A Cheat Sheet of Best Practices for Effective Instagram Marketing in 2022

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    Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks, which is being used by millions of users. It is a part of Facebook Inc. and was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Many businesses are tapping into the Instagram opportunity, but they’re not sure how to use the platform to increase their brand awareness. There’s a lot of potential on this platform, but you need to know the best practices.

     This post looks at the best practices for Instagram marketing to convert followers into customers. For example, it’s better to run a campaign with a single image than with a slideshow, as a person is more likely to stop and look at a single image than a slideshow.

    4 Benefits of using Instagram marketing in your Business

    Brand Strengthening

    Instagram marketing is a great way to increase branding recognition. 83 % of users say that the social media helps them find new services or products. In addition, they have more confidence in the brands featured on Instagram.

    74 74%of people consider companies with Instagram accounts as relevant, while 78% consider them well-known. In contrast, companies which do not have an account are more likely to be ignored by potential buyers.

    Improved engagement

    Social media are among the most effective ways to keep relations with your customers. They let you get feedback from your customers via comments or likes, engage your audience with interesting material, let them know about special promotions, and so on.

    In the end, Instagram works for customer engagement more than other social media platforms. In general, a post posted to Instagram receives 23 percent more attention than posts on Facebook, even though the latter platform is twice as active users.

    Enlarged sales  

    increasing sales
    Enlarged sales  

    We are aware that Instagram users make purchases regularly. The buying population is huge and is huge – 11 % of the social media users in the US purchase on Instagram.

    Being aware of this particularity, Instagram marketing lets businesses make the most out of their platform. Instagram provides a wide array of tools to allow users to purchase items right through Instagram. In addition, there are links on Instagram Stories tags for shopping, ads, and others. Take a look at the complete listing of Instagram’s website.

    Audience growth opportunities  

    Instagram can increase the reach of your business by permitting you to decide your desired group precisely. This is possible through the Instagram ads manager because of its targeting choices. Through these options, you can determine the most appropriate people based on demographics, interests, behavior, and much more.

    And even better, Instagram ads manager provides the possibility of retargeting with various options. Targeting and retargeting combined lets you generate more qualified Instagram leads and push potential leads from other channels further down the sales funnel efficiently.

    Build Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

    1. Set your goals for Instagram.

    Before you post on Instagram, be sure to ask you (or members of your group) one question: Why are you using Instagram marketing ? Although the platform is popular, no matter how popular it is, the answer shouldn’t be ” … because everyone else is.” To succeed on Instagram in the long run, you need to have a clear goal and purpose so that you can justify your energy, time, and financial investment.

    There’s no one right answer in this case. Maybe you’d like to make use of the Instagram feed of your Instagram feed to promote and sell your product to potential customers.

    2. Determine your Instagram target audience.

    follow specific audience
    Determine your Instagram target audience.

    Choose the target audience you wish to reach before starting the marketing process on Instagram. If you already have other strategies for marketing that you are using, use them to ensure your efforts remain constant. Make sure you take into account things like age, location as well as gender, income motives, interests, and areas of pain.

    Check out popular events and hashtags that relate to your business. Find out who is following these hashtags. You can also visit their profiles. You could also glance at your competition’s followers. Instagram allows you to identify your target group of followers.

    3. Conduct a competitive analysis.

    After you’ve identified your Instagram target audience, you can conduct a competitor analysis to find out the posts other marketers within your field post.

    If you are familiar with your top competitors, you can begin by looking over Instagram profiles. If not, lookup phrases related to your business and industry to locate similar accounts.

    Perform a quick check of your related accounts to determine which posts have the most engagement, what most popular hashtags they are using and what their captions are and how often they update, and how fast they’re expanding. This can be used as a guideline when you build your profile.

    4. Configure an editorial calendar.

    schedule time
    Configure an editorial calendar.

    Making an editorial calendar will assist you in saving time as well as controlling your Instagram presence. Make sure to fill it in with certain kinds of Instagram posts and organize the captions you use, hashtags, and posting times well in advance.

