Instagram Handle: Guide To Choose a Perfect & Unique Handle in 2022

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    Instagram is one of the highest popular social networks around the globe. However, it has over a billion users, so  It is difficult for users to easily find and keep in touch with one another. This is why the Instagram handle comes in.

    An Instagram handle represents the name users use to identify their profile’s address. It’s a direct link to an account. It’s personal and unique. It could be your name or any other username that can identify you. It’s dependent on your imagination. You can pick any handle that is with up thirty characters. If the handle you choose is already in use, you need to create a new or similar handle.

    What is an Instagram Handle?

    Instagram Handle
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    You’re probably familiar with the phrase “username.” An Instagram handle is the same or, at the very least, it follows the same concept. However, it’s exclusive to you, its account, and perhaps even your persona.

    The Instagram handle is akin to a phone number. It’s a unique URL for the Instagram profile. You’re the only person who has that particular handle. So if someone would like to see your profile and then follow you, it is only necessary to provide them with your handle.

    What is Your Handle Used For?

    If someone wants to check out your profile, make an email to follow you, or message you or message, they can click the magnifying glass to search your handle and quickly find your account.

    Instagram Handle for Businesses

    If you’re a business owner, you need to ensure that your Instagram handles are as closely related to your company as possible. Making business transactions through Instagram is simple and profitable because it allows you to connect with a large audience using hashtags.

    For instance, if you have an auto dealership, the Instagram handle you use will likely be your dealership’s name. If your username is in use, consider changing it without changing its meaning, like including a car dealership or auto dealership in the middle of the name. After you’ve created a name that best is a good representation of your business in the best way, you’ll need to choose the correct hashtags to get your message across to the right public.

    You can include underscores or numbers, but bear how users enter their information. Many special characters could make it difficult for prospective users to locate your account.

    How to Change an Instagram Handle

    Before you choose an Instagram handle for the first time, it’s crucial to know the things that will and won’t change when you switch.

    In addition, your username is an essential part of your account’s URL. If someone saves or bookmarks an account using your old username, they’ll be directed to a webpage that says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” This is the same applies to every tagged post, comment, or “like” from your old username.

    Additionally, it’s important to update this information if you include your Instagram handle in an email signature blog post, website, or business card. This could be a pain.

    If you’re beginning to get nervous about changing your handle, be assured that Instagram provides you with 14 days to change it. In addition, there are good reasons to change your handle, for example, changing your brand.

    These are steps you can take to switch your handles:

    Instagram Handle
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    • Go to your profile, then select “Edit Profile.”
    Instagram Handle
    Source- Alphr
    • Enter your user name.
    • Remove your old handle and enter the new handle.
    • Tap “Done.”

    Once you have completed the steps above, Instagram will automatically update your profile with the new username.

    What Happens If You Change Your Handle?

    Modifying your Instagram handle doesn’t mean you have to remove all your followers and photos from the account. It’s more of a change to the name associated with your profile. But, there are a few points you should know:

    • @Mentions The @Mentions you have made for your old username won’t work anymore, So you might have to ask influencers to change their posts.
    • URL Your username is part of the Instagram URL. If you’re connecting to your Instagram account from another site on the internet, it’s necessary to change the URL to reflect your updated username.
    • Followers could be confused about the new username first. Therefore, it’s ideal to let them know you’re changing your username before the change.
    • Social media icons If you’ve some social media icons on your website or email accounts, You’ll have to alter the URL they link to.
    • Consistency When you’re trying to keep the same brand image and come across several accounts on social media, You’ll have to change some of the other accounts’ handles.

    How do you find your Instagram handle on an iPhone

    Instagram Handle
    Instagram Handle: Guide To Choose a Perfect & Unique Handle in 2022 5

    Step 1. Start Instagram’s app on your smartphone.

    Step 2. Click on the icon for your profile in the lower right corner of your screen.

    Step 3. You’ll find the Instagram username in the upper right corner of the display. Instagram username.

    Step 4. Now be aware that generally, all URLs contain the website address. In the case of Instagram, your profile URL will be the Instagram website address; slash your username ( For example, if your username is bestathome, your Instagram URL will be


    It is important to note that the Instagram handle is unique and distinctive. You can use your imagination to create your own account. If you’re a company owner, your handle must be memorable and represent your company’s image. Additionally, understanding the terms of Instagram can give you a lot of ease of use. In the age of digital, where the world is constantly altering the way we live, Instagram is now a major marketing powerhouse!

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