Conquer Instagram Ads: The Secret Instagram Code for Success in 2022

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    More than two million people use Instagram to promote paid advertisements. One billion daily users (greater than Facebook!) 60 % of Instagrammers can find products through the platform, and more than 200 million users visit business profiles every day.

    Business solutions are continually refined, and 25 million businesses have active profiles on this social media platform.

    It’s the most popular site for telling visual stories. When you have all the tools and information in hand, you’ll be able to create visual stories using a variety of types of ads that will produce an ROI that you can measure.

    Types of Instagram ads

    There are nine different kinds of Instagram advertising, which include:

    Image Ads

    Instagram Ads

    Image ads are ideal for campaigns that have compelling visual content that is communicated with just one image. Images can be made with high-quality photography, or through design and illustration.

    It is also possible to include text in images. It is however, Instagram recommends limiting overlaid text as much as you can to ensure the optimal outcomes.

    Instagram Stories Ads

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Hootsuite

    Instagram Stories Advertisements are full-screen video or image advertisements that show Instagram users’ Stories.

    Instagram Stories can be a popular feature of the app, with more than 500 million Instagram users logging into Stories daily. Engagement is usually higher for Stories ads because they cover the entire mobile screen and is more engaging than ads in feeds.

    The most effective Instagram Stories advertisements look and feel similar to regular Stories and don’t appear like advertisements. When creating Stories advertisements for businesses, they can use all-natural Instagram Stories features like filters, Text, GIFs, text, and animated stickers.

    Video Instagram ads

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Buffer

    Videos ads on Instagram allow businesses to provide viewers with a better understanding of their products, brands, and services.

    In-feed video advertisements can be as long as 60 minutes; however, shorter ones tend to be more effective.

    Reels ads

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Brax

    With the success of the introduction of Reels, Instagram has announced the launch of Reels; Instagram recently announced that it would be able to promote ads within Reels.

    Adverts are displayed between Reels. They have the same specifications as Stories advertisements (full video with a vertical screen). They can run for as long as 30 minutes. They should have music or sound to make them compatible with natural Reels.

    Carousel ads

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Hootsuite

    Carousel advertisements feature a sequence of videos or images that users can scroll through. They can be seen in the feed and within Instagram Stories, with a call-to-action button or a swipe-up link that takes users directly to your site.

    Carousel ads can be used to:

    • Present a collection of similar products
    • Create a multi-part story
    • Up to 10 videos or images

    Explore ads

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Brax

    Explore ads are displayed in The Explore tab, a section of Instagram where users can discover brand new accounts and content customized based on their Instagram behavior. More than half of Instagram users use Explore each month, making it the perfect place to gain exposure.

    Instagram Explore advertisements do not appear within Explore’s Explore grid or in the topics channels; instead, they are displayed after clicking on a video or photo in Explore. Because the content that appears on Explore tabs is constantly changing, Explore ads permit businesses to display alongside relevant and popular content.

    IGTV ads

    IGTV adverts are advertisements that appear after a user is prompted to view an IGTV video on their feed. Videos can be as long as 15 seconds and should be created for full-screen viewing in the vertical orientation ( more IGTV ad details).

    They are shown in midroll (in the center of the screen) and may include the option of skipping.

    IGTV ads are accessible to Instagram users with creator accounts from the US, UK, and Australia, and additional countries coming soon. Creators can show ads on their IGTV videos and are eligible to receive 55 percent of the income generated by each viewer.

    Shopping ads

    Instagram Ads
    Conquer Instagram Ads: The Secret Instagram Code for Success in 2022 12

    130 million users are tagging on shopping posts each month; it’s not surprising that Instagram has been progressively upgrading its features for e-commerce in the past 1-2 years. Instagram’s latest shopping features allow users to shop and browse items without being able to exit the app (limited to businesses that have Instagram checkout capabilities).

    Instagram Shopping ads direct viewers directly to a description of the product page in your Instagram application. Then, they can purchase the item on your mobile site.

    To advertise on Instagram Shopping, You must create an Instagram Shopping catalog.

    Collection ads

    Collection ads combine carousel or shopping adverts. The ads show items directly from your catalog.

    Collection ads are ideal for online brands since they let customers purchase items directly from the advertisement. If a user clicks the advertisement, they’re taken into an Instant Experience Storefront, where they can find out more information about the product and then buy.

    Benefits of Instagram ads for Brands

    1. Growing opportunities

    As we mentioned, there are plenty of users using Instagram; however, what should we anticipate for actual growth? Let’s consider our own United States as an example. Of those 140 million Instagram users within the United States, Instagram saw an increase of 8% in a single quarter, from Q3 of 2020 until the close of this year. The region’s usage will increase by 17 percent by 2020. It’s always growing, so it’s safe to say Instagram is still a long way to go before it becomes too saturated or outdated.

    2. Create a following for your brand

    When people visit social media sites to stay connected with their loved ones and family or find out what their favorite celebrities are doing, they also go through what brands are posting. There are many platforms where users are actively doing that. In actuality, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one profile for businesses every day. In addition, 81 % of Instagram users also use the platform to research services and products. Furthermore, today, Instagram has recently made shopping more prominent on its site; 130 million users browse shopping posts each month.

    It’s your chance to make an appearance and showcase what you’re selling visually appealing. If you do it right, brands can create a huge following and increase sales on Instagram. Don’t be shy. Create your plan for the platform by itself and think about its role in your overall marketing and advertising plan. Create and utilize captivating and visually appealing content. See how Instagram can represent your company and what offerings or solutions you provide.

