Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022

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    Instagram Live works as part of Instagram Stories, with more than 500 million active users.

    Instagram Stories are featured on the front page of your feed which means they’re more likely to draw people’s attention than standard content.

    When you utilize Instagram Live, you’re moved to the first position on the stories over the feed.

    In this article, I’ll guide you step-by-step through everything you’ll need to know to make the most successful Instagram Live stream. Learn about the features of Instagram Live and its settings and how to prepare and promote your live stream.

    What is Instagram Live?

    If you’re already familiar with using Instagram, you’ve likely noticed that some accounts you follow “go live,” or perhaps you’ve tried it yourself. Instagram Live can be described as a function of Instagram that lets you live-stream your followers to you, which can then engage with you in real-time.

    Your followers can opt to be informed whenever you launch live streaming. In other cases, a circle of purple is displayed around your profile photo on Instagram to let people know the live stream is on the go, and viewers can tune in via Instagram. Additionally, you can pin the theme of your live broadcast, so people are aware of what they’re watching. The pin topic will appear on the bottom of the live screen.

    When viewers comment and post on your live stream, you can respond to their posts and create an active audience.

    Also, you can save a record of your live stream to your normal Instagram story so that people who couldn’t watch live can view it later when they want.

    How do I share live videos?

    Live streaming on Instagram is easy -you just swipe right on the feed and open your camera. Then, choose “Live” and tap the “Start Live Video” button to share:

    Live video streams on Instagram can run for up to one hour, and your followers could receive an alert when you broadcast so that they can watch and chat with you during your live broadcast.

    When you’re live on the web, you can put a comment on the board for all to see or completely turn off comments. Pinned comments can be an ideal method to frame your video and inform viewers of the status of your video. A pinned comment is also an excellent way to stimulate participation and feedback from your viewers.

    Update: You can now begin a live video along with another person. This is ideal for interviews and collaborations. To invite someone else to your live stream, click on the icon that has two smiling faces and then tap the name of the person you want to invite. (You can invite only those who are watching your video live.) Click “Request” and then “Send Request ” to join another’s live video.” Enjoy!

    How do you go live on Instagram

    To live-stream via Instagram with the Instagram mobile app, which is the official Instagram mobile application, follow the steps below:

    • Start the Instagram application on your smartphone.
    • Next, click on the camera button in the upper right corner of your screen.
    Instagram Live
    Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022 7
    • Swipe left to reach the “Live” page.
    • Click the button in the center of the screen. Then go live!
    Instagram Live
    Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022 8
    • That’s all! You are free to share whatever you’d like on social media with followers.

    How to Hide Comments On Instagram Live

    From Q&As and chats with your friends, Instagram Live feeds are an excellent way to post comments and engage live with followers. However, certain users may wish to block commenting on Instagram Live to stop viewers from posting unintentional or offensive comments in the Live video.

    It’s quite simple. Let’s look at the methods to make comments invisible on Instagram Live.

    After you’ve begun your live video, follow these instructions to switch off comments:

    You can navigate to the tiny Comment box located in the lower-left corner of your screen. Tap the three dots within the box.

    Instagram Live
    Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022 9

    Tap Turn off Commenting

    Instagram Live
    Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022 10

    This can be done anytime during the Live broadcast. Once completed, viewers are no longer permitted to post comments during the broadcast.

    How to Host a Great Instagram Live

    Once you’ve figured out how to live and how to go live, let’s look at what constitutes an excellent strategy.

    Below are the top six suggestions for hosting the most effective Instagram Lives that drive real returns for your company:

    1. Promote Your Instagram Live in Advance

    Regular and strategic promotion of the scheduled Instagram Live can make all the difference in the quest to secure those crucial views!

    It is now possible to plan your Instagram Live up to 90 days prior to the event. This is great for creating excitement and making the appearance of an “event” out of your scheduled broadcast.

     When you schedule a Life, You can post messages and countdowns direct to your Instagram Stories as well as feed.

    Inform your viewers about what they can expect during the live broadcast and encourage them to post any concerns they may have via the comment section. This will help your viewers feel more connected and more likely to watch.

    2. Go Live When Your Audience is Most Active

    Making your live stream live when your followers are the most active is among the most effective methods to improve Instagram Lives more successfully.

