Instagram Story Views: FREE Ways to increase clicks and traffic in 2022

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    When Instagram introduced Stories in 2016, it revolutionized how users look at and interact with the content on the platform for sharing photos and prompted a completely new question as to who’s using it most. This is because the people viewing your Stories are those who follow you and want to know what’s going on with you.

    This blog post will cover everything you need to be aware of Instagram Story followers, how this characteristic on Instagram can be utilized to benefit your business, why your Instagram Story views aren’t working, and what you can do to fix it.

    Why Use Instagram Stories?

    2021 had seen more than 1 billion users using Instagram at least once per month. More than 500 million people sign up daily, and almost all follow businesses.

    40 % of U.S. adults say they’ve utilized Instagram, 500 million+ Instagram accounts are using Stories daily, and most users claim to have visited a site to purchase a product or service after seeing it on Stories.

    About 80percent of marketers utilize Instagram, and 64% plan to expand their natural Instagram activities in the coming year.

    Instagram Story View
    Why Use Instagram Stories?

    According to the report on 2021 Marketing from the Social Media Examiner, Instagram usage was up by 46 percent in 2020. Additionally, its stories-based videos were viewed by 59% of all marketers, higher than Facebook or Tiktok.

    With the growth of video that is short, Instagram is coming out ahead of the crowd.

    Many brands are investing in Instagram Stories, hoping it will continue to be a top platform. The stories format will continue to be the best platform to expand brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

    How Do You Access Story Viewers?

    To open Story viewers for an active published Story, you need to open it on Instagram and swipe it up.

    To see Story viewers for 24 hours after it’s been unpublished, follow these steps.

    • Tap the profile icon or tap your image profile.
    • Tap three lines to open the menu.
    • Tap Archive.
    • Scroll through your story.
    • Tap the story and then swipe upwards.

    Why Are Instagram Story Views Down?

    Instagram will show you who has seen your Stories and lets you restrict users you do not wish to see.

    If you’re able to make your Instagram Stories get a lot of attention, your engagement could increase. People who see your Instagram Stories might decide to purchase from you or follow you. So the higher the amount of engagement the Instagram Stories get, the more beneficial it will be for your business.

    In the past, users would pay bots to gain thousands of Instagram Story views to increase their following and exposure. Then, Instagram cracked down on these bots and wiped out false followers, comments, etc. This led to the mass Stories view strategy being created.

    It was noticed that people saw increasing Instagram Stories from celebrities they didn’t recognize. The majority of these views came from accounts that did not follow them.

    The concept was that if users are watching your Stories and are viewing your Stories, the Instagram app won’t flag the accounts as bots. Instead, it will appear as if real people are looking at your Stories and not bots.

    Instagram noticed that this was happening and has promised to rectify this shady growth hacking technique. Recently, they did this, and users are now noticing that Instagram Views of Stories are declining.

    How to fix Instagram Story Views Not Showing 2022

    A few Instagram users have expressed complaints that it is working properly each time they create an update to their story; however, once it’s published, the new story won’t show story views. This is because the number of stories they have seen isn’t zero, even though many people have seen them.

    In most instances, the data might be visible after a time; in other instances, it doesn’t. While this may appear normal, however, the explanation given by Meta for why this happens is undefined; many believe it’s a server-side issue.

    The issue has been reported to Android as well as iPhone users. When users tap the “views” or “views” option, they get greeted with an empty white page. But, some users have stated that their Stories receive timely responses, meaning that the people following them can see the content they share within their stories.

    It seems that both Android and iPhone users have reported this Instagram issue with story views. Other times when a user uses the view option, it will show the white screen.

    If you’re experiencing similar issues, take the steps below to fix the issue. Instagram stories not appearing for you on both those Android as well as iOS devices:

    1. Restart your mobile

    However, occasionally the Instagram application does encounter minor glitches. It happens most often when the app runs longer than it should without stopping. This means that you’ll need to reboot your phone; thus, the notion that you restart the phone.

    2. You can delete your Instagram application

    This is a more drastic method. Uninstall the Instagram application, download it again, and then start over.

    3. Contact Instagram Support

    You could also call your Instagram Support Team for assistance. However, that’s after you have tested the methods described above.

    4. Use Instagram Web

    Most instances that result in Instagram not showing stories occur in the app version of Instagram. Therefore, it is advised to use the web version in this situation. It is the most efficient unless you have poor Internet.

    5. Log out of Instagram using the Instagram app and sign again

    6. Reopen the Instagram app

    Strategies to Increase Instagram Story views

    1. Use relevant hashtags

    Instagram Story View
    relevant hashtags

    With all the attention Instagram puts on hashtags, it’s important to begin using hashtags in your stories. Relevant and relevant hashtags will ensure that your stories receive more views.

    2. Use Text

    Instagram Story View
    Use Text

    If you’ve gone through my strategies for beating Instagram’s algorithm, you’ll remember that the time that users spend on your content can greatly increase engagement. This is the same for how you can get Story viewers on Instagram as well!

    One of the best ways to make your users spend more time watching Instagram Stories is to make them more engaged. One way of making your followers spend time on Instagram Stories is by using text. If you are using text logically, it can make a user take a break and then hold the button to your Story slide to look up what you wrote.

    3. Reply to D.M.

    Sometimes, followers respond in response to Stories. Instead of just looking at your story and then scrolling across to another, they made the time to respond. If you’d like to show them that you appreciate them Try responding to them.

    4. Use Stickers

    One of my favorite things to do on long drives is to have a Q&A session with my listeners or a test! You can accomplish either one of these using an Instagram Story sticker, which makes it simple for your audience to connect with your story. In fact, Instagram stickers have assisted me in increasing the number of Instagram Story views.

    5. Post Consistently

    In accordance with the Instagram algorithm according to the algorithm, the more Stories you have, the more fun. The user is able to view four Stories at a time on the homepage.

    Therefore, you must keep posting stories regularly to remain prominent. Making sure you post regularly will give your posts the best chance to be seen by your followers.

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