Instagram Collab Post: Grow your Account Faster then Ever in 2022

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    Instagram is always making improvements and is constantly adding new features that enhance your user’s experience. One of the recent tools available on the platform is the ability to work among other platform members. Also known as Instagram Collab, This feature is an asset for influencers and brands alike.

    In this article, we’ll help you learn how to use Instagram Collab post. In this post, we show you how to use the Instagram Collab feature, how it could benefit you, and how you can use it to your advantage creatively. Let’s get started.

    What Is Instagram Collab?

    Instagram Collab
    Instagram Collab Post: Grow your Account Faster then Ever in 2022 6

    Instagram Collab lets you invite someone else to join in on a feed post or reel, and they can then share the content with their following.

    In essence, you can collaborate on content with another Instagram user. Your content will appear on both profiles.

    So you’ll be able to communicate views, comments, and comments. This will allow you to build and connect with one another’s communities.

    Instagram began testing this feature before 2021. Users in specific regions are gaining access.

    Benefits of Using Instagram Collab

    Instagram Collab
    Instagram collab post android

    The capability to share the same post on two accounts and gain visibility is the primary benefit of using Instagram Collab. Instagram Collab feature. Additionally, there are a variety of ways in which the feature can help you out:

    Reaching a New Audience

    Because the Instagram Collab post appears on both of your accounts, this lets you put your post in front of the followers of the other account. This lets you easily connect with a new audience while introducing them to your brand or creator account. It’s an excellent method to present your goods and services, knowledge, or creativity before a new audience. Then, if they’re interested enough, you may get many new followers.

    Boosting Engagement

    In addition to appearing on both of your profiles In addition to appearing on both your profiles, the Instagram Collab post also collects the engagement of both communities. This means that the comments, likes, views, views, and comments collected from the profile of the other user are included in the total engagement rate of the post.

    They can also quickly increase because they’re out of the two (or more) distinct communities. Additionally, the algorithm of Instagram will be able to consider this engagement rate as high and make your post more visible to a wider audience.

    Increasing Sales

    Instagram allows you to join in on shoppable posts. This means that more people can view your items and purchase them easily through an Instagram Store. This greatly increases the likelihood of generating sales.

    Collaboration with other users via Instagram Posts.

    Additionally, you can use Instagram’s collab feature when making new posts to add co-authors. Follow these simple procedures to insert a co-author in your Instagram post, similar to reels.

    Start Instagram on your device. Instagram application on the device you are using.

    Click on the + icon located in the upper right part of the display.

    Choose a post from the bottom. Then select the image or video you would like to incorporate into the Instagram post.

    Tap the forward icon located in the upper right corner of the application screen.

    You can also add filters or modify the image you upload in this section. After you’re done, you can tap the forward arrow and tap on the forward arrow icon.

    Instagram Collab
    Source- Influencer Marketing Hub

    Tap onto the “Tag people” option.

    To invite collaborators to join, tap to Invite Colleagues, search for their Instagram usernames, and add them to this post to be co-authors.

    You can have 20 collaborators on a single Instagram post.

    Finish your article by adding additional information and pressing your blue tick symbol in the upper left corner to publish it.

    Your collaborators will be notified instant notification notifications about the post.

    Instagram Collab
    Source- Influencer Marketing Hub

    Once your partner agrees to your request, your post will go up on both grids of your profile with their names included in the post’s title.

    How to Use the Instagram Collab Tag for Reels

    Reels and feed posts have certain key features. They are the main reason Instagram has limited the Collab tag to these formats.

    Both feed posts, as well as Reels, are permanent content.

    Both of them can be used as the shopping tag.

    They are both available on The Explore page. Unfortunately, other kinds of content, like Stories and IGTV, are difficult for users to find.

    To make a reel using a Collab label, begin with recording, editing, and finishing as you normally do. Next, tap Preview to ensure all is as it should be, and then tap Next to go through the options for sharing.