    An editorial calendar is ideal for recording important events you want to share in the Instagram account, like new launches of products or special offers. By keeping your edit calendar, you’ll be able to monitor for new opportunities in real-time instead of having to search for the last-minute post.

    5. Build a consistent brand on Instagram.

    Disjointed or random content confuses your followers and could result in losing followers. Ensure your account with a consistent aesthetic for your brand in your Instagram profile to avoid this.

    Find out what it looks like by considering your brand’s character. What are the core values of your brand? How do your employees and customers define your brand? Are you affluent, fun, or gritty?

    After establishing your brand’s image, modify your content to reflect that personality. This could even be applied to the colors that you use in your images.

    The brand aesthetic doesn’t only apply to images. Make sure to share images with your brand’s narrative in your head as well. Incorporating compelling stories into your captions will help your brand become more relatable.

    6. Expand your Instagram following base.

    Building your following requires a lot of effort and time. It’s tempting to try the easy route to buy followers … avoid this! The purchase of followers will not actually increase engagement, but that’s what you want to ensure that your posts are getting noticed. (Also, Instagram’s recent API updates will remove these followers!)

    Here’s what you should be focusing on when you are adhering to the correct way.

    Be sure that your username is easily recognizable and searchable.

    After your profile has been optimized, you can begin posting. It’s best to fill your feed with 10-15 high-quality articles in order to begin engaging with users.

    Start with accounts you are interested in and related to your business.

    When you follow an account, you can interact with their posts. This is the best way to get attention for your personal Instagram account without being overly invasive. t.

    Invite others to spread your posts. Brand ambassadors are invited to share your content or work together with accounts similar to yours.

    What videos and images are the most effective for Instagram?

    person taking picture of temple
    What videos and images are the most effective for Instagram?

    If you’re looking to achieve the best results on Instagram, it is essential to be aware of the types of posts that work best. Every audience is different. However, there’s plenty of information gathered that could provide some guidance on how to get started.

    When it comes to the kinds of content that users would like to read, they’re quite willing to share their thoughts. They’re thrilled to see promotions such as inspirational quotes, product images, tutorial or DIY content, and images posted by the other members (i.e., user-generated content). However, they’re looking for diversities and will become frustrated or bored if you only use one kind of content over a long period.

    Videos can share more details with viewers, which is why they are useful; however, high-quality images generally get 36 percent more engagement, on average. If you’re planning on using videos on Instagram, be sure to limit it to a short duration and even use IGTV. Instagram users are mostly mobile and will not be for more than 10 to 15 seconds for some time.

    Changing the various camera effects is also important as you don’t want to cause users headaches with Boomerang in the entire post.

    The aesthetics of videos and images are indeed more significant. Instagram is, in essence, an image-centric platform.

    How do you make the most Instagram hashtags

    Instagram hashtags

    The following guidelines will help you increase your reach and success:

    Add your brand’s hashtag to your profile.

    Highlight any fun hashtags at the beginning of your list of hashtags, in the order they’re most likely to be read.

    Make use of a lot of hashtags. The maximum is 30 hashtags per post. However, many research studies have shown that anywhere between 8-11 hashtags per post could be the perfect amount, particularly if you mix the kinds of hashtags.

    Change your hashtags. Make sure you don’t utilize the same hashtags for every post. Instead, develop hashtag groups that you can use to create various content. Not only will this boost the visibility of your account to different types of users, but it will also prevent your Instagram account from being flagged spam by Instagram.

    Spend time exploring every hashtag. This can help you identify new hashtags to focus on and ensure that you don’t mistake using the prohibited hashtag or diving into the topic without understanding what it’s about.

    Five ways to make use of Instagram Stories for your business

    • Share content created by your audience  
    •  Get content from your customers
    • Record your business events and share it
    • Be authentic
    • Go live


    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. However, it is more than just a social media platform; it is a community, a network, and a way of life for many of its users.

    As a business, it is an excellent way to connect with your potential customers in a very personal way. Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves promoting a brand on Instagram. With a large amount of user engagement, it is a great place to build and grow a business. If you’re not using Instagram in your marketing campaign, then definitely consider it in your next campaign.

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