Instagram DM: An easy way to find customers & Grow in 2022

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    Instagram DM (Direct Message) are powerful and cost-free, making them an essential tool when you are looking to make more sales using the application.

    When you’ve caught an individual’s attention through your reel and made an emotional connection through the story, The next stage (that eventually will lead to the sale) will be revealed within the DMs.

    Here’s how you can make more sales on Instagram DMs.

    What are Instagram Direct Messages (DMs)?

    DM is a one-on-one messaging feature available on Instagram DM is a one-on-one messaging feature on the Instagram platform. It lets users have two-way communication with each other, including official and business accounts.

    Instagram DMs are fantastic for online companies because they bridge the gap between the customers and brands. As a result, brands can effectively communicate with their customers, while customers can easily communicate their concerns fluidly.

    Features of Instagram DM

    In addition to sharing photos, videos, GIFs, voice notes as well as emojis, and video calls, Instagram offers more than

    Forward, unsend, and save

    Press to hold down the text that you wish to delete. This is when the option will appear.

    Then there’s one forward option. This is an excellent option to forward your message the exact same way to several individuals. You can forward your message or receive a message that was sent to you by another.

    Instagram DM offers the option to save a message as quick responses. Save allows you to save responses that are standard as templates to use repeatedly. Select a saved response when responding to others and save the time of typing similar responses.

    Chat group

    Instagram lets you form groups that can connect with several people at once. For example, it could be a collection of customers, friends, clients, or service providers. You can include anyone you’d like, as long as the person is willing to accept the invitation.

    Embed post

    Stories and posts are popular ways to post posts and stories on Instagram. While messaging can be useful; however, you can’t substitute posts by using it. However, Instagram lets you do something superior. It allows you to embed content or posts within the body of a message. In this way, you’ll send your content directly to their inbox. This gives the possibility of opting for a more specific promotion of your brand.

    Share Location

    Instagram DM
    Share Location

    As you think it can’t get superior to this, here’s another amazing feature that we want that you should be aware of, i.e., sharing the location using DM. This is a fantastic option for companies that operate not physically located stores. It is easy to post your store’s location via DM for customers to stop by your shop.

    How Do Instagram Direct Messages Help Your Business?

    Instagram DMs are an effective way to boost sales. It is essentially like other platforms for messaging, in which you can interact with your followers. However, there are five ways you can use Instagram DMs more effectively to maximize their use.

    1. Interact with customers

    Instagram DM
    Interact with customers

    Customers typically require a fast response when in contact with the brand. In addition, they might be interested in your service and want to find out more details.

    This is your opportunity to engage with your customers. With Instagram dm online, you are able to communicate with customers and respond to their messages promptly. Communication with customers is among the most effective methods to build trust with them.

    Furthermore, you can offer your personal opinions on a product using Instagram DMs. Did you realize that 49 percent of consumers purchase items they aren’t planning to buy on the basis of recommendations from brands?

    When you make personal communications as brand names, your voice is influential. Customers will be more intrigued by your suggestions because you’re the person who’s in charge. You’re the best source of information for them.

    2. Connect it to Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories are packed with fun moments that you can enjoy multiple times. The feature is more complex than Instagram Feeds and allows you to explore, like stickers, stickers and votes, polls, shop tags, and polls.

    Shop tags let you tag your items with your products on Instagram Stories direct. This feature allows users to go to the product’s page by tapping the stories. This feature is beneficial for your company because it allows users to look up your product and not leave the story midway.

    Your DMs are essential in the creation of stories. The reason is that the feature for messages appears right in the middle of each story, which allows viewers to reach the author right away.

    3. Customer support

    The communication gap between customers and brands is becoming less. Thanks to platforms such as Instagram and its messaging feature, DMs users can communicate with representatives of businesses more quickly.

    Customers frequently face problems with their purchases. So they’ll contact the brand’s customer service to resolve their problems. Although email is among the most common ways to connect to brands, it can take longer to get a response since most brands do not allow emails daily.

    However, calling numbers are often a source of anxiety for consumers who may not wish to be charged additional fees for assistance.

