Top 5 Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator for 2022

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    Top 5 Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator for 2022

    If you’re an enterprise owner, you recognize that Instagram is an amazing platform for promoting your products.

    Instagram has extra than 1 billion month-to-month lively users; 500+ million tests the platform each day. In addition, 90% of Instagrammers comply with a commercial enterprise on the platform. So it can be truly effortless to get misplaced in the noise with such a massive person base.

    Since the workability to make money, join with your audience, and construct a respectable manufacturer on Instagram is high, grasping how to use it is essential. While there are several methods to market yourself or your enterprise on Instagram, it’s not possible to do so barring the first perception of your Instagram engagement rate.

    What is Engagement Rate

    Engagement charge indicates how many customers engage with your content material on the platform. This consists of the numbers of likes, shares, comments, saves, and more.

    This metric is vital because it displays how fascinating and applicable your content material is. An excessive engagement price skill your content material is on-point and resonates with your goal audiences.

    Why is the Instagram engagement rate essential for brands?

    Instagram engagement prices are extensive because they measure an audience’s interest, company relevance, and social authority.

    Engagement Rate Calculator
    Top 5 Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator for 2022 6

    Audience Interest

    Your engagement fee will be higher if your content material appeals to your goal audience. If you take the time to overview your satisfactory performing content, i.e., posts with the most likes, shares, saves, and comments, you’ll experience what your customers desire to see. It’s essential to notice excessive impressions might also point out that your content material has been considered a lot; however, engagement is normally described as concrete interactions with your posts.


    If you have an excessive engagement rate, your target audience probably sees you as an applicable information supply. They may also choose your content material over opponents because your content material units you apart. However, if you have an excessive engagement fee now, will it continue to be identical in three months? Is it greater than it was once a final year? If you aren’t monitoring your engagement price and use it as a benchmark for relevance, your rating can decline.

    Social Authority

    While you’ve likely already recognized your goal Instagram audience, it’s by no means terrible to add new followers and followers to the list. These new customers will take note of your engagement — your followers, likes, comments, etc. — to figure out whether or not or no longer comply with you. They’re likely to go on to your opponents if they note your brand’s engagement, a.k.a. social authority, is now not strong.

    Calculating Instagram engagement charge for brands

    Engagement Rate = Likes + Comments / Impressions x 100

    But you don’t need to calculate these manually there many Instagram engagement rate calculators available in the market, you can use them.

    Top 5 Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

    1. Grin
    2. inBeat
    3. trendHERO
    4. HypeAuditor free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator
    5. Path Social free Instagram engagement rate calculator

    Increase Instagram engagement rate using these tricks

    1. Know your audience

    It’s challenging to make terrific content material if you don’t recognize who you’re making it for.

    The demographics of your goal target audience will assist outline the kind of content material you post, your manufacturer’s voice, and even what days and instances to publish.

    For example, offbeat indie apparel label Fashion Brand Company ambitions human beings with a daring experience of humor — each product choice and the tone of its posts mirror that.

    2. Be consistent

    Engagement Rate Calculator

    One of the largest challenges is maintaining human beings enticed to hold coming again to interact with your content. A true way to construct a loyal following on Instagram and hold human beings entertained is to submit regularly. This will tell your followers that you are dedicated and loyal to your company and added to them. There’s nothing extra pleasing to anyone who is invested in their content and passionate about what they do. And there may be nothing much less inspiring than an account that solely bothers to submit something new every two months.

    But even extra importantly, by using posting consistently, your followers will get into the addiction of enticing with your content material on an ordinary basis. This will assist you in constructing a loyal relationship with them that will sooner or later enhance their engagement with you.

    If posting on Instagram persistently is a precedence for you (which it must be), using a social media calendar is a fantastic way to read this as it will permit you to layout and timetable ahead. Read Influencer Media Hub’s article on creating your own social media calendar if you are not sure how to do it.

    3. Use hashtags

    Engagement Rate Calculator

    Instagram used to be constructed on hashtags. It is the platform’s essential technique for sorting and filtering content. Unlike Twitter, where most humans use simply one or two hashtags in a tweet, Instagrammers may also use up to 30 hashtags per post. But the use of too many inappropriate hashtags ought to make the gadget suppose you are spamming followers, which ought to vicinity you a chance of receiving an Instagram shadowban.

    Hashtags that lead to a subject matter web page can be used in your bio, Instagram Stories, or be location-based to create greater visibility, or can be used to create person-generated content material campaigns. Hashtags on Instagram are commonly greater descriptive than on Twitter. Content hashtags such as region hashtags are especially beneficial to expand engagement.

