7 Ways To Increase Traffic on Amazon Listings in 2022

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    Expert Amazon sellers are not there to just launch a product and then forget about it. Instead, they’re constantly searching for new ways to optimize, whether in SEO, ranking, pricing, or the product listing content. As a result, more traffic, especially internal traffic, leads to more exposure: the more exposure, the more revenue.

    In this vein, we’ve come up with 7 of the best strategies to drive both external and internal traffic to your Amazon listings. These include

    Why drive external traffic to your amazon listings?

    There are many reasons why external traffic is essential to Amazon stores:

    Get Seen Ahead of Your Competition

    Increase Traffic on Amazon
    Get Seen Ahead of Your Competition

    Optimizing your Amazon listings to maximize organic sales should be the first thing you do. The problem is that everyone else is doing it too. With every day more and more people jumping onto the FBA bandwagon, distinguishing yourself from the rest of the pack is now a challenge.

    You’re not just engaged in constant competition to be a part of Amazon search results, and your competition could also buy sponsored ads that will jump over your listing to the top of the results page of search engines. You can also buy Amazon advertising for sponsored products on your page!

    For your product to stand in the mind of your customers, you must get it to be noticed first, by itself. One way to accomplish this is to get the attention of potential customers via other media (social media blogs, blogs, etc.). So you can avoid all Amazon-sponsored products that are trying to take your thunder.

    It’s A Chance to Showcase Your Brand

    Another method sellers are succeeding and prospering on Amazon today is having a well-known brand. They stand out from the other resellers with low-quality products. The issue is that Amazon offers a limited opportunity to accomplish this. In the end, they are trying to market their brand to their customers.

    Your Amazon listings has fairly restrictive limitations. Pushing these limits is risky. If you’re advertising outside of Amazon, it is possible to be as creative as you would like. Develop a distinctive voice for your brand and create something that people can remember.

    When you create a brand, you’re not only able to distinguish your product from other sellers on Amazon. You’re also defending yourself from Amazon themselves. Amazon is becoming more intelligent and tougher on gray-hat sellers. This started with the review of policy changes in the year 2016. Today, sellers are seeing their reviews disappearing within hours. They are also under the tight control of their accounts. However, for instance, well-known brands like Onnit and The Honest Company aren’t just surviving. They’re thriving.

    Build An Email List

    Marketing via email is vital in every business, particularly the e-commerce industry. It’s been shown as the highest successful digital marketing method, having it delivering an annual average of $44 for each $1 invested. If you take a look at the costs for Facebook ads or Amazon PPC, it’s easy to utilize email marketing within your company.

    The issue is that Amazon does not allow you to collect your clients’ email addresses. In the last few years, they’ve taken away the capability to access Amazon customer email addresses because they fear sellers would attempt to steer them away from Amazon. For example, when we review the following section of Amazon’s conditions that strictly prohibits the seller from sending an email at Amazon customers:

    “Unsolicited emails to Amazon customers (other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service) and emails related to marketing communications of any kind are prohibited.”

    There’s a way to overcome this problem, and it’s white-hat. Suppose you can capture a customer’s email address before they go to Amazon, and they’re a good target. Therefore, by capturing the traffic of other sources and creating the perfect sales funnel, you’ll be able to create an email list and then market to the list. Unfortunately, many of your competitors won’t.

    Insurance For Your Business

    Insurance For Your Business

    Amazon is an excellent platform for selling on. For example, they have a large audience of customers who are ready to purchase. In addition, their storage and fulfillment network allows you to manage a significant portion of your physical business. However, it’s not a great idea to have the entirety of your business’s eggs together.

    Amazon continues to crack down on violations of policies, no matter the magnitude. It’s resulting in sellers being banned or removed entirely from the marketplace. Amazon is also launching more private labels, which can be difficult to make third-party sellers compete. It’s possible that things are going well in the present. However, you must be aware that you won’t be able to count on Amazon in the near future.

    7 ways to increase traffic on Amazon listings

    • Run a competitor analysis
    • Get your pricing right
    • Make sure your product listings are optimized
    • Encourage reviews
    • Run sponsored product ads  
    • Take advantage of promotions  
    • Drive external traffic

    1.Run a competitor analysis

    The first step in promoting an Amazon listings is to know what you’re competing against. For the majority of categories, you’ll find out a great deal about what people want and don’t like based on the pages of competitors. Also, regularly reviewing products that complement yours will help you stay on top of the best practices and promotions. Specifically:

    Find customer reviews and Q&A on competitor pages. The customers are quite clear on what they like and can often lead you to product enhancements or even new ideas.

    What is the frequency of updates by competitors to images, product information, or other material? Are they circulating through pictures that reflect the seasons (i.e., Halloween or Christmas themed?) Do they have clearer explanations about the benefits of products and their use as you? What is their frequency of changing pricing, and what impact do they seem to have on their Best Sellers Rank?

    What are these companies doing well in complementary areas (for instance, cameras, memory cards, and memory cards)? Are there opportunities to promote cross-promotion with them? Do you have any information on their reviews of customers about the factors that led them to make this purchase and how that could affect their look for your product? Do you think it is logical to place those keyword categories in your sponsored product campaigns?

    Finally, move quickly. If you find that an opponent is not in stock, it could be an ideal time to cut prices and/or boost advertising. If you notice that your competitors’ reviews are growing more quickly than yours, try to find out what the reason is. Search for innovative and new ideas, like pictures or product information that are broader in scope, and then implement them prior to your competition.

