Perfect Instagram Post Size & Dimension for 2022 (FREE Templates)

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    When planning for your 2022 Instagram strategy, you need to determine the best image size you can use for your Instagram content. The more appealing an image or video you upload, the greater your chances of gaining followers for your businessĀ on Instagram.

    But, if you do not know the optimal Instagram image size, it is difficult to create images that grab the interest of your followers. This article will discuss the perfect Instagram post size & dimension. This will help you create your Instagram marketing plan for 2022.

    Why is Instagram Post size so important?

    1. It improves visual storytelling

    The size of the photos should be in perfect proportion to convey your tale in the most effective possible way without losing any information. If you don’t choose the correct size of images, the Instagram post might not show correctly on your profile, which could lead to users not understanding the message.

    2. To prevent cropping

    This is the main reason to pay attention to the Instagram post’s size. When uploading an image, you may have noticed that it is severely cropped, and, in certain instances, it can cause a lot of harm to the story you are telling and the message you intend to communicate.

    3. Make sure that your text is in good order

    If you include text in an Instagram post, you’ll like all of it to be seen by the right people on your account. If you’re not using the correct image size for your Instagram post, it could be missing a few words as the image is cut. In other words, you may need to squeeze the image to reduce it to a size that it can fit without losing any words or letters.

    4. To keep logos and other elements of the design intact

    Like text, you can include your logo or additional elements in your Instagram post. When creating your post, you will need to make sure that the size of the logo doesn’t take over the image. Therefore, having an idea of the proper Instagram post size can assist you in creating the perfect image and placing your logo and other brand elements in the right order.

    Instagram Feed Posts Size

    There was a time when Instagram size for videos and photos was restricted to a simple square. However, today (almost), everything is possible.

    The dimensions of Instagram posts currently range from 16:9 up to 4:5!

    Horizontal Posts (16:9)

    Although Instagram recommends a ratio of posts of 1.91:1 however, you can reach 16:9.

    In all cases, we suggest that you set the horizontal height of your photo to at least 1080 pixels. This way, when Instagram compresses your file, however, the quality will remain fairly high.

    Instagram Post Size
    Instagram post image size Horizontal

    Square Posts (1:1)

    While Instagram allows vertical and horizontal photos, square-format posts remain an increasingly popular option on Instagram since the Instagram grid for profiles crops content in a 1:1 ratio.

    Instagram Post Size
    Square Posts

    We suggest making your square photos 1080px x 1080px in the size. So the moment Instagram compresses your file, the image, will be high-quality.

    Vertical Posts (4:5)

    Generally speaking, vertical photos must feature an aspect ratio that is 4:5, any longer (like 4:6 or 4:7) then Instagram will cut your photos.

    Vertical posts take up more space as users scroll through their feeds and are more efficient than horizontal ones. However, it’s still best to think about what they’ll look like after being cropped into your profile’s Instagram grid.

    For size, we suggest using 1080px by 1350px. This way that when Instagram compresses your photo the image, it will be displayed in 480px x 600px.

    How to choose a portrait or horizontal photo on Instagram?

    To add a picture to your profile, click the plus sign on the upper right corner of the homepage (main feed) or under the profile tab.

    Choose a picture or video in your smartphone or tablet’s photo library. Make sure to stay at this screen.

    To use it as an image or a landscape instead of a rectangular:

    • Click the crop icon on the left to change from a square to a portrait or landscape.
    • You can squeeze the screen to change the exact shape.
    • Modify the cropping by moving the photo with your fingers. *
    • Tap Next to edit or filter.
    • Tap Next to add your caption and then post.

    Be aware you should note that any black bar that you see on the sides of portrait photos when you edit it won’t be visible after the photo is posted. This is to make the photo into the editing space. It’s going to post larger to the full length that feeds.

    Instagram post size for Video

    Videos receive a lot more interaction on Instagram as compared to still images. And just like photos, you can post them in three different orientations: square, vertical, and horizontal. Here are the best dimensions and aspect ratios of Instagram video post size for designing videos for your marketing strategy:

    Square videos: They must feature an aspect ratio of 1:1 with dimensions of 1080 *1080 pixels.

    Horizontal videos should feature an aspect ratio in the range of 1.9:1 or 16:9 and dimensions of 1080 pixels by 607 pixels.

    Vertical videos: They must feature an aspect ratio in the range of 4:1 as well as dimensions that are 1080 pixels by 1350 pixels.

    According to research conducted by Buffer, square-shaped videos are more likely to be more popular than vertical or horizontal videos. Square videos have around 30-35 percent more views, and their engagement goes up by 80 to 100 percent.

    Instagram carousel post size

    Instagram Post Size

    Carousel Instagram posts can be horizontal, square, or vertical in size and may include videos and photos.

