Internet Speed Test: Test my Internet Speed [updated 2022]

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    It’s still possible to remember when the internet speed that was up to 2Mb back was regarded as a high-speed connection. Now, with 5G and 4G, the mobile internet can be used to stream. A fast and stable internet connection and strong WiFi networks are essential for homes in the age of remote working and streaming media.

    With more speed, there are speed test applications to see whether you’re safe within a specific zone or not. However, you won’t be able to obtain an accurate report from all of these applications. To aid you in this, we’ll discuss about the top 10 internet speed test applications available online.

    Things to know before you start the speed test 

    We’ll now examine how you can make the most effective use of a speed test on your internet. Some common best practices can assist you in tackling the root of your Internet issues (if you have any). ):

    • Use more than one device (in the exact area) to run the speed test. You can then determine whether the issue is specific to the device or not.
    • Test under ideal and normal conditions. Normal means having the same number of devices connected to the network as in normal life. The ideal situation is one where you have less burden on your network. It will also help you identify if the area of concern is your bandwidth or ISP.
    • Recheck your upload and download speeds to get more accurate results.  
    • Conduct multiple tests throughout the o day because there may be certain times during the day when your internet connection isn’t quick or fast due to the other users within your area.

    The best Internet speed test application

    1. Google Internet Speed Test

    internet speed test
    test your download and upload

    If you’re using Google as your principal internet search engine and want to test your speed, simply search for speed test’ in the address bar to test your speed on the internet. Google has collaborated with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to allow this to be done. You’ll see speeds for upload and download as well as latency and the location of your server within the test results. It also gives you a brief overview of what to expect from your internet speed in easy words.

    2. Meteor by OpenSignal

    internet speed test
    check your internet speed

    Meteor by OpenSignal is an extremely fast and independent speed test application that provides accurate speed tests with an elegant interface. It’s not just free and available on both iOS(opens in a new tab) and Android(opens in a new tab); it lays out in clear, easy phrases what your speed on the internet is.

    In addition to providing download responses to upload, download, and ping time, it doesn’t provide any more information on the network. However, it does contain information on coverage that could be useful during travel.

    You can also check performance by testing the performance of individual apps. For instance, I could test my network’s performance when I tried to ping servers to play Pokemon Go.

    A meteor from OpenSignal is among those rare applications that appear and feels so good that you’re astonished that it’s offered at no cost.

    3. Selectra Speed Test

    The Selecta Speed Test is among the most organized and appealing speed test websites on the internet. If you’re a tech-savvy user or just a casual tech-lover, The internet speed test offered by Selectra provides all the data you need without jargony tech.

    We have found the Selectra speeds test to be precise, reliable, and free of biases. It is unnecessary to navigate multiple pages to begin or end the test. In addition, the test can be taken using mobile phones and desktops, making it a practical and user-friendly option for people using it.

    4. Ookla Speed Test

    internet speed test
    internet speed test ookla

    Ookla speed tests are among the most well-known speed test websites available. It offers users a user-friendly interface that is visually appealing and offers simple representations of the ping speed, download speed, and upload speeds. You can choose from a variety of servers for a thorough analysis. It is also possible to sign up for an account to keep track of your web speed test history. 

    In addition to the Ookla website, the speed test is accessible across a range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, AppleTV, and CLI. The most distinctive feature of the Ookla speed test is that it can assess how well you are enjoying your streaming video experience even though it’s only available on iOS currently.

    5. SpeedTest Master (iOS, Android)

    SpeedTest Master is a powerful speed testing application that works on both iOS and Android. It comes with a range of additional tools that go beyond basic speed tests, for example, determining the ping speed of PlayStation Network, Steam, YouTube, TikTok, and social media networks.

    It can also check WiFi signal strength and let you know the best place to place yourself to ensure optimal connectivity. Another great feature is being equipped to evaluate different WiFi signals and inform users of which offer the most reliable connectivity. If you’re in a location with many signals, the app will inform you which one is the most suitable to use, as long as that WiFi is available to all.

