51 Instagram statistics That Matters to Marketing Decision in 2022

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    While planning your advertising and marketing strategy, understanding the state-of-the-art information about Instagram can assist you in raising your consequences to the subsequent level. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to nail down precisely the proper information, so we’ve compiled the most precious Instagram statistics all in one vicinity for you.

    Quick Instagram statistics 2022

    These are 10 Instagram statistics that you certainly have to recognize proper out of the gate when it comes to how many humans use Instagram :

    • Confirmed data exhibit that Instagram  has over 1.393 billion month-to-month lively users
    • It is rumored that Instagram genuinely has over two billion month-to-month users.
    • Users spend a common of 30 minutes a day on Instagram.
    • 81% of humans use Instagram for lookup on companies, products, and services.
    • 50% of human beings have visited an internet site to buy a product or provider they noticed on the app
    • The common Instagram commercial enterprise account posts as soon as a day
    • The common engagement fee of an Instagram  commercial enterprise submission is 0.96%
    • 500 million humans use Instagram  testimonies on an everyday basis
    •  51% of customers are a girl, and 49% are male
    • Shoppable posts are tapped by over a hundred thirty million people every month.
    • 88% of Instagram  customers are outdoor of the united states

    Instagram user demographics

    1. More than half of the humans who use Instagram worldwide are more youthful than 34.

    This Instagram  Instagram statistic will come as no shock to you – of the direction the youthful humans pick social media to the ancient people. Of course, some older humans out there like to get on Instagram; however, for the most section, it is dominated by way of the youthful generations that have grown up with it.

    2. Almost 2/3 of humans who use Instagram are between 18 and 29.

    What’s fascinating is that it’s now not just teens that are on Instagram, even though you may be tempted to suppose that it is. It’s certainly those in their twenties that love Instagram, and there’s an accurate danger that they additionally used it when they were young adults too.

    instagram user demographics
    Almost 2/3 of humans who use Instagram are between 18 and 29.

    3. The most lively age team on Instagram is 18- to 34-year-olds.

    People even older than in their twenties are leaping on the Instagram bandwagon, as you can see from these Instagram statistics. Even human beings in their thirties are discovering sufficient to do on the famous social media sharing app.

    4. 88% of Instagram customers don’t stay in America.

    This Instagram statistic would possibly shock you; however, Instagram is exceptionally famous everywhere globally, no longer simply in America.

    5. Back in 2019, there had been 9.4 million Instagram customers in Australia. This is 37.2% of Australia’s whole population.

    While this would possibly now not be most of Australia’s population, it capacity that one in three human beings that stay in Australia are on Instagram  – it’s a notably magnificent number.

    6. Most Instagram customers in Australia are female, sitting at 57.1%.

    This would no longer shock you seeing as the identical information can be located for America. However, for some reason, Instagram appears to appeal to extra ladies than males.

    7. 3.1 million Australian Instagram customers are aged between 25 and 34.

    Again, the youthful era loves Instagram, which is why most human beings in their twenties in Australia are on Instagram and are using it a lot – whether or not this is for non-public reasons, or professional.

    8. In America, 43% of women are on Instagram, while 31% of adult males are on Instagram.

    72% are between a long time of thirteen and 17, while 67% are between a long time of 18 and 29. 47% are between a while of 30 and 49, while 23% are between a long time of 50 and sixty-four Only 8% are over the age of 65.

    9. When it comes to places in America, 46% of Instagram customers stay in a city area, while 35% of Instagram customers stay in a suburban area.

    Just 21% of Instagram customers in the united states stay in a rural area.

    10. India has the best possible number of Instagram customers at 114 million, as does the USA with identical numbers.

    Coming in 2d vicinity is brazil at 99 million. Then you’ve bought Indonesia at 85 million, Russia at 56million, turkey at 46 million, japan at 38 million, Mexico at 32 million, the UK at 31 million, and Germany at 26 million.

    11. When searching at a share of a populace that makes use of Instagram, 78.7% of the populace of Kazakhstan makes use of Instagram, while 17.5% of Brunei use Instagram.

    As ways as the turkey goes, this range is at 68.4%, for Iceland, it is 66.5%, Sweden is sitting at 66.5%, Kuwait is sitting at 65.7%, cypress is 64.5%, the cayman islands is 64.3%, malta is 62.1%, and Guam is 61.7%.

    Instagram Brand statistics

    Instagram statistics
    Instagram Brand statistics

    1. 90% of humans on Instagram comply with at least one commercial enterprise page.

    This goes to exhibit simply how necessary Instagram is if you’ve bought a company and you are making an attempt to locate extra of your goal demographic. There is every threat that you will get the publicity that you favor with Instagram  Instagram statistics s  like this.

    2. 67% of entrepreneurs design on growing their natural undertaking on Instagram over the subsequent 12 months.

    This is true information – it capability that manufacturers aren’t take shortcuts to make positive that they can be considered on Instagram. The format on constructing a genuine relationship with their audience.

    3. The common company on Instagram posts two half-memories a week.

    Instagram manufacturers are even leaping on the Instagram testimonies bandwagon and integrating this section of Instagram into their Instagram advertising campaign.