    How can you tell the time your followers will be active on Instagram ahead of time? The best method to do this is to study historical data trends to determine the times when your followers are the most engaged on Instagram.

    Have a look at the data on your Instagram Insights. For example, under the tab Audience, you’ll see an analysis of when your followers are the most active on the internet, divided according to the day of the week and the time of day.

    If you’re seeking more details, you can utilize Later Analytics’ power to pinpoint your target audience’s behavior.

    3. Consider Your Lighting and Location

    Instagram Live
    Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022 11

    The location and lighting of Your Instagram Live can have a significant influence on how professional your broadcast appears.

    Take a look at how the backdrop you use for your Instagram Live will help your brand’s message. For instance, a minimalist white background with plants could give a completely different look to a wall that has scrapbook-style pictures.

    If your company’s image is playful and fun, think about how you can reflect that through the use of colors. For instance, a vibrant color can immediately change the mood that you use for Instagram Live and give it a feel more in line with your brand.

    Regarding lighting, natural light is the most cost-effective (and typically the best) choice.

    4. Have a Clear Content Plan

    Like any video-related content, it’s essential that you understand what you’re planning to discuss during the Instagram Live broadcast. A clear outline can help you avoid awkward pauses and be sure that you’re hitting all the essential points on your business plan.

    One of the most effective methods to plan for your stream live is to imagine it with an opening, middle, middle, and an end, or, more specifically, the introduction and focal point and the conclusion. You can also consider noting the most crucial messages to convey during the live stream.

    5. Introduce Branded Elements

    One of the major benefits of being live with Instagram is that you’re offering an unrestricted and direct platform for your customers to connect with your brand.

    But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some branding elements to give your live broadcast a feel more consistent with your brand’s values.

    This can be as simple as creating cue cards using your brand’s color palette and holding a brand-named coffee mug or picking an appropriate backdrop to match your personal style.

    6. Keep Your Business Goals in  mind

    There are many reasons to live stream, and determining what is most important can aid in keeping your broadcast efficient, focused, and trackable!

    It could involve creating hype about the release of a new product, spreading the news about the latest company announcement, getting real-time feedback from customers, increasing sales for the existing product line, or positioning your company as an expert in specific areas.

    With clear objectives, you can regularly take a step back and ensure that your Instagram Live content plan is completely in line with them.

    3 Benefits of Instagram Live

    1. Visibility

    Did you know that about 70 % of Instagram posts never be seen? That’s a lot of effort that’s not being used, especially because you’re investing funds to implement your strategies. Stories can help with this by putting your content on top of your feeds for followers; however, Instagram Live takes it a step further. When you post live on Instagram, your stream will show on the same page as a story, but Instagram Live has a few particular advantages.

    Instagram Live stream streams can be located on top of the storyline, giving the possibility of receiving views. Instagram Live streams can also be highlighted to increase interest and draw people and viewers. Additionally, Instagram Live is pushing notifications enabled. Every follower who has the feature enabled will be notified when you launch streaming live. This dramatically increases the awareness of your stream and increases your chances of impact.

    2. Engagement

    Instagram Stories typically generate higher engagement levels than Instagram posts since they can result in conversations. People DM instead of simply “like,” which opens a new avenue of communication. Instagram Live opens even more potential for conversation. It allows you to ask viewers questions, provide an inside look into your company, or allow viewers to direct the actions through the live stream… You can think of it. The most important thing is that it’s an interaction that is two-way. You are able to respond to your audience since it’s happening in real-time.

    3. Answer questions in real-time that boost confidence

    Instagram Live
    Instagram Live: A FREE Tool to Grow your Business in 2022 12

    Going Live is also an excellent opportunity to answer questions live in real-time. Viewers can ask questions, and you can respond right at the moment.

    This eliminates the additional steps of needing to DM or send an email to get answers to questions. It also makes you appear more personable and shows you really are interested in your target audience.

    Being open with your potential and current customers will improve their overall experience with your company. It will also make it more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your brand to your friend.

    Ideas for live video

    • Get behind the scenes
    • Answer questions
    • Tell an interesting story
    • Provide tips/insights
    • Reveal products

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