    2.Get your pricing right

    Increase Traffic on Amazon
    Get your pricing right

    Finding the best price for your product is difficult enough, and when you add in Amazon’s complexity and an open market for competitors to challenge you, you’ve got plenty of options. But, if you take the most important considerations in mind, you will try to prevent more serious problems from developing.

    Your agreement to sell your product on Amazon includes a price parity clause. Based on the general pricing rule, your item’s price and the total cost cannot be lower in any other online selling channel. This applies to your personal Shopify website. You can avoid a suspension of your account because you did not follow this rule and make sure that you set the price of Amazon at a lower cost than your other channels.

    Because Amazon is an online marketplace, you could possibly be competing with other third-party sellers to win”the buy box.” There are many repricing tools on the market. Amazon recently introduced the “Automate Pricing tool’ for sellers on Seller Central to help you make better pricing decisions.

    3.Make sure your product listings are optimized

    Online shoppers, specifically on Amazon, are able to make a decision within a matter of seconds if they would like to continue their interaction by visiting a particular page or returning to the search results. How can you get past this initial hurdle so that your customer is to the bottom of the page and is thinking about buying your product? Begin by making it easy for them.

    Titles are important. Does your title clearly inform customers of what the item does and whether it is in line with their requirements? Does it include its brand’s names? Does it explain the reason for the use or the main benefits? In addition, does it cover all this in a way that is concise, so it’s not difficult to be read

    Bullets are elevator pitches. Make sure you cover the most important points that clients need to know before they are required to scroll down below the fold on the desktop or scroll to more sections for mobile. Include key information, such as if there is a warranty available or customer service to help troubleshoot problems. Avoid bullets that go over one or two lines as most customers skim through this section.

    Images are crucial. The main image must clearly define the nature of the product prior to zooming or panning into it. Additional photos should offer more perspectives of the product and, if applicable, lifestyle images. It’s also likely to be worth including a picture of the back side’ of the container that lists the ingredients, directions, etc.

    Product descriptions matter too. Keep in mind that consumers are reading, so a lengthy paragraph of 10 lines likely won’t be enough. Instead, make use of your brand’s voice, repeat the key selling points, and mention any additional information that will aid customers in understanding the reasons they should purchase immediately.

    4.Encourage reviews

    Reviews are crucial. We’ve all likely purchased something from Amazon, and in a lot of instances, the decision depended on which item was rated the best by the customers.

    Additionally, as I said in the beginning, reviews on Amazon can have an impact on other channels, such as your Shopify website, as customers are more likely to research Amazon first.

    The good news is that this new rule makes it an equal playing field as companies were basically disqualified for not receiving incentives to write reviews when their competitors did.

    So, how do be done to earn reviews? Email follow-up.

    Sellers are permitted to send follow-up emails to customers who have placed the specific purchase. There are a variety of automated solutions to help you handle this procedure. In summary, you may not:

    • Send emails with messages for promotion or marketing
    • include links to other sites
    • Request, demand review incentives or ask for

    5. Run sponsored product ads  

    Increase Traffic on Amazon
    Run sponsored product ads  

    Amazon is a reputable advertising platform that lets you advertise your product to consumers on Amazon.

    Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are a PPC (pay per click) model that permits you to advertise your product through the results of a search. Displays on desktops can be above, beside, or below the results from a search, as well as on the pages of product information.

    Mobile listings appear below results from searches and on the page detail pages for products.

    I could write a complete guide on Sponsored Ads, but here are three-step process to begin your journey quickly:

    Step 1: Begin with automated targeting. This lets Amazon make use of its algorithm to recommend an extensive list of possible terms for your business.

    Step 2: Once you’ve gathered at most a couple of months’ worth of information (the longer you have, the more), Begin to evaluate the effectiveness of your automated targeting campaign to find out which keywords did most effectively.

    Step 3: Continue to run your manual campaign with Keywords and Bids. Data is your partner, but try different bids if you think you must include other keywords that haven’t been successful.

    6. Take advantage of promotions  

    Promotions that include Lightning Deals are a great option to sell units with a greater speed, leading to more reviews. The aim isn’t to constantly be focused on promotions or offering huge discounts; however, if you can include these at the beginning of your product’s lifecycle on Amazon, this is an excellent way to get more reviews and increase your relevancy so that customers are able to locate your company.

    Sellers may also choose to have their products added to Amazon’s Early Review Program. Amazon randomly chooses its customers who leave reviews and awards them with some kind of reward (such as a $1-3 Amazon Card or Gift Card) to acknowledge them for leaving a positive review.

    7. Drive external traffic

    Instagram feed
    Drive external traffic

    Many companies overlook this aspect or choose to use all external channels to direct customers to their website. However, there is no doubt that there is importance in driving traffic from external sources (such as blogs, Facebook ads or Google AdWords ads, influencers such as.) to your website. The same strategies can also help advertise your visibility Amazon listings.

    Choose carefully the channels that are most appropriate to send traffic to Amazon. For instance, bloggers, vloggers, and other influencers are often enthralled with driving traffic to Amazon because they can earn an affiliate commission from any orders made by customers who use their customized link.

    Final Thoughts

    The process of driving traffic to your listing isn’t the end of the story, as you’ll need the traffic to convert into conversions. So if you’re receiving the amount of traffic you require, but your conversions aren’t there, then you should consider you Amazon listing again.

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