    4. 60% of manufacturers use an interactive aspect each week. This consists of mentions, polling stickers, and music.

    Brands recognize that if you favor to do nicely on Instagram and hold your target audience concerned in your content, then you’ve received to get interactive. This is why most manufacturers inject an interactive factor into their content material every week.

    5. Brand tales have an 85% completion rate.

    This capability that human beings are right here for company stories, and they are prepared to seem to be at them till the very end. This makes it an exquisite device for connecting with your audience.

    6. According to Instagram  statistics , 78% of humans surveyed stated that they think about manufacturers that used Instagram  popular, while 77% noticed them as creative

    This goes to exhibit that if you desire to do properly with your brand, in general, these days, you’ve obtained to have a presence on Instagram  – even if you are simply posting as soon as a week. But, it’s nonetheless going to make a difference.

    7. Brands on Instagram generally put up between eleven and 20 instances a month.

    Even if you are simply posting eleven instances a month, this is nevertheless a notably excessive quantity of instances to be posting. It’s at least twice a week.

    8. 10% of brands’ put-up feedback manifest after 19 days.

    What’s fascinating is that human beings don’t appear to depart remarks on manufacturer content material straight away – they tend to take their time.

    9. Half of all manufacturers on Instagram have uploaded at least one Instagram story.

    The Instagram memories characteristic is of direction a famous characteristic amongst influencers; however, it’s additionally famous amongst brands, as this Instagram statistics show.

    10. Brands that use Instagram get roughly 10 instances of their engagement on Facebook.

    Back in the day, it was once fb that was once really worth the use of to promote your brand. However, these days, we assume that Instagram takes the cake, and stats like this show it. Therefore, you would possibly choose to cross your presence on FB over to Instagram.

    11. Brands can get hold of 23%, much less engagement on Fb to import identical pictures.

    This is why we suggest that you submit that pic up on Instagram first to get the engagement you are searching for.

    12. 79% of manufacturers use Instagram for influencer campaigns, in contrast to fb at 46%, youtube at 36%, Twitter at 24%, and linked in at 12%.

    Instagram is truly the warm spot for influencer advertising and marketing campaigns, as you can see from this stat. The suitable information is that there are masses of influencers for you to select from – simply make positive that you vet them first, so you recognize you are working with one that’s well worth it.

    General Instagram statistics

    1. The First Image that Was Ever Uploaded to Instagram  Was of A Dog Standing via A Taco Stand, and It Was Taken by way of The Co-Founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

    You would possibly be amazed to analyze that the first hero of Instagram was once genuinely a dog. This is reminiscent of what Instagram used to be all about, which was once sharing photographs of your canine or cat as properly as snapshots of your breakfast.

    2. Instagram  Is the Second Most Downloaded Free App in The Apple Store.

    This is an exceedingly wonderful Instagram statistic and suggests that even though Instagram has been around for a warm minute, it’s pulling in these large numbers as a way as downloads go. We don’t see this lowering every time quickly as Instagram is nonetheless simply as famous as it used to be.

    3. Instagram  Users Spend Almost as Much Time on Instagram as Facebook Users Do on Facebook.

    The Average Time for Browsing on Instagram  Is 53 Minutes a Day. For Facebook, It is 58 Minutes a Day.

    4. 25% of Smartphone Users Use Instagram.

    This may now not appear like a big Instagram statistic, however when you suppose about the reality that this capacity that 1 in four human beings in the world that have a smartphone bounce on Instagram, it is tremendously impressive. It’s brilliant that Instagram has influenced this many people. It additionally indicates that plenty of humans are playing Instagram on their phones.

    5. As Far as Google Queries Go, Instagram  Is the ninth Most Popular.

    Instagram receives searched a lot on Google, so it’s the ninth most famous search. People probably search for key phrases associated with Instagram as adversarial to Instagram itself.

    6. So Far, More than forty Billion Images Have Been Shared on Instagram.

    This is a tough quantity to wrap your head around because it’s so huge, and it’s solely getting bigger.

    7. 1.9% of Instagram Uploads Are Images.

    When Instagram used to be the first thing back in the day, this Instagram statistics would have been bigger. However, these days thinking about you can now add movies and different content material forms, it’s no shock that no longer too many Instagram uploads are truly images.

    8. 14.2% of Uploads on Instagram Are Videos.

    These Instagram statistics make a lot of extra sense; thinking about Instagram has launched pretty a few elements lately over an ultimate couple of years to do with video.

    9. 13.9% of Uploads on Instagram  Are Carousels.

    Carousels are a famous Instagram feature and are used by many humans, as you can see from these Instagram statistics.

    10. Currently, Instagram  Hides Likes in The Following Seven Countries, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

    11. 62% of Instagram  Users Log Into Their Profile at Least Once a Day.

    Most Instagram customers can’t assist; however, they log into their Instagram profile at least as soon as a day. We have a feeling that you probably begin your day with Instagram, and you likely stop it with Instagram as properly proper earlier than you go to sleep.

    12. 42% of Instagram Users Check Their Profile Multiple Times a Day.

