Make a Killer Instagram Bio for Business in 2022

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    Make an Killer Instagram Bio for Business in 2022

    Instagram is extremely well-known. It is the fifth most used social media platform worldwide, boasting more than 1.2 billion people.

    If you don’t already have a profile on Instagram and you’re not gaining a following and growing the number of sales you make.

    For the best experience on Instagram, You should write an effective Instagram bio for business to allow users to have a clear and concise understanding of your brand, what you’re all about, and, perhaps most importantly, what you have to provide users.

    What is an Instagram bio?  

    A bio on Instagram is the description you provide to your followers. Instagram bio is the 150-character description displayed under the username you have on your Instagram Profile page. Your Instagram photos demonstrate to users what you are doing. Your bio is your opportunity to show them who you are.

    Your Instagram bio should reflect your brand’s personality and let your followers know they are in the right spot. After reading your bio, your followers must be able to understand what you are doing and the reason why they should follow your account.

    What’s the purpose of Instagram Bio for Businesses

    A 150-character limit for your bio could be a bit tight, especially when it is your opportunity to tell new users what they need to know and how they can connect with you or buy with your brand.

    Limiting your character count or not, there are a few fundamental things your bio should be doing:

    Clearly define your value proposition. Your value proposition should be about how your business’s product or service is distinctive and what they offer those who read the bio. The purpose of your bio is to explain why people should be interested in your company and why they should choose to follow your business. The most crucial portion of your bio.

    Highlight your brand voice. If you’ve got a distinct voice for your brand, it is an ideal opportunity to showcase it to prospective customers. Your bio should align with your brand’s whole, or else there will be a distinct disconnect.

    Include a distinct call to action. Your bio is brief, and if it’s well-written, it can still entice users to take action, such as sharing UGC or visiting your website to buy something, or even registering at an event. Make sure that users know what you would like them to do and the best way to achieve it.

    What should be included in an effective Instagram bio

    Your Instagram bio for your business is essential for making the ideal Instagram business page. These are the key aspects to include in the bio on your Instagram bio:

    1. Name and username

    It’s your Instagram username that serves as your handle and Instagram identity. It’s a part of your Instagram profile URL ( and holds a prominent location at the top of your profile page. In contrast, your name is your full or real name as a brand. Based on the data sources you use, such as the audience or Keyword research in the past, you could recognize abbreviations or name variations commonly used to describe your brand’s name. It is possible to use them in a single spot on the bio of your Instagram bio, for instance, on your name.

    Instagram Bio
    Source- Instagram

    In this Instagram business profile, the username of Sprouts Farmers Market is just @sprouts, but the name area contains the full name of the company.

    2. Profile photo

    It should also be in line with the company’s image. For example, it could be a logo, brick-and-mortar locations, or even a photo of your product. Whatever image you decide for your website, the image must appear attractive and relevant to your company.

    Brands with a well-known visual identity, such as National Geographic TV, even the simple yellow rectangle logo is an ideal profile photo.

    Make sure you select images that look visually consistent across your profiles to create a distinct and authentic brand image. One method of making sure that the images you upload to Instagram are in keeping with the brand’s guidelines, be it your profile logo or feed content, is to utilize tools that allow you to store approved photos for everyone in your team to use across all social.

    Instagram Bio
    small business bio examples Instagram

    3. Instagram Bio Section       

    This is the area under your name where you can express yourself (or, in this instance, your brand’s personality). You’re given 150 characters to explain the Instagram page, what your brand provides, and why they should follow your account. Unfortunately, you’re not given much to go through, and it’s more important to think ahead and craft your Instagram bio for your business.  

    4. Website       

    This is the sole section of Instagram that allows you to create a clickable URL, and you should use this feature wisely. Although you can include a URL on your home page, you can also change this link by posting new products, content, projects, etc. In addition, many companies use a platform such as Linktree to increase the number of clicks on a single link’s potential by sending users to a landing page that includes links to the content featured or pages for products.  

    5. Category         

    Instagram also lets you define the category your brand falls into – whether you own an eatery or a company that deals in entertainment and media. This will be displayed under your company’s name when you allow it, which lets you free up space on your Instagram bio to add other vital information.   

    6. Call-to-action buttons         

    It is also possible to save the space on your Instagram bio by making the most of the call to action buttons available to Instagram business accounts. In addition, it allows users to act directly through your Instagram profile on the mobile app, which makes it much easier for users to convert actions like buying tickets or booking tables.   

    7. Contact details           

    Contact options can provide potential customers with the information they need to contact your company. Make the most of contact buttons and email to showcase your contact information without taking up room in your bio.

    5 Tips for Creating the Best Instagram Bio for Business

    After you’ve seen examples of top Instagram bios for business, Let’s look at the top ways to stand out.

    1. Use Creative Elements

    Some brands incorporate emojis into the mix of their Instagram bios. Apart from highlighting your business image, these icons could influence readability, this will help your business stand out. In addition, you might consider cutting down on copywriting and increasing white space by adding Emojis.

    Brands are also able to alter the fonts within their Facebook bios. This can add diversity. Be careful to ensure that the script is understandable and not overused.

    2. Show Your Brand’s Personality

    You’re looking to convey your brand’s personality through the description of your Instagram bio. Then, try out emojis, copies, and other innovative ways to display it.