    3. Create ads easily

    If you’ve employed Facebook to boost your company’s organic growth and its paid growth via ads, it’s easy to extend your reach and reach on Instagram as they’re linked through Facebook Ads Manager. Because Instagram Ads are integrated with Facebook Ads Manager, you can reap the benefits of the majority of campaign objectives, such as optimization choices and targeting options. Simply join your Instagram profile within your

    4. Present your brand’s image through Stories

    Snapchat might have been the first company to offer the ability to create ephemeral content; however, it’s certainly not the only one. Instagram created its app version after Snapchat turned down Facebook’s offer to acquire it and quickly outpaced Snapchat’s user base. Although Instagram Stories isn’t a new concept and is still growing, more companies engage in this popular format and achieve great results. At present, there are a half-billion users watching Stories every day, adding more reason to incorporate Stories into your paid and organic strategies for advertising.

    5. Leverage higher engagement rates

    We’ve noticed on our accounts for clients and from what we’ve heard on the industry’s rumor mill Engagement rates tend to be greater than those on other social networks. If this is the case, ensure that your videos and images are appealing and relevant to your target audience to help you drive more sales. A Twitter team has reported that their engagement levels are the highest when posting photos and followed by carousels and videos. This will obviously differ based on the content you promote by your company, industry, and your audience’s preferences.

    The Ecommerce Marketing platform Yotpo discovered that users are much more likely to interact with the content of a brand on Instagram than on Facebook, while they are the likelihood of engagement is 120x higher to engage with content on Twitter.

    How to create Instagram ads

    Because Facebook’s advertising system is so extensive, it has a variety of steps to follow to make Instagram advertisements. They’re fairly simple, and we’ll walk through each one in the following paragraphs. These are the basic steps:

    • Select a goal for your marketing campaign
    • Name your campaign.
    • Determine your target audience, placement, budget, and timetable
    • Create the ad or use an existing post

    Tips: While there isn’t an established naming convention, however, it’s best to apply the naming convention so it is clear to you (and members of your group) are able to distinguish them by their names.  

    Navigating to the Facebook Ads Manager

    This approach is the most popular method for marketers to make Instagram advertisements.

    Utilizing Facebook Ads Manager is usually simpler than making ads in the Instagram application. You can accomplish more with this feature of Facebook Ads Manager also.

    Editor’s Note: We’ll go through the process of creating Instagram advertisements within the Instagram app in the next section. If you’d like to learn more about it right now, you can skip the section.

    Making Instagram ads is similar to making Facebook ads. Like Facebook advertisements, Facebook Ads Manager is the best place to create edits, edit, and manage Instagram ads.

    To open your Facebook Advertisements Manager, simply click the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner on any Facebook page, and then select “Manage Ads” from the dropdown.

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Buffer

    Alternatively, you can use this direct link: to go to your Facebook Ads Manager.

    Once you’re there, just click the bright yellow link “Create Ad” in the upper-right corner of the screen to begin.

    Instagram Ads
    Source- Buffer

    How much do Instagram ads cost

    cost of Instagram ads

    AdEspresso discovered that Instagram cost-per-click for Instagram is $0.80.

    Cost-per-click for Instagram ads is between $0.70 to $1.00.

    There are many factors that affect the cost of your Instagram advertising.

    It is important to note that the cost for Instagram advertisements ultimately boils down to the demographic you’re trying to reach, which is the reason knowing Instagram demographics is vital.

    What factors affect the cost of Instagram

    The following are four primary aspects that determine how much you’ll be charged:

    Bid Amount

    The amount you bid on determines the amount you will spend on an Instagram advertising campaign. It is up to you to determine what you’re willing to pay for leads. The amount you bid will also influence the amount you will pay.

    Instagram’s bid rates are higher, so you’ll need to be prepared to be willing to pay more for clicks as well as impressions.

    If you have $500 available in your budget and the bid is $2 per click. This means you receive only 250 clicks on your advertisement. If you have a budget of $1,000, with the $2 CPC will result in 500 clicks. A bid in the range of $0.50 within the identical situation will result in even more clicks using those two budgets.

    Relevance Score

    The relevancy score of your ad can also impact the price of your Instagram advertisements. Relevant scores are how relevant your ads are in relation to Instagram users who view your ad.

    Instagram strives to offer users relevant content to their feed. They’ll calculate your score based on the response of users to your ads.

    User Action Rates

    The estimated rate of action can influence the Instagram advertisement cost. According to Instagram their website, the cost is determined by the probability of people clicking on the ad. In essence, they are trying to know how likely the customers will engage with your advert.

    They include actions such as clicking or making a conversion. Instagram is looking to promote ads they believe that users will engage in and be a part of.

    If Instagram believes that more individuals engage with your advertisement, it will be ranked first. This means you’ll receive the lowest bid, which will allow you to gain more leads and increase conversions.


    Competition is always a factor in the cost of your Instagram advertisements. If you are trying to target a particular group of people, there are always competitors trying to reach the same audience. Your competition may make the price of your Instagram advertisements fluctuate.

    If bidding by other bidders to reach the same target audience, it could lead to the possibility of a bidding war. Businesses must outbid each other in order to secure the first position. This means your CPC may go up in order to outbid your competition.

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    Instagram Ads
    Conquer Instagram Ads: The Secret Instagram Code for Success in 2022 13

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