The Definitive Guide To Lead Generation: Strategies, Tools

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    Six out of ten marketers state that they place lead generation as their primary prioritization. That’s because, to expand your company, you must have the ability to draw quality leads that eventually be paid customers.

    However, as techniques and technology change, the best ways to find new leads shift also. What used to work 10 before may not be the most effective way to bring customers to your site today. Below, we’ve listed the top 8 lead generation strategies for 2022.

    lead generation funnels

    What is lead generation?

    The lead generation process is attracting customers to your company and then gradually going through a process to eventually become customers. Unfortunately, many people think of lead generation as a series of emails and salespeople who are pushy.

    Today, these methods aren’t working anymore.

    In today’s marketplace, online B2C and B2B consumers are overwhelmed by the number of people trying to grab their attention. As a result, there’s plenty of noise that businesses must make their way through.

    The customers have become adept at erasing methods or messages which don’t connect with them or don’t seem to be well-tailored to their requirements, issues, or opportunities.

    Lead Generation Process

    Once we understand how lead generation is a part of the inbound marketing strategy, we can walk through lead generation.

    A first impression is when a person discovers your company through one of your channels for marketing, like your blog, website, or social media pages.

    The visitor clicks an action Call-to-Action (CTA) -such as a button, image, or message that entices your visitors to take a type of action.

    The CTA leads your reader to the web page called a landing which is a webpage that was designed to collect contact information in exchange for an offer.

    Note A “offer” is the material or other item of value offered or “offered” on the landing page, for example, an ebook, course, or even a template.

    When a visitor arrives on your page, which is a landing page, the visitor submits a form to exchange for an offer. (Forms are typically placed on landing pages. However, they are technically able to be placed wherever you want them to be on your site.) And voila! You have a new lead. Of course, this is so long as you adhere to the lead capture form’s best practices.

    Best lead generation strategies

    1. Competitor analysis and SEO

    Competitor analysis
    lead generation marketing

    The result is targeted lead generation

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the highest ROI leads generated online, mainly because it has the lowest acquisition cost.

    Keyword research can be a way to create relevant leads that further increase the conversion rate from lead to sale. Begin by looking at broad subject ideas that can be relevant to your business using tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. They provide longer-tail keyword phrases (three up to 5 words) that are more specific and allow you to focus on your perfect customers more specifically.

    To take your SEO methods for lead generation to a new level, look at the content your competitors focus on. It is possible to determine the type of content that is working for them to better understand the market. It can also help you better forecast KPIs and assess the performance of your lead generation techniques.

    2. Use sales intelligence

    The result is relevant information about potential customers

    If you’re trying to figure out how to get prospects that salespeople will appreciate, You must learn about your prospective customer and their business.

    Today, lead generation strategies are all about being relevant to your customers, so relevance is a key differentiator in your favor over your competitors.

    Being aware of your prospects and attracted to them requires more than simply browsing their websites. Sales intelligence is more than it can assist you in determining qualified leads and making more deals.

    Sales intelligence technology allows you to gather insights into customers and prospects. For example, it is possible to use the intent information to discover what caused clients to convert, their purchase journey, and their specific requirements.

    3. Easy to use lead generation site

    The result is a better conversion process

    There are various ways to improve your website’s performance to attract more leads. The first step is to obtain high-quality web hosting for WordPress. However, do you wish to know the most effective lead generation method online?

    Keep your website easy to ensure that visitors arrive at your site faster. Consider your website from the standpoint of the user.

    According to Hubspot’s study, 76% of users like to navigate websites easily. Because nearly half of the world’s population utilizes mobile devices to connect to the internet, it is essential to have a responsive website design to attract more leads.

    4. Retarget website visitors with ads

    A majority of people who visit your site won’t lead immediately. It’s fine! Do not give up you can use retargeting to stay at the forefront. While paid advertisements can be targeted according to various factors (such as locations or social media followers), Retargeting can be targeted to show ads to those who have visited your website before. Retargeted and general ads can be effective, but they have a different average click-through rate (CTR) for all advertisements is 0.07 %, while an average CTR for retargeted ads is 10 times more (0.7 %).

    Retargeted advertisements look exactly like regular ads; however, they usually offer discounts or a greater feeling of urgency.

    5. Find a fresh method of direct mail.

    While it might seem like an outdated strategy, the practice of putting fresh ideas on Direct Mail campaigns can be an extremely effective lead generation method.

