How LinkedIn Marketing Can Speedup Your Ecommerce sales in 2022

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    LinkedIn lets you connect with people who have similar interests, receive frequent updates about current trends in the business, and reach out to more people who could eventually turn into customers.

    With LinkedIn, you can enjoy an easy method of building an authentic network and gaining credibility. As a result, more than 30 million companies utilize LinkedIn to help them make their business goals come true.

    Apart from that, LinkedIn has over 690 million members – another reason numerous online retailers use it to network with possible customers and even sell.

    From this thorough guide, you’ll be able to get crucial advice on how to make LinkedIn marketing more beneficial to your e-commerce company.

    Why LinkedIn marketing is important?

    In the realm of advertising on social networks, you might be tempted to direct all your efforts into the three major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are all great for reaching out to your ideal market, but not utilizing LinkedIn marketing could be doing your company a disadvantage. The world’s most networking platform for professionals, LinkedIn produces leads 227% faster than Facebook or Twitter, making it an essential tool for your company in terms of marketing.

    5 Reasons your eCommerce brands should use LinkedIn marketing

    LinkedIn Marketing
    5 Reasons your eCommerce brands should use LinkedIn marketing

    1. Increase online visibility.

    The more prominent your eCommerce company’s brand gets, the greater your chance for success. LinkedIn offers yet another opportunity for exposure online, and it’s not only through users finding your profile. Since people can connect to your company page and your employees (including you) provide more chances for your brand to be noticed.

    2. Share your business story.

    A profile for your business on LinkedIn is a fantastic chance to present your company and its mission, story, and what makes it stand out from other businesses. The more captivating the story of your company’s brand is, the more attention it will receive, and more people will be inclined to share it.

    3. Interact with other business owners.

    LinkedIn is awash with a wealth of entrepreneurs and business professionals. This makes LinkedIn an ideal site for eCommerce store owners to begin networking.

    Although some connections you make can result in sales, these connections between businesses can also result in other things like podcast appearances, guest blog posts, emails, affiliate partnerships, and collaboration on giveaways and contests.

    More active on LinkedIn and the more advantages you’ll gain.

    4. Become an expert.

    LinkedIn lets you post articles and posts as a business, so you are an authority within your area of expertise. This helps build confidence and create buzz. In addition, that content can be shared and again increases online exposure and improved branding.

    5. Improve SEO.

    Search engine optimization ( SEO) is an essential element of most eCommerce businesses marketing strategies. For example, one of the primary reasons that many companies have an online presence on LinkedIn is that it helps boost SEO, making it more likely that people will come across your profile.

    7 Ways E-commerce Business Owners can use LinkedIn to Generate More Sales

    LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn has been in a constant, off-and-on connection to hashtags. Unfortunately, it isn’t simple to track the best time or place to utilize hashtags for your articles. Nowadays, the platform advises including hashtags in LinkedIn postings and suggests appropriate hashtags to include.

    2: Collaborate With a Thought Leader

    LinkedIn Marketing

    Collaborations can boost visibility and reach for brands in any marketing channel on the internet, and LinkedIn isn’t an exception. LinkedIn lets you connect with both individuals and businesses by allowing pages of companies to label both types of profiles.

    For collaboration with a thought-leader, you can share content you’ve posted outside of LinkedIn.

    The process of establishing a successful collaboration using LinkedIn is similar to the implementation of an influencer marketing strategy for your company. Begin by identifying thought-leaders in your field and establishing connections naturally. Then, together, decide what kind of content you want to create, from getting feedback to making a video or hosting an event.

    3: Publish a LinkedIn Article

    LinkedIn Marketing
    LinkedIn Article

    Posts are the most popular type of content for corporate pages to create on LinkedIn. However, they’re not the only type of content your company can create. In September 2021, LinkedIn launched articles on company pages that allowed businesses to publish long-form content.

    As LinkedIn’s equivalent of long-form content, articles can be compared as blog entries. They’re simple to post via LinkedIn and can be found in search results within the platform. However, they also show up on other search engines such as Google and Yahoo, which can boost your page’s reach beyond LinkedIn.

    4: Live-Stream With LinkedIn Live

    LinkedIn Marketing

    While articles and posts can bring in a lot of attention on LinkedIn, videos tend to be more efficient. Native video is more effective. In addition, video will more often create conversations with followers of your page, which is great to increase your reach.

    There’s no reason to concentrate on recorded video exclusively. LinkedIn Live–the integrated live-streaming feature of LinkedIn is well-known for its impressive engagement metrics. Based on LinkedIn, Live videos get seven times more reactions and have 24 times the comments than native videos.

    5: Ask Colleagues to Share content

    Do your team members or employees have huge or active followers on LinkedIn? Inviting them to interact by sharing articles, posts, and videos on your company page can be a huge boost to your exposure. In addition, if they comment or like your content on their page, their followers are more likely to view the content of your business.

    To increase exposure For even more exposure, you can request your colleagues to share your company news with them. It’s no longer necessary to send endless emails or personal requests because LinkedIn simplifies the process.

    6: Leverage Thought Leadership via Your Profile

    Have you established a large following for your profile and established yourself as an influential person through LinkedIn? Your personal influence increases the size of your business as well as promotes your business page.