    But instant messaging is distinct. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to send small text messages. In this scenario, Instagram DMs are the best way for your users to contact you.

    4. Create brand trust

    Instagram DM
    Create brand trust

    Being responsive and giving relevant information to the public is the most effective way to build the trust of customers. When you respond to their issues or queries as well as simple inquiries, they will consider you to be an expert brand.

    It’s not easy to create the brand image of a company. It requires a lot of effort and dedication to get an honorary name. Therefore, trust in your brand is essential to keep since it is even more difficult to get customers to believe in the brand to come back once it’s damaged.

    Customers are influenced by trust in how brands interact with their customers. For instance, providing poor service or being unresponsive is among the negative corporate brandings. You don’t want your customers to perceive your business as unprofessional.

    5. Create leads

    Another benefit that you can gain by using Instagram’s direct messages is that they allow you to get more leads.

    Here’s how.

    If you publish stories or feeds, There will be people who aren’t engaged through your stories or feeds. They could turn out to be your future clients if your company’s brand is continually introducing them.

    You can use their DMs and send them a message about the comments they left on your post. You could offer them suggestions when you understand their needs and help them find leads for your online stores through Shopify, BigCommerce, or even their alternative options to expand your business.

    How Automated Instagram DMs Drive Sales

    Here are 5 ways you can make use of automatized Instagram DMs to boost your marketing and boost sales:

    1: Provide 24-7 Customer Service

    Automated Instagram DMs can aid you in answering frequently requested questions from both new customers and existing ones at any time. Being available and responsive assistance to customers 24 hours a day will increase brand loyalty and inspire customers to purchase from your business again.

    It is also possible to automate icebreakers, the small message bubbles that pop up at the time you DM an organization to ask users frequently asked questions.

    A recent survey on marketing showed the following: 40 % of customers expect brands to respond to messages within one hour after they have contacted them.

    2: Promote Products

    If you’ve got a brand new product or exciting announcement to make, automatized Instagram DMs allow you to notify all the followers of your brand’s or your company’s most recent developments.

    Informing your customers about the latest news, products, and forthcoming sales is an excellent way to advertise your products and boost sales.

    If you send your followers information about particular products or services that you provide, you are able to make sure you are focusing on the sales you want to focus on in a more direct, specific manner.

    3: Gain Leads

    One of the best methods of capturing leads is to make use of Instagram Stories as a base. More than 500 million users use Instagram stories regularly on a regular basis, which means there are many opportunities to draw users to your DMs with engaging and innovative stories.

    See the way @blume made use of their Instagram Stories sticker in their post to communicate with potential and existing customers regarding their product for beauty:

    After you’ve got the user’s attention in your DMs, You can then automate an acknowledgment, direct them to your website, or recommend products and services to them to test.

    Additionally, you can utilize automated DMs to instantly reply to users who have shared your business or brand in their personal Instagram stories.

    4: Build Your Email List

    Instagram DM
    Build Your Email List

    You can also redirect people to the DMs by asking them to message you with a certain automatic trigger word for giveaways, contests, and promotions.

    If, for instance, you’re an eCommerce retailer offering discounts for Black Friday promo, you might say, “If you want to get a 10% discount code, message us FRIDAY10.”

    When you receive a message, you can make use of the automated DMs to start conversations. This might be a signal to sign up for a discount. It’s the perfect way to increase the email lists of your customers.

    5: Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Automated direct messages can also be an excellent way to direct Instagram customers to your site.

    Automating messages with hyperlinks to your website’s products and services, you are able to invite recipients to visit your site, creating more sales opportunities.

    How to delete Instagram DM

    Instagram DM
    Source- Businessinsider

    1. After tapping the Instagram icon on the home screen of your phone then, open the Instagram Direct inbox by tapping the tiny icon of a paper plane located in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen.

    2. Locate the conversation where the message you want to delete appears, and tap to open it.

    3. Tap and hold the message that you wish to unsubscribe from. The option to copy or Unsend will be displayed above.

    4. Tap Unsend, and the message disappears out of the conversation.

    Make sure that the recipient of the message has Instagram notifications enabled. For example, they will receive an email notification whenever you unsubscribe an email.

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