    The disadvantage of SpeedTest Master is that it’s not completely free. Although you can access it for a limited number of times without ads, for unlimited testing, it’ll cost you either $1.99/month, $7.99/year, or $14.99/lifetime.

    Beyond the price, SpeedTest Master is robust and a must-have for those interested in connectivity.


    internet speed test
    my internet speed test

    If you’re one of those who enjoys getting deep into all details, then at no other site than This speed test offers precise and comprehensive results. In addition, the test is focused on its function and is completely free of bias.

    Don’t be worried when you arrive on the homepage. Indeed, the interface for users might not be as straightforward as other speed test sites. You may be required to scroll through a few pages before getting the final results. However, you’ll be left with the most detailed information regarding your network. In the end, it’s worth it.

    With, it is possible to compare the results of your speed tests against the results of your neighborhood city, as well as more.

    7. Fast

    If you’re looking for something easy and simple to use and use, then Fast could be the perfect speed tester. In line with the name of this program, Fast could be among the fastest speed tester for the internet in this listing. When you open a website, Fast will already begin to do its thing and quickly test the download speed.

     The results are easy to read; it’s a simple calculation of your download speed by megabits per second; however, more details are readily available in any way.

    Fast will give you details about your upload and latency speeds if you’re searching for details on this. You can alter the parameters of the tests it conducts in various ways, such as the number of parallel connections you’d like and the length you’d like the test to run.

    8. Speed Test WiFi Analyzer from analytic

    internet speed test
    your internet speed test

    Speed Test Wireless Analyzer developed by Analiti Experts Group might not be the most attractive speed test application; however, it is certainly effective. Its minimalist design provides the user with precise information with no gimmicks. In addition, Speed Test does standard speed tests. However, it also comes with an inbuilt WiFi analyzer that will provide coverage details in various areas within your residence. This feature is particularly useful for those with several nodes. 

    If you’re interested in advanced WiFi metrics, the app will provide the user with detailed RSSI statistics and a signal analyzer. Coded IEEE 802.11 beacon data, a spectrum map, TCP, and UDP testing to iPerf3 servers. If none of this seemed to make sense and you’re not sure which of the speed-testing apps listed here would be the better choice.

    Whatever the case, either way, Speed Test WiFi Analyzer by Analiti has been released on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Unfortunately, there isn’t an iOS version. The app is at no cost; however, paying a one-time $1.99 cost will eliminate advertisements. 

    9. SpeedOf.Me

    SpeedOf.Me is a simple website that runs on every platform. If you’re searching for an application that you can use continuously between your phone, desktop, and tablet, then SpeedOf.Me could be the right choice for you.

    SpeedOf.Me perform exactly as you’d imagine. All you have to do is press one button to begin and SpeedOf.Me will begin its test. The graph is interesting and changes in real-time, providing you with a comprehensive analysis of the speed test results as you progress.

    10. Internet Speed Test Speedcheck

    internet speed test
    test your internet speed

    This Internet Speed Test Speedcheck app includes a speedy WiFi speed testing feature with an easy-to-use user interface. The result page will show the expected results for browsing, email streaming, gaming, and video chat, using the five-point rating system.

    The app lets you browse previous speed tests to assess the history of performance and changes in connectivity over time. The bottom of the application has a “WiFi Finder” button; however, you’ll need to install an additional app to use this feature. (Available on the App Store and Google Play.)


    Speed test apps on your phone not only reveal the speed but also lets you determine the strength of your internet connection. Its strength within a particular zone. You can test the internet speeds and signal strength of the area you visit to understand the location more thoroughly. 

    It will help you find out if you’ll be able to obtain adequate speed to stream a web program on Netflix or if you’d have to depend on the downloaded content while you are on the move. After you’ve got the list of the top internet speed test applications on Android and iPhone, now is the time to identify your area and test the strength of your signal.

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