon and other marketplaces) in addition to “Push”-E-Commerce (Social media). The company buys and is scaling brands that are high-quality and scalable.

    Capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Alstin Capital

    Accel Club (USA)

    The company will launch in 2020. Accel Club is a digital-native consumer goods and services platform. The typical goal is annual sales of $1-5 million and a growth rate of 20-30% annually, and an average 15 to 25 percent EBITDA margin.

    The first offer includes Deneve, which is a private label supplier of flagpole lights that has more than 10k reviews and an average of 4.5+.

    The total amount of capital collected


    Equity Investors

    Redseed, Genesis Investments

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