Is Starlink Internet Worth It ? Is it Providing Consistent Internet

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    Suppose you’re in rural America and experienced it firsthand. In that case, you’ll know that many people do not have broadband or cable options, much less access to gigabit services accessible in some areas of the nation. In the end, most people have connections that are between 20 and 40Mbps via DSL or similar services.

    Starlink internet is an internet service based on satellites from SpaceX. With promises of speeds up to 150Mbps and an easy installation, it’s been a key component of my journey to move my tech-driven lifestyle away from the city and the country.

    starlink internet review

    What is Starlink Internet?

    Starlink is a satellite-based internet service designed by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. It utilizes low-Earth orbit satellites to provide higher speeds, more data, and a lower latency broadband service to remote and rural regions worldwide.

    How Fast Is Starlink? Is the Internet Consistent?

    According to users, starlink internet download speed is 100Mbps-200Mbps and 30Mbps upload speed. In addition, latency is measured at 20 milliseconds or less, comparable with the internet based on the ground. In time, SpaceX plans on ramping speeds for downloading up to 300Mbps.

    How Much Does Internet From Starlink Cost?

    There are three Starlink packages for residential, business, and Starlink rv internet costs $110 per month for residential usage, and you also pay an upfront fee for the equipment of $599. Starlink Business, with twice the ability of the antenna of the residential service, as well as more throughput and higher internet speeds, is priced at $500 per month, with an initial equipment cost of $2500. Finally, digital nomads can have Starlink internet any time it’s accessible at $135 per month, plus five hundred dollars to purchase the equipment.

    How Do I Sign Up for Starlink?

    starlink internet
    spacex starlink internet

    Visit the website will look up your address and inform you if it’s accessible in your region. If it’s not, the company will inform you of the approximate date on which Starlink will launch. The majority of users will be waiting for months at least or longer. Times have been extended to early 2023.

    Starlink currently serves more than 145,000 customers worldwide; however, “hundreds of thousands” of users across the US have already signed up in the hope of testing the service, according to the filing from February 2021 SpaceX sent in February 2021 to FCC.

    The process is also on a first-come-first-served basis for every coverage area. Therefore, if your city is already crowded with Starlink customers, you’ll have to wait for the coverage of Starlink to expand. To reserve a space, you’ll need to deposit $99, which is refundable through the Starlink website’s pre-order feature.

    How do I install Starlink internet?

    starlink internet
    starlink internet setup

    1. Find an open space

    To allow Starlink to offer the highest speeds, the terminal has to see at least 100 degrees of sky clear over it to connect to satellites. Get ready to install the device here.

    2. Open the box, and read the instructions

    If you open the grey Starlink box, you’ll see an unfinished sheet of paper that has three sketches – there are no words. These are the guidelines. Follow the steps, and you’ll see a Starlink kit neatly placed on the tripod on top of the terminal, next to the router, and 100 feet of thick black cable.

    Users have told Insider that the terminal, nicknamed “dishy,” – weighs around 10 pounds.

    3. Build the kit

    Set your tripod down, then connect onto the tube of the terminal to the tripod. Your router has already attached to the terminal, as is the cable.

    4. Power up Starlink

    Plug the cable’s end cable into a source of power to start Starlink functioning. Two white light bulbs will be visible at the top of the brick. The terminal will then turn upwards.

    “The ordering and set up process is very simple and easy,” said a user from Wisconsin. 

    5. Download the Starlink app

    Download the App Store on your mobile for the Starlink app to install. Starlink application.

    Hit the “Start Setup” button; it’ll ask you to confirm that all your equipment is connected. Next, select “Open wifi Settings” and join the Starlink network. Set the wifi with an account name and password in the app and then connect to it via the phone’s wifi settings.

    Is Starlink Worth It?

    If you’re located in a region that offers high-speed broadband internet access, and you’re paying less than $110 a month, plus $599 for the equipment, you’d pay for Starlink. You’ll likely also get greater speed and performance. However, if you’ve already served via fixed-speed broadband, it does not make sense to change to Starlink.

    The area where Starlink shines, however, is in those areas not currently being served via fixed broadband. Internet users living in rural areas will experience significant improvements in speed and efficiency with Starlink compared to other satellite Internet providers, making it worth the price.


    Starlink is trying to bring high-speed, reliable internet access to areas where it’s not currently accessible. With the technology that it has created and its capability to launch its own satellites, it’s on the right track to accomplishing exactly that.

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