    These hashtags are no longer always trending or extraordinarily famous however are often used and consequently enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of your posts as customers would use them to search certain topics.

    Make positive you appoint the proper hashtag analytics to music whether or not you are the usage of the nice hashtags to enhance your engagement rate.

    4. Stick with one filter

    Because Instagram is, in particular, visually driven, its most famous characteristic is the filter choices that provide your photographs and movies an awesome appearance and identification if used consistently. According to a WebDam report, 60% of the best-performing creators on Instagram use the identical filter every time they post.

    So attempt out a few filters and then stick to one that offers your content material an awesome seem and sense so that your followers can recognize and relate to it. Graphic graph organization Canva did a find out about that confirmed Clarendon is the most used Instagram filter in the US and worldwide. Another research exhibits that brightness is the key to appealing to viewers and is great for higher engagement.

    If you do not like the filters Instagram offers, many third-party photo editing apps require several levels of technical know-how.

    5. Post Instagram Stories regularly

    As we all know, Instagram Stories are solely the ultimate 24 hours (although you can keep them to your profile for those who neglected it); however, if you use them like a pro, you can get tons of extra mileage out of your Stories. Every time you add a new Story, your profile photograph receives a purple circle around it, indicating to your followers that there is new content. You sparkle your target audience by posting every day with a regular reminder of your new content. Your followers will examine to come lower back commonly to test if you have posted a new Story, and this way, you will amplify engagement.

    You can additionally categorize and share testimonies once more the usage of the Stories Highlights function throughout the pinnacle of your profile page. This is an extremely good way to show off tales you’ve finished in the previous that all observe a theme. In addition, categorizing them by subject matter makes it less difficult for customers to locate content material that they’re fascinated with.

    Remember to use hashtags in your Stories, simply as you would in normal Instagram posts. With Stories, you can use broader and greater famous hashtags as long as they are applicable to the content material you’re posting.

    6. Be authentic

    On social media, it’s higher to be trustworthy and relatable than flawlessly polished. Share content material that goes past your slick advertising marketing campaign to introduce the actual human beings and experiences at the back of your brand.

    That may suggest sharing behind-the-scenes photos in an Instagram story, writing a caption that displays a cheeky experience of humor, or taking possession of any mistakes.

    This meme shared by using A Practical Wedding garnered lots of shares and feedback from a target audience who observed the less-than-perfect funny story about the wedding ceremony lifestyle as extremely relatable.

    7. Share quality images

    Engagement Rate Calculator
    Share quality images

    Instagram, in case you didn’t notice, is a visible medium. And whilst you don’t want to be an Annie Leibovitz to thrive on the platform, developing photos that stand out from the information feed is important.

    Even if you’re now not a terrific photographer or picture designer, there are a million pieces of equipment for supporting you to supply your pic with a little oomph.

    8. Mention others

    If you characterize any man or woman, or manufacturer in your post, point them out. Even higher if it is in an Instagram Story, the place they can share your put up in their personal story. This no longer solely helps extend your engagement; however, it expands your attain because it permits human beings who observe the man or woman or company you’ve tagged to see your content material.

    9. Post at the Right Time

    Engagement Rate Calculator
    Share content at the Right Time

    Posting at the proper time is fundamental for your Instagram page, as this decides the stage of top engagement. The fine instances for posting will depend on the social media platform.

    In the case of Instagram, a few days and hours are viewed the nice for posting.

    However, being there 24/7 to submit on Instagram can shortly emerge as overwhelming, specifically when different enterprise money is owed to take care of. Or, when some Instagram customers are in a distinctive time zone, you can’t remain up all night to put up at the applicable hour.

    Not to worry, though, as you can share content material at the proper time, barring the want of maintaining an eye on the clock and your Instagram web page non-stop.

    10. Understand Your Target Audience

    Your target market is one of the most necessary elements that will decide your business’s engagement on Instagram. The content material you create desires to be optimized for your audience, as there will be exclusive factors to consider when developing your posts.

    One of the first approaches to get around is using growing a purchaser persona. Knowing the profile of your perfect client can supply you with robust thinking of what content material you ought to tailor.

    You will want to consider the demographics of your target market too. This will assist you with posting hours, the kind of content, and even your brand’s tone.

    Customer conduct will additionally be a correct issue to reflect on consideration on – factors such as their timetable or pastimes will additionally provide you proper thinking of the quality time to publish on Instagram.

    Instagram engagement rate average

    The average engagement rate on Instagram is 4.7%. The average brand engagement rate on Instagram is 1.9%. Public figures have the largest engagement rate with 5.7%. Micro-Influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have the highest engagement rate with 8%.

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