    This is extra becoming with most humans out there; however, what’s fascinating is that it isn’t the majority. However, we assume that this range is constantly getting greater – and then you’ve acquired that small proportion of human beings who clearly can’t get away from Instagram.

    13. The Instagram  Like Button Is Used 4.2 Billion Times a Day.

    instagram like button
    Instagram like button

    Are you anyone who likes to have interaction with different people’s pix and movies on Instagram? How do you have to interact with them? Based on this Instagram  Instagram statistics, we are inclined to guess via liking the content material you see in your feed. This is why there are 4.2 billion likes on the platform each day.

    14. Over 50% of Instagram  Profiles Use Explorer to Find New Content, as well as New Profiles to Follow.

    The Explorer web page on Instagram used to be subtly brought as a characteristic a couple of years ago, and it has long gone from energy to strength. More and extra-human beings are using it as an area to locate new human beings to comply with and an area to remain more related with their online community.

    15. 83% of Users on Instagram  Find New Services and Products on The Platform.

    One component that may shock you is simply how many humans rely on Instagram to get their manufacturer facts. However, this shouldn’t virtually come as a shock thinking about how plenty cash manufacturers are spending on their Instagram advertising campaigns each and every year.

    16. 200 Million Instagram  Users Look at At Least One Business Account Every Day.

    Again, speak of Instagram enterprise Instagram statistics ; if you are anyone who appears at a commercial enterprise account on Instagram frequently, then you are sincerely no longer alone. A lot of human beings motel to Instagram to discover applicable Instagram statistics s about a company that they are fascinated in, so they can figure out if they choose to test out their internet site or not.

    17. Each Month, a hundred thirty Million Instagram  Users Click on A Shoppable Post.

    This Instagram statistics once more indicates simply how essential it is to have a presence on Instagram if you are a commercial enterprise and are attempting to increase the attain of your social media advertising campaign. Instagram is the region to be.

    18. Over 1 Million Users Watch Live Video Every Day.

    One characteristic that Instagram has provided solely currently has been their Instagram stay feature. This offers you the possibility to stay and engage with your target market in actual time so that they can sense like they’re without a doubt placing out with you. As you can see from these Instagram statistics, it’s extraordinarily popular.

    19. Carousels Get More Authentic Interactions than Both Images and Videos on Instagram.

    This potential that you need to begin wondering about how you can optimize this section of your Instagram advertising and marketing marketing campaign as properly as your photographs and videos.

    20. The Ideal Caption Has Less than 10 Words and Includes 20 Emojis.

    While you may be tempted to go loopy with your caption and your emojis, there is usually a candy spot with these matters, and if you aren’t following the rules, you may want to give up on ruining matters for yourself. Thank goodness there are stats like this to factor you in the proper direction.

    21. 23 Emojis on Video Posts Increase the Average Engagement Rate using 4.95%.

    You would possibly be any individual who is ailing of seeing emojis in all places you seem to be now, not simply on Instagram but on different important social media networks as well. However, it would possibly make your experience a bit higher to be aware that emojis can truly expand your engagement rate, so you would possibly desire to make pals with them after all.

    22. 24 Emojis Are Suggested for Carousels if You Want Best Performance.

    If you prefer to optimize your carousels for quality performance, you’ve obtained to get the stability proper with your emojis. We don’t recommend that you go loopy with them; however, we don’t advocate that you overlook them completely.

    23. 20 Emojis Are Suggested if You’re Going to Post an Image for Best Performance.

    Instagram statistics
    Emojis Are Suggested

    However, this may appear like a lot, however, have faith in us when we say that this will set your content material aside from the relaxation and make sure that it does well.

    24. More People Comment on Videos Posted by using Brands than Images.

    If you are a company and you haven’t explored the video content material facet of matters – you’ve simply caught with pictures – then we enormously advise that you stretch yourself a little bit and see what you can come up with. As you can see from these Instagram statistics, you’ll possibly thank yourself for going outdoor of your remedy zone.

    25. 45.7% of Instagram  Posts Make the Most of A Question in Their Caption; however, This Doesn’t Link-up With an Increase in Engagement.

    Of course, if you have been online these days and you have examined an article about Instagram engagement, it has possibly advised you to encompass a call-to-action or a query in your caption. There is nothing incorrect with this, and we nonetheless suggest it; however, this stat indicates that doing so doesn’t always correlate with greater engagement.

    26. The Average Instagram  User Interacts with The App in The Afternoon, Specifically Between 1:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M.

    If you are a brand, you would prefer to assume about placing your posts for ad between these times so that you can seize your target audience when most of them are online.

    27. The Most Popular Video Content on Instagram  Is ‘how To’ Tutorials.

    Instagram is developing as a panorama that is going past simply entertainment. It’s getting informative as properly and sharing ‘how to’ tutorials with its audience, as extra and extra humans flip to social media to examine how to do something or test that they’re doing something correctly.

    28. Posts that Include Their Geo-Location Get Nearly 80% More Engagement than Posts that Don’t.

    You would possibly no longer be any person who is going to leap at the thought of being capable of sharing your precise location; however, if you favor extra engagement on your Instagram page, you want to chunk the bullet. This is particularly applicable if you are a neighborhood business.

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