Instagram Money Calculator – How to find Instagram earnings in 2022

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    Instagram Money Calculator will help determine your post’s average earnings on an Instagram account. This will assist in preparing the proposal to launch the Instagram Marketing Campaign. The tools not only assist in estimating your earnings, but they’ll let you know the most important metrics.

    Important metrics to you are the number of followers you have, the estimated reach, posts’ impressions, engagement rates, total posts, etc. If you’re a company, you could also utilize these tools to recruit the best creatives by looking at these statistics. All you need is the Instagram ID, and all these tools do for you.

    In this post, we’ve compiled an assortment of the top Instagram money calculators available online. So let’s get started without even wasting a second.

    7 best Instagram Money Calculator

    1. Influencermarketinghub

    Instagram Money Calculator
    Instagram money calculator free

    Just on the official website for Influencer marketing, just click on the icon known as the Instagram calculator to calculate your Instagram account’s value! It’s a trusted site that will provide users with influencer marketing services, including email marketing, social media, YouTube influencer marketing, or online shopping.

    Key Features

    • Utilizes a variety of factors to calculate earnings potentials, such as Instagram fake follower checker Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator, Instagram Follower Growth Tracker, and more.
    • It differentiates between micro-influencer engagement and celebrity engagement by calculating the exact ROI.
    • It has useful articles about attracting attention through affiliate marketing by hand, sponsored advertisements, etc.


    • free Tools for influencer’s marketing
    • accurate
    • Utilization of different aspects


    • Very slow

    Price: Free

    2. Phalanx

    Instagram Money Calculator

    With Phalanx, You don’t receive any information. When you go to Phalanx, they refer to it as an “engagement rate” calculator. This means that they will provide me with engagement metrics and my followers count. In addition, they provide the average number of comments and likes I receive on each of my posts. If you’re just looking for an instant snapshot of my engagement level (only just a little below the average for my followers), Here’s an easy-to-use Instagram Influencer Calculator.

    You’ve probably noticed that Phalanx isn’t trying to inform you of the amount you should pay me.

    3. inBeat

    inBeat is an influential search tool, including the Instagram cost estimator. The UI is easy to navigate, and they’re unique in giving you more information about every influencer, including their reach growth and the effectiveness of the latest posts. They are also the only ones offering cost estimates for Stories and Reels in addition to Posts. Here’s a screenshot I took for comparison for your reference:

    The price difference between Posts or Stories and Reels is helpful, and the easy-to-understand user interface is a big thumbs-up too. I like that they have a price range, but I found it somewhat on the small end. However, it is one of the best options on this list.

    4. Inzpire. me IG money calculator provides third-party analytics and Campaign Management. It allows you to analyze the Instagram accounts of the most relevant individuals by selecting their place of residence and gender, age, and much more. To utilize their calculator, it is required to have an account as a Business or Creator subscription.

    Key Features

    • It estimates Instagram post views, Instagram post reach, Instagram followers, engagement of the influencer, and the estimated cost of sponsored posts.
    • Utilizes the relation between the number of impressions and reach, engagement rates, and follower size to determine the most accurate data.
    • The inclusion of Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Studies on the main interface allows for analyzing things more thoroughly.


    • Separate services for brands & agencies
    • Simple user interface


    •      Expensive    

    Price: $229 per month (Business)

    5. IgFace Instagram money calculator

    Instagram Money Calculator
    ig face Instagram money calculator

    Let’s discuss Igface, the most well-known Money calculator on Instagram tool utilized by numerous brands, influencers, and the top influencers. You can reach them individually as an agency, influencer, and advertiser to avail of their services. Alongside influencer marketing, Igface also provides various types of inventory for social media packages.

    Key Features

    • Utilizes stats like the number of likes, comments, and followers to calculate the potential earnings of your Instagram account’s potential revenue.
    • Enter the username of the Instagram account’s creator to find the exact information about the estimated earnings.
    • It also calculates the engagement percentage on an individual Insta account for the creative content and other variables.


    • Simple user interface
    • Also, have social media design services
    • Different marketing tools for influencers


    • Some sloppy information on its site

    Price: Free

    6. Influencer Bay

    Instagram Money Calculator
    Influencer Bay

    As with at the very least another Instagram Influencer Calculator, this one is geared toward influencers. It’s included in a blog article written in the year 2017. Here’s what it says:

    This is an entirely different set of stats that aren’t as common. For instance, this is the first time I’ve ever seen an online calculator list the number of people I follow. It also tells me how frequently I update my Instagram. This is why my recommended fee ranges from $82 to $141 for each post. This is the lowest I have seen so far.

    7. HypeAuditor

    It is also possible to check HypeAuditor to be one of the top influencer marketing agencies on the internet. The best thing about this tool is the in-depth analysis it provides. It’s not going to let you down, even if you want the most sophisticated features for veteran influencers.

    Key Features:

    It can help calculate the estimated earnings for an Instagram account of an influencer. Instagram account.

    It computes its value based on several variables, such as the country of the influencer, the number of followers, the whole audience’s size, and engagement rate.

    The book also includes useful frequently asked questions about your Instagram income.


    In this post, we’ve discussed the top Instagram Money Calculator that you can use to estimate your income from Instagram or to estimate your expenses if you are a business. This list has been compiled by experimenting with various calculators on the internet. If you find that it is difficult to use or discover a new one that is the best for you, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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