Jungle Scout Review: Pricing, Features, Benefits in 2022

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    Jungle Scout is a web-based application that promises to assist Amazon sellers in discovering lucrative product opportunities. In this Jungle Scout review, we’ll review the application’s capabilities and determine if it will deliver on its promises.

    Jungle Scout has several features designed to help users discover lucrative product opportunities. The app comes with an inventory of products, a keyword research tool, and a supplier directory.

    In this article, I’ve shared my truthful Jungle Scout Review that includes every detail about Jungle Scout features, tools prices, how to utilize Jungle Scout

    jungle scout tutorial

    What is Jungle Scout?

    jungle scout
    amazon jungle scout

    Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that lets you identify successful products, estimate sales, analyze keywords, and monitor competitors from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

    In essence, it shows the most efficient and simple products to expand your business using.

    It was established with the help of Greg Mercer in 2014, which was the year that defined the dividing line between the Amazon study “Dark Ages” and the contemporary “Renaissance.”

    Why Jungle Scout is important for your

    It’s true that people sold products during the prehistoric period, called pre-JungleScout.

    Apart from fighting for food and land with gigantic reptiles, in those days, Amazon enthusiasts like myself had to research everything manually, search for products, look up competitors, and construct spreadsheets based on the bare data we had access to.

    Instead of spending hours doing it yourself and relying on your intuition (which I still enjoy), Jungle Scout does the work for you in a flash.

    Research into products is the primary aspect of success, and competition is growing daily. If you select a poor product, you’ll fail regardless of how skilled you think you are. So the competition is a roaring rage today.

    How does Jungle Scout work?

    Jungle Scout includes a suite of tools for research that can help you assess the potential profit of various items you could sell. There’s a Jungle Scout web app and the Jungle Scout Chrome extension. There’s an extension for the browser that works with Firefox. The platforms are different in their functionality and tools; however, they include the following:

    Product data base

    jungle scout
    jungle scout product database

    This vast database of Amazon products allows you to filter according to categories, which means you can select a topic you’re passionate about and develop new product ideas. You can filter the results by estimated sales, revenue, and other factors while incorporating Amazon costs to determine which products make the most money. Jungle Scout also offers a tool called “the Niche Hunter ” to help you identify the niche that could work best for your needs and the most profitable product to buy and market.

    Product tracker

    jungle scout

    If you discover something that interests you, it’s simple to include it in the product tracker so that you can view its top seller ranking and sales every day. Keep track of these metrics and others to discover the seasonality of a product and its sales rate with time.


    jungle scout

    Another effective research tool, AccuSales, helps you estimate future sales based on previous sales data. Utilizing this tool, you can analyze your ideas for products and evaluate what selling them could play in your favor.

    Tracker and supplier database

    If you require an individual manufacturer from which to purchase your goods, you can use this database to find reliable suppliers for various items. You can then save supplier lists to compare quotes, make purchase orders and store communication to keep everything all in one place.

    What Features Does Jungle Scout Have?

    There’s a valid reason most sellers using e-commerce use Jungle Scout. It is possible to do so much in one application. Here are a few essential capabilities of the program:

    Jungle Scout keyword scout

    Find keywords that rank high within a set of similar ASINs to gain an advantage over your competitors. To run cost-effective PPC campaigns, examine the cost-per-click for specific keywords, and search for low-cost keywords with the potential to rank.

    Product Database

    Explore ideas for products with this collection of 475 million available items. Then, utilizing FBA’s FBA Profit Calculator tool, you can determine a product’s possible profit, including fees and costs, into the calculation to determine if it’s worth the cost.

    Supplier Database

    Find legitimate suppliers (including for niche products!) worldwide using the Jungle Scout Supplier Database. You can also check suppliers by examining customer volumes or verifying shipment information. If you’ve found the right supplier you want to work with, it is possible to create purchase orders in Jungle Scout immediately.

    Opportunity Finder

    jungle scout
    how to use jungle scout

    With a simple search with a bit of help from filters, you will be able to identify niches of products that are in significant demand and have little competition. This is supported by historical data like the volume of searches, average prices, and seasonal patterns.

    Listing Builder

    Do you use the correct keywords? What’s the SEO score of your listing? The Listing Builder will take an objective review of your listing and determine its optimization score. It then provides suggestions for how to be more prominent on Amazon’s search results.


    If you’re just beginning your journey into the Amazon marketplace, you’ll be able to discover Jungle Scout’s in-built training program created by the CEO himself to be extremely useful. With more than 130 mini tutorials, Academy allows you to get familiar with the Amazon platform at your own speed. You can also participate in live Q&A sessions and live-streamed training.

    Inventory Manager

    jungle scout

    It is no longer necessary to keep track of your inventory manually. This feature categorizes every item you have (Reorder Now, Reorder Soon, Reorder Soon In Stock) and calculates the amount and the date when you must make a reorder. You can also track the inventory inbound towards the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

    Review Automation

    Be assured that this isn’t a black hat strategy. The Review Automation feature is fully compliant with Amazon’s terms of Service. It lets users instantly send reviews to customers who are eligible for customers. You can even choose the products and customers that receive these reviews.

    How much does jungle scout cost

    Here’s an overview of the Jungle Scout Web app pricing:

    Basic plans

    Basic plans are available starting at just the price of $19/per month (if the payment is made annually) or $39 per month (if the payment is made monthly) and come with one user license as well as full accessibility to Chrome extension for browsers.

    Suite plans

    Suite plans are offered for $49/per month (if you pay annually) or $69 per month (if the payment is made monthly). In addition, each plan offers the possibility of adding additional members as well as advanced selling capabilities as well as accessibility for Google’s Chrome extensions for the browser.

    Professional plans

    Professional plans can be purchased at $84 per month (if you pay annually) as well as $129 per month (if paying monthly). Each plan offers six users, two years of historical data on keywords prior to onboarding, priority onboarding, and six months’ worth of data from the past.

    What Is The Chrome Extension?

    jungle scout

    This Chrome Extension enables you, as an Amazon seller, to look up the most important information about an area of interest with an easy glance. When the extension is launched, it will quickly produce a report of 16 of the most popular listings in the niche you’re looking for while also showing “Average Daily Sales,” “Average Sales Rank,” “Average Selling Price,” “Average Reviews,” and “Opportunity Score.”

    By using these four formulas, you can, in a matter of moments, figure out if the niche is worthy of being explored. These numbers give you an idea of the competition and demand and can help you decide whether more research needs to be conducted, or if another product is needed to be discovered. This Chrome Extension will save you time and effort per product, which can increase your productivity and profitability.

    Features Include:

    • Monthly Sales & Revenue
    • Industry Leading Accuracy
    • Rating & Review Tracking
    • Category & Seller Ranking
    • Ongoing Support & Updates
    • Web App Advanced Integration
    • Sales Item Profit Calculator
    • Dimension & Weight of Items
    • FBA Fee Estimator
    • Opportunity Score
    • Historical Price, Rank & Sales Data


    Jungle Scout is a great option for anyone who wants to enter the online-based business. It offers up-to-date and accurate information about suppliers, products, and competition.

    In addition, it provides various features that aid users in making educated decisions about their choice of product pricing, as well as marketing strategies. All in all, Jungle Scout is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in creating or expanding their ecommerce company.

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