Instagram Hashtags Guide : How to Generate More Business Reach in 2022

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    Instagram hashtags are one of the best methods to draw more attention (and participation!) for your Instagram posts by 2022.

    How do you locate the most effective hashtags for your profile? Which hashtags are most popular at the moment? How can you use hashtags to promote your brand? You can find discover the answer in this Instagram hashtag guide.

    What are Instagram hashtags?

    The term hashtag refers to a mixture of numbers, letters, or emojis preceded by # (e.g., #NoFilter). They can be used to classify the content, making it more searchable.

    Hashtags can be clicked. Anyone who clicks the Instagram hashtag or performs an Instagram hashtag search will land on an entire page of posts tagged using the hashtag.

    Why use Instagram hashtags?

    Hashtags are an effective method to increase your Instagram followers and gain more impact. If you post with hashtags, your post will be displayed on the Instagram page with the hashtag. Likewise, if you have hashtags on your Story, you can add them to the relevant hashtag Story displayed at the top of the hashtag’s page.

    Users can also opt to follow hashtags. This means that they will see your hashtagged posts in their feed, even if they don’t follow your account .

    Instagram hashtags are very effective way of creating an online community, which will keep people inspired to interact with your company.

    How Do Hashtags Work on Instagram?

    Instagram hashtags are an important way of labeling and categorizing your content. They can then aid in helping Instagram deliver your content to the most relevant users.

    In their simplest form, the hashtags you choose to use are the basis for the results of your searches on Instagram’s Explore page:

    However, it doesn’t stop there. Hashtags also serve to help guide Instagram’s algorithm. For example, an Instagram algorithm allows it to sort your content by category and recommend showing it to users it believes is likely to be of interest.

    Instagram Hashtag
    #instagood (1.150B)
    1. #love (1.835B)
    2. #instagood (1.150B)
    3. #fashion (812.7M)
    4. #photooftheday (797.3M)
    5. #beautiful (661.0M)
    6. #art (649.9M)
    7. #photography (583.1M)
    8. #happy (578.8M)
    9. #picoftheday (570.8M)
    10. #cute (569.1M)
    11. #follow (560.9M)
    12. #tbt (536.4M)
    13. #followme (528.5M)
    14. #nature525.7M
    15. #like4like515.6M
    16. #travel497.3M
    17. #instagram482.6M
    18. #style472.3M
    19. #repost471.4M
    20. #summer454.2M
    21. #instadaily444.0M
    22. #selfie422.6M
    23. #me420.3M
    24. #friends396.7M
    25. #fitness395.8M
    26. #girl393.8M
    27. #food391.9M
    28. #fun385.6M
    29. #beauty382.8M
    30. #instalike374.6M
    31. #smile364.5M
    32. #family357.7M
    33. #photo334.6M
    34. #life334.5M
    35. #likeforlike328.2M
    36. #music316.1M
    37. #ootd308.2M
    38. #follow4follow290.6M
    39. #makeup285.3M
    40. #amazing277.5M
    41. #igers276.5M
    42. #nofilter268.9M
    43. #dog264.0M
    44. #model254.7M
    45. #sunset249.8M
    46. #beach246.8M
    47. #instamood238.1M
    48. #foodporn229.4M
    49. #motivation229.1M
    50. #followforfollow227.9M

    How Many Hashtags Should You Use on Instagram?

    As we’ve already mentioned, Instagram recently suggested that creators utilize between 3-5 hashtags in their posts, while allowing up to 30 hashtags per post.

    This is contrary to what we’ve learned about the function of hashtags on Instagram; however, based on the new emphasis on SEO and keywords, it seems to (kind of) seem to make sense.

    For instance, Instagram is now introducing additional “suggested” content feeds – such as those on the Instagram Reels tab. However, to deliver recommended content that is indeed considered a “good match,” Instagram must effectively identify it. The idea behind it? A smaller number of hashtags is more accurate self-categorization.

    There are five major kinds of hashtags to be considered:

    Instagram Hashtag
    1. The hashtags are based on location, such as #BryantPark or #LowerEastSide.
    2. Branded hashtags are used for occasions or campaigns, such as #Later or #LaterCon.
    3. Industry hashtags that define your areas of expertise, such as #SocialMediaManagers or #WeddingPlanners.
    4. Social media-driven hashtags that connect your community hashtags, such as #VanLifeLiving or #IAmASweat
    5. Descriptive hashtags that define the contents of your blog post, such as #WoodwickCandles, or #SheaButterProducts

    How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your Content Strategy

    Here are three different strategies that you can employ:

    1: Use a Hashtag Suggestion Tools

    Later’s hashtag Suggestion Tool is a quick and easy method to locate hashtags based on what you write in your blog post and other hashtags similar to those in your field.

    To make use of it, simply input a hashtag into its search box and then hit “Suggest,” and it’ll immediately create new hashtags. ordered according to their relevance:

    2: Conduct Research on the Instagram Explore Page

    Its Instagram Explore section is an excellent source of ideas to develop your Instagram hashtag plan.

