How To Use Instagram Insights to Double your Business in 2022

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    If you’re looking to increase the reach of your Instagram account, looking over your Instagram insights is a good way to begin.

    The analytics on Instagram will help you reach your ideal audience. enhance your strategy for content, and connect with new viewers.

    However, learning the various Instagram measurement and terminology and how to make use of this data to help growth is not a simple task.

    In the Complete Guide to Instagram insights, we’ll go over the meaning of each metric and how you can utilize this information to develop an effective strategy for your content.

    What Is Instagram Insights?

    Instagram Insights is an in-built analytics tool that offers data on followers’ demographics, actions, and content. This data allows you to evaluate the content, compare campaigns, and determine the performance of individual posts.

    To access Instagram Insights, You’ll need an Instagram company account. If you switch an account that you use for personal use to a business account, you’ll be able to view Insights for all content posted after the change. However, if you change your business account to a personal one, you’ll lose your data from Insights.

    Why use Instagram Insights?

    Instagram Insights lets you gain access to crucial data on engagement from your company profile. It’s not enough to be aware of the numbers in raw form, for instance, the number of likes you receive for one post. It is crucial to know your followers, too.

    This is where Insights is in. It reveals how people do things, their preferred methods and how they identify. Of course, it’s possible to make business decisions based on your gut feelings, but you’re more likely to be successful when you can validate your beliefs with solid, concrete data.

    Analytics and data can let you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across various platforms to determine if you have something you’re required to change — for instance, to target a different market, post at a particular time of day, or test the new format of your content.

    Social media is no different from other marketing elements in that it can be analyzed and improved on. This is why you’ll be able to devise a more effective Instagram plan by using Instagram Insights.

    To use Instagram Insights, you must first create a profile for your business. The best part? If you’re with a personal profile, you can change to a business account right on your phone. Here’s how you can switch your account with only a few steps.

    How to get Instagram insights

    Instagram insights are only available through the app; therefore, you’ll have to download the Instagram application to access the data. If you want to create your business profile and gain access to your Instagram insights, you should consider these steps:

    Steps to set up a business account

    S1. Start your Instagram application and set the profile of your Instagram profile to “Public.”

    2. Go to your Instagram profile and navigate to ‘Settings.’

    3. Scroll to the bottom and hit “Switch To Business Account.”

    4. There will be a screen with instructions for connecting your Facebook Page.’ To have an Instagram corporate account, customers need to have an existing Facebook page. Your Facebook page doesn’t require any content, and it is not required to be brand-named; it just needs to be there. If you don’t have an account on Facebook for your company during that fourth phase, it is possible to start one.

    5. Review all the information and once you’ve confirmed it, tap ‘Done.

    Steps to access Instagram insights

    Instagram Insights
    access insights

    When you change the profile of your Instagram profile to a Business Profile, you have switched it to ‘Business Profile,’ you will be able quickly to access Instagram insights. Learn how to access information on your business’s profile

    1. Start the Instagram app and tap on your profile photo in the bottom-right corner. This will take you to your account.

    2. Tap the menu with three bars on the right-hand side of your screen.

    3. On the top of the list, see the word “Insights” and click on the graph icons to access it.

    4: There are three tabs: ‘Activity,’ content, and Audience’; when you tap on them, you’ll be able to switch between them and see the statistics for the content and activity of your Instagram profile.

    How to See Insights for a Reel

    • Go to your profile.
    • Go to the reel you’d like the information on.
    • On the bottom of the reel, there is an advertisement. Tap View Insights.
    • You will now see the number of plays or likes, comments, or shares your reel got.

    How to See Instagram stories insights

    Your story may be visible in your account:

    • Go to your profile.
    • Click on the profile photo.
    • Scroll up on the story.
    Instagram Insights
    how to view story insights on Instagram

    You’ll instantly gain insights like responses, exits, link clicks forwards, etc.

    Instagram Insights
    stories insights

    If your story is already expired, or if more than 24hrs have passed,

    • Go to your profile.
    • Click on the “Insights” action button located at the uppermost point of the grid.
    • Under the content, You’ve Shared tab, Tap the row with Stories you’ve shared in the past.
    • Tap on the particular story you’d like details for.
    Instagram Insights
    Insta analytics

    Instagram audience insights

    The Audience tab lets you better comprehend your target audience and how they’ve grown over the last week compared to the week before.

    It’s also important to know that the graph will display the exact percentages or numbers when you tap on a graphic.

    Instagram Insights
    Source- Oberlo

    You can look through Instagram Insights about your followers’ geographical location (by country or city) and gender, their age (together and by gender), and the time when your audience is the more active on Instagram.

    Instagram Insights
    Source- Oberlo

    The idea is to use this information to create more relatable and timely content.

    As an example, the photo shown above shows that a substantial portion of my Instagram followers is from Spain. 

    Perhaps the most valuable portion available on this tab Audience tab lies in the final section, the Followers section.

