Instagram Influencers: How to find influencers in 2022

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    If you’ve ever thought about using Instagram influencer marketing to promote your company, now is the perfect time to get started!

    The addition of Instagram influencer marketing to the overall plan for Instagram can raise awareness of your brand and increase your following base and increase sales! Let’s look at ways to create an Instagram influencers program that will be beneficial to you.

    Why Choose Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

    The big question now is: what is the reason behind Instagram? Why isn’t it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any different social networks? Aren’t they all equally effective in influencing marketing? While these other platforms may be beneficial for campaigns involving influencers, none of them are comparable to Instagram.

    Instagram Influencers
    Source- Shopify

    With 1.3B million active users per month, Instagram is an excellent way for marketers to connect with their ideal viewers. While the user base isn’t as huge as Facebook’s, it’s more active and more effective for brands to have their message noticed and heard. We examined the profiles of 1,000,000+ influential users on the top Influencer marketing Platforms and discovered that Instagram has the highest engagement percentage compared with other platforms on social media.

    Another interesting statistic can be found that about 65% of most popular Instagram posts are sponsored by-products. This tells us a lot about how the Instagram audience reacts to sponsored posts. It appears that the audience doesn’t be averse to engaging with posts where the other Instagram users (read influencers) promote products. This is especially true in the niches that are most popular on Instagram. For instance, fashion is responsible for 25 percent of interactions with brands on Instagram. Fashion Nova alone spent $40 million on Instagram influencers in 2019.

    Perhaps this is the reason why influencers themselves appear to love the platform. In our Report on the State of Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report, 2021 discovered the majority of channel usage is on Instagram. However, just 43% use it on Facebook, while only 36% go to YouTube.

    Marketers refer to five categories of Instagram influencers: nano, micro-macro, midi, and mega. This is how they are broken into follower counts.

    Type of Influencers

    Instagram Influencers
    Source- Shopify

    Nano (1-10K)

    They are creators of content and bloggers and people of all ages with between 1000 to 10,000 fans on Instagram. They may promote products on their feeds and Stories; however, being an influencer is typically not a full-time occupation for them. Nano-influencers typically have a great deal of trust among their followers, resulting in high levels of engagement.

    At the beginning of 2018, nano-influencers have displayed greater connections to their followers when compared to larger accounts with engagement rates as high as 5 percent, which is higher than the average of 2.2 percent of all influencers.

    Micro (10-100K)

    Micro-influencers have between 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Some sources claim that micro-influencers have as few as 1,000 followers. However, there’s no formal number.

    However, micro-influencers comprise 47% of the Instagram creators, as per HypeAuditor. Influencers can be more expensive; however, they have the same sense of personal interaction as micro-influencers. This makes them an excellent choice for advertising your company and boosting sales.

    Mid (100-500K)

    Mid-tier influencers generally have between 100,000 to 500k fans on Instagram. They are the second-largest category of influencers (26 percent). With this size of followers, they don’t have the personal touch that nano-influencers possess. However, they have a greater audience and higher engagement rates than mega-influencers and Marco-influencers.

    Macro (500K-1M)

    The macro-influencers are much more popular than the three first levels. They have over one million followers and fall somewhere between Mega-influencers (celebrities) and the middle tier.

    They are the ones who have become popular on the internet regardless of whether they were creating content for vlogging or making entertaining videos. However, if you’re trying to appeal to broader areas, such as “young males,” a macro-influencer is the best route to consider.

    Mega (1M+)

    Mega-influencers are top-tier accounts in the world of social media marketing. They usually have more than one million followers and are more well-known than they are powerful. However, their following is diverse and has diverse interests, and connections are less enduring.

    Mega-influencers such as Lele Pons and Kylie Jenner provide massive reach for brands. They have more experience working with brands for outreach initiatives, but they cost more than other levels.

    How much do Instagram influencers cost?

    Instagram Influencers
    Instagram Influencers: How to find influencers in 2022 8

    Fox Business reported that an influential person on Instagram earns anything from $30,000 to $100,000 a year from promoting products. However, the prices for Instagram influencers can vary.

    It’s among the most important issues in the business, and all it boils down to is whom you’d like to work with and the scope of the undertaking.

    In the early days that influencer marketing was its beginning, social media stars would sign up for brand collaborations to receive free products.

    However, for most people these days, those days are gone. While a few micro-influencers are still willing to trade free items to promote their profiles, today’s most prominent Instagram influencers are charging huge amounts of money to make content for brands since their Instagram accounts have become their primary source of revenue.

    In reality, certain influencers have reported charging as high as $5,000-$10,000 each time they post a sponsored article.

    If you’re looking to collaborate with influencers in the $100kor more, you could need to pay quite an amount for your posts. In actuality, we spoke with many influential influencers. We found that a price of $1000 was the typical price per Instagram post, whereas prices for other options (such as takeovers and Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV videos, blog posts, and so on) differ.

    On the contrary side, micro-influencers usually charge more than $300 per post on Instagram Nano-influencers are lesser.

    While cash is the most popular payment type, in-kind campaigns are still a valuable exchange.

     There’s no universal solution to the amount Instagram influencer marketing costs, and there’s a range of variables to consider that go beyond the Instagram influencer’s followership.