    After you’ve picked your first picture or video, the images or videos you pick can be edited to match the same aspect ratio.

    If the photo you choose is square, the rest of your content will be cut to a 1:1 size, i.e., square.

    Instagram Reels size guide

    Instagram Post Size

    Reels are by far the most crucial type of marketing post in 2022. IG is known for pushing them out on the feed.

    Instagram Reels can be viewed on full-screen with a 9:16 aspect ratio of 1080 x 2024 pixels. It’s the same as IG Stories.

    Reels are displayed in feeds on the news at the aspect ratio of 4:5, that is, 1080 1350 pixels. It’s the same as the vertical or portrait image post.

    This basically means that about 15 percent of the bottom and top of your videos will get cut off of the feed.

     Reels thumbnail size

    On Your IG account, Reels are cropped to the size of a square or 1:1 aspect ratio thumbnail. Like un-square post images, you’ll control the size of this cropping. It will be at the central point of your post.

    You may also opt to upload your own optimized thumbnail image, similar to what you do to upload YouTube’s thumbnails.

    Be aware that in the Reels gallery, the thumbnail will show the entire image at 9:16 (reduced by 1/3).

    Instagram Reels specifications

    • 60-second maximum length (previously 15 and 30 seconds max length)
    • Video Export Settings
    • H.264 video file
    • Bitrate targets around 2-3 Mbps
    • Audio Export Settings
    • AAC codec
    • Sample Rate of 44100 Hz
    • Channels set to Mono
    • The bitrate is 160 kbps.

    Instagram Post Size Guide: Instagram Stories

    You can post pretty much everything on Instagram Stories, provided its minimum dimension that is 1.91:1 with a maximum size of 9:16.

    Because the majority of viewers prefer their stories to fill the entire screen (no borders), We suggest using the aspect ratio of 9:16, with a size of 1080px by 1920px.

    Instagram Post Size

    IGTV Cover Picture Size

    Although IGTV is designed to be used to stream videos, you have to upload pictures for the cover photos for the videos. There are particular sizes for the images you upload for IGTV cover images, which differ from the guidelines for Stories and posts.

    IGTV covers images ought to have a resolution of 420 x 654px, and the aspect ratio should be 1:1.55. You can also choose to upload either a brand photo or a still taken from your IGTV video to use for your cover image.

    Instagram Profile Picture Size

    In 2022, the best Instagram profile photo size will be 180*180 pixels. However, Instagram profile pictures must be the size of 110* 112 pixels.

    This is an aspect ratio that is 1:1.

    It’s crucial to pick the Instagram profile picture 180 x 180 pixels to make sure your photo looks nice on desktops and not just on your phone.

    Tip for a perfect Instagram post.

    1. Begin with the idea

    We provide you with thousands of templates that have been professionally created, which means you’re never left with the beginning with a blank page. Browse through the categories of task, platform aesthetic, mood, or color, and you’ll get fresh ideas available. If you come across a photo, to begin with, simply click or tap to open the image within the editor.

    2. Mix it up to create your own

    There are many methods to alter your photo template for Instagram. You can alter the text and font. Submit the images with your own images of products or images. You can also browse through thousands of free images within Creative Cloud Express. Spend as small or as long as you’d like to customize the image to be your own. With the premium plan, you can apply your logo along with colors and fonts and ensure that you’re always in the know.

    Instagram Post Size
    Source- Adobe

    3. Increase the style.

    It’s easy to add character and flair to your work by using our exclusive design assets. For example, use animated graphics from GIPHY or add the text animation to short-form graphic video clips in just one click. We’ve eliminated all of the technical details so that you can concentrate on your message and design. It is also possible to include collaborators in your account so that you’ll have more hands to play with to bring those Instagram content to the next level.

    4. Resize your content 

    The days of having to keep track of the dimensions of images for every platform. When you’ve found an image you like, you can easily adapt it to any social media platform by using Creative Cloud Express’s helpful tool for resizing. You simply copy the project and then click resize. Select the platform you wish to modify it for, and we’ll do the rest.

    5. share the Instagram design

    When you’re done with your design and happy with it, click that publish button. You can post your design directly to your Instagram feed or distribute your designs digitally through the email you send or via link sharing. Print your designs at home using a professional printer. These prints can create posters or flyers. You can also print cards. Creative Cloud Express saves your designs, so you are able to always go back to your designs in case you want to change their designs.

    Your list of Free Instagram Infographics 

    Final Thoughts

    Instagram automatically crop photos and then fits them into the correct dimensions for every kind of content. But, it is important to be aware of the dimensions of your images to avoid this and make sure that your photos will fit perfectly without cropping.

    Images that are cropped often appear with black borders that ruin the appeal of the image. To prevent this, you must upload your photos in the proper dimensions to match your post or story’s dimensions precisely.

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