    This section will allow you to make sure that you post content on Instagram when your followers are most active. This is especially useful when you are scheduling content.

    How to Use Instagram Insights

    Instagram Insights is an amazing tool; however, it can be difficult to figure out what you should do when you get access. Here are a few of the best ways to use Insights to grow the size of your Instagram profile.

    1. Measure reach.

    Go to the Accounts Reached section. As we said, reach is the number of users who have seen the Instagram posts.

    In this category, you’ll find information on:

    Instagram Insights
    Source : Hubspot
    • The Top posts (or posts) with the most traffic.
    • The Top Stories The Instagram Stories stories that gained the most followers.
    • TOP IGTV videos These are the IGTV videos that gained the most views.
    • Impressions How many times were your posts read.
    • Activities in the Profile Profile visit websites, tap on the profile and do other activities.

    Certain of these insights could be expanded to provide more insight.

    2. Check out the number of visits to your profile and followers.

    Instagram Insights
    Source : Hubspot

    On the Accounts Viewed page, which is located under Account Activity, You’ll be able to look up the number of visits to your profile.

    Profile Visits show the number of times your profile was viewed.

    Find out how many of your page visitors have become followers by dividing the number of people following you by the number of people who visit your site. Keep track of the number over time to see how much the “conversion rate” is increasing or declining.

    3. Check website clicks.

    Website taps can also be located under Accounts Contacted and Profile Activity. This data shows the number of times that any hyperlinks that you’ve put in your profile for your business were clicked.

    5. Track content interactions.

    Instagram Insights
    Source : Hubspot

    Go back to Insights Overview and tap Accounts Engaged. It will display an overview of how your content performs in terms of engagement breaking down the metrics according to the type of content.

    Likes speak for themselves in revealing the number of people who liked your blog post. Like likes, comments reflect the number of comments posted on your blog. Saves show the number of accounts or users that saved the post. If one of these numbers is not enough, you need to review your Instagram strategy. Instagram strategy.

    6. Check your followers.

    Go back to Insights Overview and click Total Followers. Then, you’ll be on the follower Breakdown page.

    This page shows how many followers you’ve added or lost in the last week and the typical times of day that your followers use Instagram information that is extremely useful when you’re planning your content.

    Instagram insights tools

    1. Creator Studio

    Instagram Insights
    free Instagram insights

    It is a different Native Instagram tool for business analysis. Instead of being integrated inside the mobile Instagram application, Creator Studio works on your personal computer.

    Creator Studio gives you access to the same parameters as Instagram Insights but only for seven days.

    One of the cool analytics features in Creator Studio is the Calendar view, where you are able to clearly see the time you last posted on Instagram.

    If you’re part of Brand Collabs Manager, You can also keep track of your brand’s collaboration metrics within Creator Studio. In addition, we’ve written a complete blog post about how to utilize Creator Studio, which walks you through every method you can make use of it using the account you have created with your Instagram Business or Creator account.

    2. Iconosquare

    Instagram Insights

    Iconosquare can be described as an Instagram analytics tool designed for brands and agencies that manage multiple accounts. Its features include growth tracking and competitive hashtags, not like that of Sprout.

    In addition to its comprehensive analytics platform, Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram audit of business profiles. This tool makes sure that your account will be “complete” and sticks to the platform’s best practices. The audit examines your most recent 30 posts and the general settings of your account.

    Given the competition Instagram is becoming, It’s never a bad idea to have a “second opinion” on your profile.

    3. Keyhole

    Instagram Insights

    Keyhole specializes in Instagram hashtag analysis and tracking keywords and the other Instagram metrics.

    It’s a good tool to determine how hashtags branded perform and track promotions and user-generated content and contests on Instagram in real-time. It’s also a great tool to monitor Instagram metrics when you collaborate with influential people.

    4. Phalanx

    In contrast to some of the more detailed Instagram reviews on the list below, Phalanx is pretty straightforward.

    Phalanx’s engagement calculator evaluates the engagement rate of each Instagram account. While it is advertised as a tool for influencers, any account for business or personal use can be connected.

    Engagement rate is determined by dividing the number of comments and likes a blog post receives in relation to an account’s followers number. There’s no set number to determine an influencer’s brand’s involvement rate, but the range of 3% to 3 percent is considered good to average.

    5. SocialFox

    In the case of running an effective Instagram advertising campaign, SocialFox provides the tools you need to help you achieve the results you desire. SocialFox offers three pricing levels that allow you to choose which one is most suitable for your company.

    For instance, you could make use of SocialFox to track over 25 individual metrics. You can modify everything in your method, including discovering the most popular posts during the specified time frame or each person’s preferred filter for photos.


    As you can see, there are a variety of advantages to the use of Instagram insights. Suppose you want to improve your participation, grow your number of followers, or find the top trending hashtags to increase likes. In that case, Instagram analytics tools can assist you in achieving your goals. Through monitoring your progress and learning from data, you can determine what’s working, which ones aren’t, and what you can do to fill in the gaps.

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