How To Increase Domain Authority of an Ecommerce Website in 2022

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    Growing Your Domain Authority can result in more favorable Google rankings and more visitors arriving at your site.

    For many industries with competitive markets, Google will only display results from highly trusted domains.

    However, it’s important to remember that the Google Search algorithm doesn’t directly consider Domain Authority when ranking websites, as DA is a subjective scoring system created by a third-party company (Moz).

    What is Domain Authority?

    Domain Authority (DA) is the number of relevant backlinks – links to your site from other trusted sites that your website is DA-aware. The relevance of these backlinks can also affect your score.

    Moz developed the Domain Authority metric to aid businesses in determining the places they could appear on search engine result webpages (SERPs). They calculate a website’s potential ranking through several sources, “including linking root domains and the total number of hyperlinks, and combine them into one DA score. This score can be used to evaluate websites and track the “ranking strength’ of a site throughout.”

    Some brands are considered authoritative and do not even bother attempting to. It is because the words found on their websites have some weight.

    How is domain authority calculated

    Domain Authority is calculated by analyzing a range of variables, such as linking root domains and the total number of hyperlinks, to create one DA score. The score is utilized when comparing websites or monitoring how the “ranking strength” of a website over time. Domain Authority is not an actual Google ranking factor and does not affect SERPs.

    In this Domain Authority 2.0 update in early 2019, the domain’s DA score is calculated based on an algorithm that learns from machine learning to predict the frequency with Google using the domain’s results. When domain A has a higher likelihood to show up in the Google search result than domain B so, we should expect the DA of domain A to be greater than the DA of domain B.

    What is a good domain authority score

    domain authority
    Source domain authority tool

    Moz’s Domain Authority search engine ranking score ranges from 1-100, and higher scores indicate the likelihood of higher rankings in the SERPs. To determine this metric, the SEO tool considers the quality and quantity of the links a website receives.

    If a site is linked to by backlinks from sites with the highest authority — like Google, Wikipedia, governmental pages, well-known magazines, or newspapers — it is more likely to have a better score.

    Based on the nature of the business or the specifics of the site depending on the nature of the website, it is more likely and also more valuable to have backlinks than other websites.

    For example, a training center might look for links from national newspapers, universities, academic websites, or even government sites. On the other hand, a local business site will likely prefer to be linked to by local publications or magazines for the industry as these backlinks are more beneficial for the business’s intended customers, even though there isn’t the top authority for domains.

    The process of determining good domain authority is, therefore, different for every business. In the end, it’s essential to examine your top competitors and draw conclusions specific to your website’s needs, in light of your rank in addition to the rankings of your competition.

    Domain authority vs Page authority

    DA and PA are almost identical metrics. However, they differ in that a DA score indicates how well the website as a whole will rank in SERPs. A PA score is a measure of how the particular page will be ranked within the search results.

    Furthermore, Domain Authority puts more emphasis on page SEO, while Page Authority doesn’t take on-page SEO, such as keyword use and optimization of content to any degree.

    If they are used together, both rankings give you a lot of valuable data about your domain’s SEO and your page’s SEO.

    How to Increase Domain Authority of your eCommerce website

    1. On-Page SEO Optimization

    SEO on the web is one of the most crucial factors that allow your site to rank better, and in this way, it also helps to improve the experience for users of your website.

    According to the marketing industry, on-page SEO accounts for most SEO techniques that can be applied to websites. And if it’s poor, the domain authority won’t rise substantially.

    Here are the major aspects that affect SEO on the web:

    • Optimization of your product photographs and other videos, images, as well as other components of media
    • Use of keywords that are relevant to your content and their use within your content does not lead to keyword over-use
    • Integrating internal links to your website
    • Add headings, meta titles, and meta descriptions to your content to improve its position in search results.

    2. Focus on link building to a high authority website.

    Another SEO technique that will be sure to boost your website’s authority on the internet is link building.

    Link building is usually the biggest obstacle to a digital marketer’s work. This is because it’s a long-winded process that requires concentration and huge quantities of patience.

    Domain authority indicates it is considered to be a reliable authentic source. To increase trust in your website, it is essential to integrate links from many publications and sources.

    These links tell search engines that your site offers valuable information due to the top-quality sources you hyperlink to.

    3. Increase Your Social Engagements

    Even though Google acknowledged that social signals aren’t an important factor in ranking, they are nonetheless efficient. Marketers have also had experience since they understand that social media appearance is the same as having an article on an online site.

    To boost your brand’s power and attract new customers, you should be managing your business’s Facebook page and working to increase the number of followers in a natural method or through paid advertising. In addition, to ensure you can maintain an online presence on social networks, it is essential to regularly update your content and attract your followers.

    You must also monitor your analytics and content to understand who will most likely visit your site.

    4. Improve Your Page Speed

    One of the well-known ‘signals that are part of the Google rank algorithm is the speed of page loading. Websites that load faster are also more efficient than slower sites.

    Making your website more responsive and improving its speed improves not only your ranking and your domain’s authority but also enhances the user experience, which will result in increased sales, leads, and sign-ups.

    5. Focus on mobile-friendly sites.

    mobile friendly site
    how to build domain authority

    In 2022 worldwide mobile Internet traffic will significantly surpass desktop traffic. It’s, therefore, crucial for your company to be recognized on mobile devices.

    It’s not just that; Google will take into account your mobile site when it awards your website the rank. Indeed, Google has said that it places a high value on mobile-friendliness when it comes to ranking algorithms.

    This means that for your website to be relevant and effective, it must be a reliable, responsive platform that works across all devices, smartphones, and tablets.

    A simple and effective method to boost your website’s domain authority is to roll out a mobile-friendly and responsive site that visitors can interact with anytime and anywhere.


    For the final part, do not get too hung up with your domain’s authority score. It’s only a number to show the strength of your domain when compared with other domains within Moz’s database.

    A Low DA score does not necessarily mean that your site won’t be a success on Google.

    An excellent DA score is a sign that you’re on the right track. However, it doesn’t assure you of better rankings or increased traffic; it is simply a forecast.

    Always consider the bigger image that involves trying to create an online presence that, with time, will be able to achieve a high rank on Google as well as other engines.

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