    Do not be scared to experiment for a while and enjoy yourself with your followers. The bio of Drizly on Instagram recalls:

    However, be wary of using “social media” as an excuse to change the brand’s standard voice. For instance, a hospital that uses emojis with laughter in its bio would not be an ideal fit and could cause patients to be nervous! However, seeing emojis displayed on BarkBox’s Instagram bio  seems to perfectly match the company’s reputation for fun.

    Instagram Bio

    3. Share User-Generated Content

    There’s no need to make a plan to come up with a hashtag — but it’s not a bad idea. Making a hashtag unique to your small-scale company is a great way to increase brand recognition and build your brand’s reputation.

    Create a hashtag that incorporates your company’s name or highlights your values. For example, if you think #JustDoIt, your brain thinks of Nike.

    You can then ask your customers to include your hashtag in their posts on social media and then re-share the User-generated Content (UGC) through your channels.

    4. Clearly State Your Brand’s Purpose

    You’re limited to a certain number of characters on the Instagram bio. Make clear the services your company offers and be clear in your question. For instance:

    Are you looking to build your community? Add your hashtag with your company’s logo and invite followers to follow it.

    Are you in search of subscribers to your newsletter? Include the link to your website in the bio.

    Are you trying to boost sales? Create a Linktree linking to multiple pages of your products so that customers can discover what they’re looking for.

    Whatever your purpose, make sure you know what it is.

    5. Include Links, Hashtags, and More

    Instagram Bio
    Make a Killer Instagram Bio for Business in 2022 13

    It is difficult to stop about characters in your bio. But, there are ways to provide more information regarding your company or even cross-promote other businesses or personal websites. You can include the following information:

    • calls to actions (CTAs)
    • Instagram handles for the other brands
    • Location of your store and operating hours of your physical store.
    • Your contact details
    • Your branded hashtag
    • Links to contests or promotions currently running
    • A Linktree  link that directs the audience to other pages

    More Instagram bio examples

    Here’s a tale. In the year 2020 (lightyears away in social media), in the days before the search engine results of “Instagram bios” became invaded with a myriad of long pages of copies and pastes of Instagram bios, Conor Bond collected a list with inspiring, hilarious, fun, and interesting Instagram bios. He also discussed how they’re effective. This is the post.

    1. Tree House Brewing Co.

    Instagram Bio

    There’s nothing flashy or exciting here. Simply a great copy. Especially delicious beer brewed with love and passion. This first sentence is successful because it’s a powerful and succinct value statement. Brewer was owned by and operated by Brewer. This is a firm with you can feel Good about business dealings in conjunction. The idea was conceived in a small red barn in the year 2011. It paints a picture of the company that started out as nothing but grew into something.

    2. Shopify

    Instagram Bio

    It’s not a bad thing to be striving toward profit. It’s what will help you can keep the lights running. However, if you want to make sure that your Instagram bio’s content is really memorable to the people who view it, promoting your business as a cause-driven entity can go a long way. For Shopify, this is the case. Shopify is a matter that highlights its commitment to small, independent businesses.

    3. Instagram

    Instagram Bio
    instagram bio for business

    It’s possible that Instagram could be ultra-literal and alter their bio to something like Free entertainment throughout Bachelor in Paradise commercials. Although people do appreciate self-awareness, I believe Instagram did the right thing by introducing this bio. It’s brief, it’s cute, and it connects the brand with a significant reason.

    4. Apple Music

    Instagram Bio
    Apple Music

    There’s nothing to be delved into here, just an incredible and memorable benefit that makes you feel guilty for not signing up to Apple Music. I’ve mentioned the use of an Instagram bio to advertise your business as a company on the right track. However, it’s not an absolute principle. If you’re able to follow the same method as Apple Music does here–i.e., create a simple value proposition that Gets your customers to take action, You’ll be in great form.

    5. The Montague Bookmill

    Instagram Bio

    Written copy that is well-written can instill an interest in your customers and encourage them to take the initiative to explore your company. After they’ve taken the initial step to finding out more, such as clicking the link on the bio of your Instagram profile, for instance, they’re now officially part of your funnel for marketing. This illustration from the adored Montague Bookmill is a fantastic illustration of an interesting gap. It’s not just memorable; it’s actually intriguing. If that’s not a guaranteed method to boost traffic to a website, I’m not certain what is.

    6. Angel Soft

    Instagram Bio
    Angel Soft

    “Be soft, be strong” is a lovely tagline – a quick sweet, and powerful description of what you’re seeking in bathroom accessories. What makes this tagline truly memorable tagline? Creative Instagram bios are the method by which Angel Soft connects its tagline to a larger message about the human condition: People are soft as well as robust, and that is the reason our products are also. . This layer of sentimentality aids Angel Soft Its brand is humanized as a company that truly takes care of people.

    7. SeatGeek

    Instagram Bio

    The message that is the basis of this bio is a strong one: Our platform connects you with tickets for every event you can dream of. In an industry with several major players–Ticketmaster, StubHub, Gametime–establishing a high degree of authority is important. Additionally, this is another instance of a tagline that is hard not to remember. If you’re planning to search for tickets to your next performance, you’ll likely be the first company which you think of.

    8. Planet Fitness

    Instagram Bio
    Planet Fitness

    The process of establishing your authority isn’t the only thing to do. The only method to establish trust. Planet Fitness takes a relationship approach through expressing its fondness approach by expressing its love for pizza, memes, and lengthy (presumably casual) runs along the track. This helps dispel the image of the gym that is a bit serious and allows people to feel confident about its laid-back and fun side. This is a good way to differentiate yourself in your field.

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