6 Simples Strategies to Get Tons Of Free Landing Page Traffic

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    For many companies landing page traffic are vital to convert visitors into sales and leads. They’re an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. Yet, many companies have difficulty designing efficient page designs for landing pages that work for PPC (pay per click) or SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns. Here are 6 strategies on how to drive traffic to a landing page & improve the performance of your landing page traffic on search engines.

    6 Ways to Improve your landing page traffic and conversion

    1. Improve SEO for your landing pages

    Internet users come across websites via organic searches every day. However, when it comes to constructing your digital marketing plan, the purpose that landing pages play is to trigger conversion events.

    If you have a website page that isn’t performing well in the search engine results pages and can’t be found, there’s not a reason to create this page at all in the beginning. To get visitors to your landing page, you must have people to locate it. In the same way, if you do not improve your site to attract the correct audience and target the right audience, it could be a waste.

    Set out to not just rank for brand-related keywords but also for related keywords to your industry. If you type in Google to find “learning management system,” for example, eLearning Industry is the first organic result!

    2. Don’t Forget To Do A/B Testing

    As we’ve mentioned before, optimizing your landing page is a significant factor in conversions. However, there are many methods to achieve that conversion; even the landing page you’re using isn’t that great by itself.

    Content (and text generally) is still important. People will certainly read your content, but it needs to be logical and resonate with your target audience. Also, I’d like to mention that keywords are extremely important when choosing your headlines and the topics you’re planning to write about in your posts. Therefore, be sure to go through my latest blog post on ways to enhance your SEO writing skills!

    If you’re not sure what will be working, consider A/B testing. It can be done by making different headlines or a copy of your website’s page. Then, continue to run A/B tests to test the results of these elements. After that, you’ll be able to determine which method is the most effective.

    3. Make Your Landing Page As Simple As Possible

    Landing Page
    Source – Zoho

    A simple landing page may appear easy, but it will help keep your site clear of visual clutter. This is crucial, particularly when you want your site’s users to be focused on the call-to-action instead of being lost in the background.

    For example, you could prefer to have just four or five major elements above the fold on your landing page for your product. Perhaps it’s an ideal idea to make your elements are too small to fit in the Navigation bars. Then, you can try using the remainder to create an appealing but subtle look. In the end, you must take into consideration directing the eye to the last feature by using it as your CTA.

    Through trial and trial and to understand the procedure. The first step is to be aware of what your clients need and then provide your customers with the best solution that is the most effective manner.

    4. Show Social Proof

    This is among my top strategies for optimizing landing pages techniques. Have you thought about including testimonials on your landing pages to make your site more appealing to undecided customers? In my opinion, I’m a huge fan of using social proof to promote the products or services you offer. At eLearning Industry, we want customers to know that other businesses are pleased with our products and services.

    It’s not all about gathering reviews. We’re looking to show that we’ve helped many clients get amazing outcomes. So, adding testimonials to your website’s landing page can be among the most effective ways to establish trust, particularly when it’s a product-related page.

    Social proof is also essential in order to convince users to sign up for something, or if you require them to fill out the lead form. Although quotes may be effective, you’ll have to attempt to convince your clients to accept videos of their testimonials. This is how you can gain an edge over your competition.

    5. Give Exit Popups A Try

    landing page traffic

    Sometimes, a landing page is just not enough to bring the conversion. It is necessary to improve it to obtain the results you want. You could, for instance, make use of the exit popups. How do you accomplish this? If a user is trying to leave the page and leave, a popup exit message appears on the landing page’s screen. If you implement this method, it gives you another chance at generating an opportunity for conversion.

    I like about popups for exits because they’re much less intrusive than popups that pop up as soon as a user arrives at your website. Utilize a combination of captivating visuals, a compelling headline, and CTA text to entice people to click. Consider enticing users to click on the exit popup by offering a discount or other promotion.

    Additionally, you’ll discover that you are able to do A/B tests for various variants. This can provide you with a lot of useful information and insight. It will also be an effective way to draw attention to those who choose to stick for a while because of your timely promotion.

    6. Experiment with Visual Data Reports

    However, before you begin optimizing your landing pages, you must spot any potential issues. For instance, using heat maps can tell the locations where users click on your page. A tool like this will help you determine whether visitors are not responding to your call-to-action. It can also assist you in determining if visitors are focused on an unimportant aspect, like images from stock. Another approach is to monitor your users’ actions and discover the areas that aren’t performing.

    In addition to the use of hot maps, you may also utilize other visual data reports. For instance, you might consider checking the scroll map, confetti maps overlay reports, as well as report lists to check the extent to which your landing page optimization is efficient.

    The 5 different types of landing pages in search.

    1. Squeeze the page

    It is the most recognizable landing page. It is also called a lead capture page or opt-in page; the purpose of the squeeze page is to extract information from the user. This is usually personal information such as names, emails, or phone numbers. In exchange for personal information, the individual usually receives a special deal.

    2. Long-form landing page

    Landing Page

    The long-form pages of landing sometimes referred to as sales letters, are the infomercials in digital marketing. They emphasize the product’s benefits and continue to highlight the benefits repeatedly until the customer is convinced to buy what the company offers. The long-form landing page comprehensively explains everything about the service to the customer.

    3. Click-through to land page

    This kind of landing page offers enough information to get users to visit the page for a transaction. The pages that click-through warm leads, making them more likely to result in sales. The landing page should provide enough information about the product or service, focusing on the benefits as well as general information about the service or product.

    4. Product details page

    Landing Page

    A product information page is available on the primary website. The pages contain all the information regarding an item or service. Visitors can browse all of the information regarding the product and then complete the purchase or call a sales representative to find out more about the service.

    5. Video landing page

    As the name implies, the landing page with video features an advertisement video. It is the primary feature of this type of landing page, and it’s typically placed just above the fold. A landing page for a video might contain just a video, or it could have the video along with some additional text.

    How is Landing Page Conversion Rate Calculated?

    The process of calculating your landing page’s conversion rate isn’t an artifact of science. It is important to keep track of three factors:

    • A time period, for instance, 30-days or 15 days
    • The total number of page visitors in the specified time
    • The total number of conversions that occurred during the time

    For calculating your landing page conversion rate:

    Divide the number of conversions that occur in an allotted time period in the number of users who have visited the landing page. Then, multiply the answer by 100 to calculate the percentage.

    What’s a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

    Around 23% of our respondents believe that a satisfactory conversion rate for landing pages is between 21 and 50 percent. However, 20 % of experts surveyed believe that a good conversion is between 3 and 5%.

    About 14% believe that 11-15% is an excellent conversion rate for landing pages. But 10% believe the 15-20% figure is an acceptable rate. Similar numbers, 10% of our respondents – have also witnessed conversion rates of 50% or higher.

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