    Instead of sending an unwelcome coupon that is mailed “to the current resident,” you could:

    • Send out attractive flyers that include beneficial deals
    • Use data-driven referral codes
    • Hit smaller, more tuned-in audiences

    If you are selective in your direct mail efforts, you’ll have more money to invest in the physical product you’re sending out. Additionally, you can offer higher-quality discounts, coupons, or other offers to generate new leads that will take you to another step. It is possible to consider direct mail to be the first step in convincing someone to visit your site or contact you rather than the final step to get new customers.

    6. Think about discounts and deals.

    You’ve likely promoted sales or discounts to encourage new customers to buy. But if nobody is aware of your company and the fantastic deals you’re offering, it will not benefit you.

    So, if you’re looking to think outside the box with your discounted strategy, you could try using websites devoted to discounts and deals, such as Groupon. You can also use them to generate leads as a strategy.

    Additionally, you may want to consider joining an arrangement with similar companies who are more acquainted with the area of deals. Because these websites focus on bringing in prospective customers, they’ll take on the legwork of locating the customers to put the product you offer out in front of them, with an amount of money and reach that you may not have.

    7. Design and publish the best content.

    lead generation systems

    Similar to SEO, investing in creating content for your site is a fantastic approach to generating leads.

    Content-based lead generation strategies in marketing can allow you to improve your visibility in the search results, provided that your content is optimized. The higher-quality content you create in return, the greater the reward you receive with search engine results.

    When it comes to the matter of it being search engine friendly, they will give preference to websites that solve questions quickly and easily. So, for example, if you publish a blog that explains the who, what, how, where, and why of a subject your business is an expert in, you’ll be rewarded by being highly ranked in the search results.

    8. Local Media Ads and Listings

    Suppose your company has a regional or local emphasis, or you are specialized in both offline and traditional marketing advertising in local media. In that case, local media ads and listings are a fantastic lead generation technique.

    This may include:

    In search of exposure in local newspapers (online and offline) via paid content, sponsored content, or even as a trusted expert.

    Listing in relevant directories.

    Concentrating specifically on SEO for local businesses and making sure the accuracy of your Google My Business (GMB) listing is up to.

    The best lead generation tools

    1. AeroLeads

    lead generation
    lead generation campaigns

    AeroLeads offers the Google Chrome extension to help you look through professional websites such as LinkedIn for leads from sales.

    All you need to do is to add a name and business to the AeroLeads account. The tool will locate their company’s email addresses and other contact information.

    AeroLeads will include these leads in your marketing lists for email, and you’ll be able to begin building those leads immediately.

    2. WPForms

    lead generation
    inbound lead generation

    WPForms is a simple form builder that lets you add simple lead form forms to your site.

    With over 300 pre-designed templates to choose from, you can have the correct form for your website in only a few clicks.

    While they cannot be used in terms of targeting and are not as effective as tools like the pop-ups of OptinMonster, they are still a reliable and effective method of generating leads.

    3. Unbounce

    lead generation
    outbound lead generation

    Unbounce is a lead-landing page platform designed for eCommerce, SaaS, and agencies. It has tools for creating landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars.


    • Custom-designed templates
    • Form Builder
    • Real-time editing
    • Reporting/analytics
    • SEO management

    4. D&B Hoovers

    lead generation
    sales lead generation

    D&B Hoovers claims to possess the world’s largest business database. You can utilize it to create lists of potential customers.

    Hoovers Database contains information about the company that will assist you in having more relevant conversations with potential customers. This helps you convert prospects into sales leads.

    This information will help you make better marketing decisions and provide more relevant and timely communication to your customers

    5. HubSpot

    lead generation
    lead generation platforms

    HubSpot provides a CRM designed for increasing teams. It provides lead management functions in addition to campaigns and contacts management features.


    • Performance measures
    • Pipeline management
    • Prospecting tools
    • Lead qualification
    • Lead nurturing

    6. Attentive

    lead generation
    lead generation funnels

    Attentive is a renowned SMS marketing tool that allows brands to create solid customer relationships through personal text messages. To get more customers to sign up for SMS, Attentive can build opt-in forms for desktops, and mobiles at checkout, on social media, through emails, and in person.

    Attentive is a fully-managed platform that primarily serves US-based customers offering assistance with strategy, design, and engineering. If you are a business looking to expand the capacity of their SMS database and remarket subscribers through engaging data-driven, data-driven, and relevant messaging, Attentive is a powerful tool.

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