    For your business to get an edge, you can create LinkedIn posts that promote your business. It is possible to share your company’s video, blog posts, articles, or even connect to external blog posts as well as web pages. Tagging your page with your company’s name can aid in reaching out; however, it’s not always required.

    7: Start a LinkedIn Newsletter

    LinkedIn Marketing

    Since the beginning, LinkedIn newsletters have been only available via invitation until recently. Then, in November of 2021, LinkedIn started rolling out newsletters to all users, which allowed everyone to write one.

    On LinkedIn, newsletters appear like articles and are listed on the Articles tab of your feed of activity. However, there’s a significant distinction. Newsletters permit signups, and they inform subscribers whenever you release an issue.

    How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile for Your eCommerce Business

    1. Create your profile.

    LinkedIn Marketing
    Create your profile.
    • Make sure your contact details are up-to-date.
    • Make sure your logo is professional and is in the correct size for LinkedIn.
    • Include links to your company’s website, such as your website or other social media profiles.
    • Upload videos whenever you are able to in order to enhance your profile’s appeal.
    • Do not be scared to add a bit of personality to your page by doing it a bit differently from everyone else.
    • Remark on your company’s achievements and tell a unique story.
    • Always include a Call to Action (CTA) to follow people who visit your profile.

    2. Know your audience.

    In line with what you’re eCommerce, a brand is selling; You’ll need to be precise when talking to individuals on LinkedIn. What’s your point of view? Why are you on LinkedIn? How can people aid you? The more you know about your target audience and how they interact with you, the better capable of speaking directly to them, which will create an appealing profile and greater opportunities to succeed.

    3. Find your followers.

    Keep in mind that LinkedIn is an online social network that means that getting people to know and love you is crucial. To increase the visibility of your eCommerce image on LinkedIn, it is essential to begin to build a following and keep in touch with them frequently. As your following grows, keep them engaged by sending them messages to them, sharing updates on their timelines, and sharing content that they can read and share.

    4. Get familiar with LinkedIn.

    Many eCommerce entrepreneurs give up on LinkedIn simply because they don’t spend the time to learn the way it functions and how LinkedIn can assist their business to expand.

    • Connect: Use this to increase your contact list and get new ideas on people to contact.
    • Friends List: You will be able to locate your Facebook friends’ profiles Facebook on LinkedIn so that you will have an idea of who you can start with once you have created your profile for your business.
    • Messaging SMS messages sent to business owners and businesses will assist you in pitching your business or your ideas and creating connections that could be used in the future.

    5. Create content.

    Although being on LinkedIn can be a game-changer, publishing content and sharing on behalf of an entity is more effective. It doesn’t only provide opportunities for your company to be discovered and be viewed by people; it also encourages them to follow you, ensuring that your followers continue to increase. If you’re wondering what type of content to make for LinkedIn, be sure to keep your brand’s name and followers in your mind.

    The more useful and informative your content is in its content, you’re more likely that it is to be shared and viewed. If, however you make use of your content to sell your product or to sell something, it won’t be considered important.

    6. Start a group.

    LinkedIn, as well as Facebook, also has groups you can join to connect with people who have similar passions. Of course, what’s more, valuable is starting your own group in your field. This not only puts you in charge of the group but also establishes you as a professional.

    Additionally, joining an active Group on LinkedIn is an excellent method to stay engaged, so you’ll be able to continue reaping the benefits of using LinkedIn’s platform.

    LinkedIn Marketing Options

    LinkedIn Marketing
    LinkedIn Marketing Options

    LinkedIn lets you bring traffic to your site as well as identify high-quality leads. Provide your knowledge through articles on thought leadership, and build your network. It’s also a fantastic option to promote open positions and draw fresh talent into your business. Advertising can boost the benefits of LinkedIn to make them more effective for your company. There are four kinds of ads you can make use of on LinkedIn, and each is designed to help you accomplish various goals for your business.

    1. Sponsored Content

    Its LinkedIn page for members includes an RSS feed for news that is customized to the profile’s specific network. Content sponsored by sponsors will appear within the LinkedIn news feed and can reach an extremely active audience. It is tagged as “promoted,” so it stands in a different way from the standard news feed. Content that is sponsored could include single-image ads as well as video advertisements advertising in carousels events ads.

    2. Sponsored Messages

    Every user on LinkedIn is able to use their inbox to join with other members. It’s only 48 % of companies make use of messages to communicate with potential customers, which means there’s a huge opportunity to be far ahead in messaging. There are conversations ads in the format that read “choose your own path,” as well as messages advertisements that send out specific messages sent to potential prospects.

    3. Lead Gen Forms

    Making leads convert is the aim of your advertisements and efficiently gathering their data simplifies the process for them and your company. The forms can be filled out forms that allow you to keep track of leads on LinkedIn.

    4. Text Ads

    LinkedIn is a social media platform. The LinkedIn platform features right rails that can include advertisements. They can comprise text spotlight or follower. They are smaller, less compressed ads when compared to sponsored content.


    While LinkedIn isn’t a silver bullet for eCommerce success, it’s a great way to grow your brand by developing connections, meeting potential customers, and increasing your online visibility. Like any marketing strategy, the key to LinkedIn success is consistency. The more you do on LinkedIn, the more you’ll get in return.

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