    To get the most effective results, you should search for keywords that relate to your business or your content and look over results that are ranked “Top” results.

    The posts appear to be doing well in this Instagram algorithm. Therefore, be sure to take note of the hashtags and consider whether they might be useful with your content.

    3: Check Hashtag Volume Using Instagram’s Tag Search Tool

    In finding the best hashtags, posting volume is a crucial measurement.

    If a hashtag has been used in thousands of other posts, the odds are that your message will be lost in the crowd.

    However, If a hashtag has a handful of posts, it’s probably because nobody is looking in Instagram’s Instagram Explore pages. To get a good middle ground, try to find hashtags between 10K and 200K posts.

    To determine a hashtag’s post volume, visit Instagram’s tag search feature on the Explore Page.

    How to Build an Effective Hashtag Strategy With Analytics

    Establishing a solid foundation. Once you’ve discovered the hashtags you’d like to utilize, it’s crucial to begin testing them and exploring your data.

    Monitoring the effectiveness of your social media hashtags can be the most effective method to measure the effectiveness of your experiment and allows you to refine your approach over time.

    Through the Later’s Hashtag Analytics tools, you can get key information regarding your hashtags, including analyzing which hashtags are driving the most comments, likes, comments, saves, and views in Instagram posts. Instagram posts.

    It compares the hashtags you’re using to the performance of your posts over time, providing you with a snapshot of what’s working and what’s not working for your account.

    Hashtags can be a great method to connect with new people and expand your social media following, but it takes time and energy to get positive results.

    If you use 10 or 30 hashtags, a consistent strategy is among the top efficient ways to grow your business on Instagram.

    Instagram hashtag search: What is the best way do you find the most effective hashtags on Instagram for your brand.

    Here are some ideas to develop Instagram hashtags that boost engagement and reach.

    Take a look at the competitors.

    It’s not necessary to emulate the strategy of your competitors in a way, but taking a look at the hashtags they’re using can provide you with some clues on what’s working in your field.

    You might discover some new hashtags that you can include in your collection. Or, you may decide you do not want to compete for the same audience, and in that case, you can look up alternative hashtags.

    See what hashtags your audience is already using.

    In the end, if your target audience already uses the hashtag you’re using that you have chosen, then people similar to them are likely also using it. Finding these active Instagram communities is an excellent method to increase your reach and reach out to those most likely to be interested in your company.

    Keep in mind your top followers and observe the hashtags they are using. The search function on Instagram will give you more information on what hashtags people follow are interested in. If you perform an Instagram hashtag search, the tool will let you know who you follow is a hashtag follower. (Note that this feature is only available on mobile devices, not desktops.)

    On every hashtag page, over”Top” tabs and below “Top” and “Recent” tabs, there’s an array of hashtags that are related to each other that you can browse by sliding left.

    This is a fantastic way to find relevant hashtags that are a little less common than the large keywords you were searching for. This can mean a more specific group of people with less content to compete. These are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram for companies looking to reach out to passionate people about their communities.

    Create a branded hashtag

    The most effective hashtag for your company could be one that you develop by yourself. A branded hashtag is the tag you make to promote your branding or campaign.

    Then, you can inform your followers of your hashtag by using this on your Instagram bio and then highlighting it in your captions and Instagram Stories. It is also possible to run a contest with the hashtag’s name to make the hashtag more popular and collect users’ content.

    Instagram Hashtag
    Source: Lululemon

    Be sure to follow your hashtag that you have created in both the Instagram app and via streaming on the social media account dashboard so that you can see the way it’s utilized.

    For a hashtag to be followed on Instagram, just tap the hashtag, and then click the blue Follow button on the page for the hashtag.

    How to search multiple hashtags on Instagram

    Instagram Hashtag
    Source: Hootsuite

    The most effective method of searching many hashtags within Instagram is to create search streams within the social listening tools such as Hootsuite to keep track of the hashtags you’re interested in so that you can view all relevant content at a glance without the need to perform each hashtag as an individual Instagram hashtag search.

    Instagram business profiles can perform up to 30 distinct hashtag searches within seven days.

    Here are more details on setting up search streams so you can track many Instagram hashtags in one dashboard.

    Should You Use Hashtags in the Instagram Caption or Comment Section?

    Instagram Hashtag
    Should You Use Hashtags in the Instagram Caption or Comment Section?

    Instagram has proven that hashtags work in your post’s caption and the comments section. It’s completely up to you to decide what you’d like to share the hashtags.

    It’s worth taking into consideration the timeliness, however. For example, when you manually post hashtags to the comment section, it’s best to start doing this when the post is published.


    Instagram hashtags are a necessity for your campaign on marketing via social media.

    The feature, which grew to become popular on Twitter, has been added to almost every major social media site.

    Instagram is currently home to more than 1 billion active users each month. Implementing the right hashtag strategy for your business is the most effective way to connect with them.

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