    There are a variety of settings you can alter in this section. For example, you can decide whether to share the video as either a story or reel, modify the caption or audio description, and tag the people on the reel.

    Click Tag People to access the Collab label.

    On the next page, you’ll be presented with two choices: You can either tag individuals as usual or invite collaborators to be acknowledged in the post.

    Suppose you’d like to combine these features within the same blog post. You could also tag someone you know and add a brand to the list as a collaborator.

    But for now, let’s concentrate on the label that the collab labels. So tap Invite Collaborator.

    You’ll be asked to look for an account you wish to tag on the next screen.

    You can tag up to 20 accounts. However, be careful as that total may include tags that are normal as and Collab tag. For example, you could tag 10 collaborators and 10 people or zero collaborators and 20 people; however, that’s not the limit.

    Keep in mind that you can only identify public accounts located within the UK, India, or Ireland. Other countries should become part of the pilot program shortly. But, you can’t label private accounts regardless of where they’re located.

    After selecting the collaborator (or possibly multiple collaborators), Tap your checkmark in order to affirm.

    Instagram will return you to the share screen, which allows you to review your settings for the last time. The screen will show an overview of the collaborators you’ve assigned. If you’re satisfied with the results, you can make the reel public.

    Remember that collaborators need to accept the label before it appears on your reel. It is possible to post your reel right away, but it may take time for your collaborators to get the message and then accept it. Don’t worry in case it doesn’t show immediately.

    If a collaborator accepts this tag, they’ll take ownership of the reel. The collaborators can post the reel on their personal profiles and be recognized as co-authors of the post.

    Content Ideas for Instagram Collab 

    Instagram Collab is an exciting feature. Instagram Collab feature provides many new opportunities for creators, brands, and influencers.

    So, let’s look at how you can utilize the brand-new Instagram feature to increase engagement and increase the number of followers you have.

    Influencer Campaigns

    Although you’ll need to apply the partnership’s paid label to the content you post branded on Instagram, the Collab feature will help you get rid of some issues with influencer-based campaigns.

    Instead of having to share content with an influencer, the content is instantly added to their profiles. This allows you to build greater exposure for your brand and leverage both communities to increase your campaign results.

    Additionally, it provides you with full transparency on the campaign results on your personal Instagram Insights (rather than using influencers or creators posting their results manually).

    Promoting a Collaboration

    Instagram Collab
    Instagram collab post 2022

    Do you run a podcast? What do you think you could do with a YouTube channel? Or a regular IGTV show?

    If so, you probably have people who periodically visit your venue to impart their expertise to your viewers.

    This Instagram Collab feature offers the chance to advertise collaboration. You can create an Instagram Feed or Reel post teasing the coming episode. Instead of tagging your guest to be tagged, you can turn them into an associate.

    In this way, you’ll be able to reach out to other viewers and build excitement for the event. It also gives you the chance to think of innovative Instagram feed ideas that can be used with this feature.

    Crediting Creators

    Let’s suppose you’re working alongside another person on a project campaign or launch of a product. Perhaps you’re collaborating to help promote a cause, or perhaps you’ve co-created a digital product.

    This Instagram Collab feature allows you to make sure you give credit where it’s due and help bring attention to the appropriate people. It also makes every collaboration an enjoyable experience that increases the effectiveness of each new product or campaign you launch.

    Collaboration on Instagram with brand giveaways

    It’s no secret that company giveaways are among the best ways to get followers and boost participation on Instagram.

    If you don’t want to run your next giveaway by yourself, Why not join forces with a different brand or creator within your field?

    You can turn on the Collab feature, and you’ll boost your chances of winning even more. In addition, you won’t have to arrange a date for everyone to announce the contest simultaneously.

    The account is the only one to click “Share,” and the other simply takes the invitation to collaborate. It’s as simple as that!


    This is the end of my review on the new Instagram collaborative feature. I hope you’ve learned and tested this feature to connect with more people on Instagram. Click the Like button and then share this post with your followers to aid them in collaborations. Keep an eye out for more posts similar to this one.

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