    How to find Instagram influencers

    1. Check Most Popular Posts for Specific Hashtags

    One of the most straightforward and quickest ways to locate influential people on Instagram is to utilize the potential of hashtags. Hashtags are a way to group stories and posts, so you can quickly find ideas and interesting content.

    For some ideas of what hashtags to search for, think about your business and your niche and look for popular hashtags. For instance, you could look up websites that have the most popular hashtags, like

    When you search for hashtags you are interested in, you’ll first view top posts. In most cases here, you will find companies of influencers.

    When you look through these posts, you can see Instagram influencers or the Instagram accounts that publish images. This content is regularly updated. Therefore, be sure to keep your eyes on this section.

    Explore an influencer’s profile to see which other brands have collaborated with them, the engagement rates, and determine whether they’re a good image for your company. Contact them privately or join social media and clearly describe what you want to achieve. your idea

    2. Look at Your Brand’s Followers

    Instagram Influencers
    Caption Length

    It is certain that those who follow your brand are interested in it. Sometimes they were enthused by something regarding the company.

    This is a sign that you have done something positive, and you must profit from this opportunity. Take a look at the list of followers who follow you, and look for Instagram influencers. Explore each influencer’s profile to look at the type of shared content, the frequency they post, their engagement rates, and the way they communicate (the spoken language) with their followers via comments. Are they offensive? Is it secure?

    Another crucial aspect is the number of people they follow. Instagram influencers are classified based on how many followers they have, as we discussed in the previous paragraph.

    Make a list of all the information you have gathered and begin to reach them.

    3. Check Their Caption Length

    When selecting which influencers you want to partner with on your campaign, make sure to discover influencers who naturally tend to post more information within their captions.

    According to users’ studies, The average length of captions has nearly doubled since 2016. How does the length of captions relate to the success of your paid posts?

    So, Fohr discovered shorter the captions, the greater the rate of engagement in general!

    Instagram Influencers
    Brand’s Followers

    3. Monitor Brand Mentions to Find Top Fans

    It is possible to use specific instruments (free or paid) that you can utilize to locate the most popular people and their followers who mention your brand’s name on Instagram. The best part with the tools available is you are able to also locate posts that are not tagged with your brand name and words, as these are very difficult to find.

    The Top Fan mentions section is a wonderful aspect of this tool. Here you will find an alphabetical list of people classified by the number of their followers as well as mentions.

    It’s a great beginning point to start direct communications with those who spoke about the brand, as well as excellent connections. Additionally, they’ve taken the first move by mentioning your name, hashtags, keywords, or hashtags you’re interested in. The majority of the work is completed.

    4. Search Instagram Influencers on the Explore Page

    Instagram Influencers
    Explore Page

    Another simple and cost-free method to locate Instagram influencers is to search at the Explore page in the app.

    The Explore page, as the name suggests, helps everyone discover similar accounts that you can work with as well as influencers or brand new companies and brands too.

    Based on the number of likes and pages viewed, Instagram uses an algorithm to display content on Explore that you might be interested in. Every person will see the same page depending on the device they are using.

    If you browse this page and notice accounts that seem like an ideal fit for your brand, but the information of their account to your list of potential Instagram social media advertising initiatives or sales initiatives.

    5. Check the List of Top 1000 Instagram Influencers

    For every country, sites collate and present the top Instagram Influencers across the nation and a variety of other lists of influencers that are based on different areas and subjects.

    Take, for instance, StarNgage– an influencer marketing platform that allows companies to study, modify the measurement, analyze, and provide various tools. There are filters that can be applied to a variety of countries. You can also discover the most popular Instagram accounts that cover subjects like design, cooking, art, pets and animals, education, game health, and many more.

    Biggest Instagram influencers

    According to the data of Brandwatch, the following ten accounts are the most popular Instagram influencers. Instagram by 2021.

    Cristiano Ronaldo, 307 million followers

    Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock” has 249 million followers

    Ariana Grande, 247 million followers

    Kylie Jenner, 244 million followers

    Selena Gomez, 240 million followers

    Kim Kardashian, 232 million followers

    Lionel Messi, 224 million followers

    Beyonce, with the 189 million-plus followers

    Justin Bieber, 180 million followers

    Kendall Jenner, 172 million followers

    Most popular Instagram influencers

    1. Whinderssonnunes, 52.7M followers

    2. Hudabeauty 46.8M followers

    3. Lele Pons, 44M followers

    4. Nusr_et 35.6M followers

    4. Dan Bilzerian, 32.4M followers

    6. Amanda Cerny, 24.8M followers

    7. Zach King, 24.3M followers

    8. Chiara Ferragni, 23.9M followers

    9. pewdiepie, 21.7M followers

    10. Cameron Dallas, 21.6M followers

    Beauty Instagram influencers

    Instagram Influencers
    Huda Kattan

    1. Huda Kattan, Followers: 48.5M

    2. Nikkie de Jager, Followers: 14.5M

    3. Zoe Sugg, Followers: 9.2M

    4. Manny Gutierrez, Followers: 4M

    5. Shayla Mitchell, Followers: 2.7M

    6. Thuy Le, Followers: 1.9M

    7. Nabela Noor, Followers: 1.7M

    8. Nyane Lebajoa, Followers: 1.6M

    9. Marianna Hewitt, Followers: 1M

    10. Kiitan Akinniranye, Followers: 818k

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