14 Most Important TikTok Trends That Every Brand Should Know in 2022

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    TikTok has seen a huge rise in its popularity in recent years. While COVID-19 has likely contributed to this growth in 2020 and 2021, TikTok is still likely to grow its users over the next few years.

    TikTok currently has more than 1 billion active monthly users. Most of them are young and young, with 28% of the users under the age of 18 and 35% between 19 and 29. In addition, it shows a clear female-dominated skew and 59% of the users being female, as opposed to 39% of male users (with 22% of users identifying as “other”). TikTok had reached 3.0 billion total downloads by June 20, 2021. It was the seventh most downloaded app in the decade of 2010.

    We think that the TikTok trends in 2022 will be primarily positive for creators and brands. However, it is vital for businesses, especially those targeting younger people, to take note of TikTok’s potential in marketing.


    A TikTok trends could be an audio hashtag, dance, or even a challenge. Likewise, how you modify your post could be trending (like this swanky transition type). When a trend begins to gain momentum, users “hop on” it by making a replica of a trending TikTok video or thematic.

    As per TikTok, there were a few of the most popular TikTok trends for 2021, including whipped coffee and an easy and quick skincare routine, and the niche communities that exploded during 2021 were Witchtok (20 billion visits) as well as ArtTikTok, also known as TikTokArt (11 billion viewers).

    Do you see a difference in TikTok trending for creatives and TikTok trends for business? In the end, there is no difference. Any trend is fair to anyone using the application, and entrepreneurs and businesses can frequently adapt patterns created by the creators.

    I am sure you’re thinking something similar to this. You might think I’m a regular user of Hootsuite Blog, and I’m convinced that being authentic, unique, and finding my niche are the key elements of effective marketing. So what can I do to ensure that doing what everyone other people are doing assists me?

    Making a point of trends (and adding your twist onto it!) is an effective method of creating content that people like. For example, the trends are instantly identifiable, such as the initial three chords in Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” And in the end, this recognition could earn you money.

    While browsing through the app, you’ll see that although TikTok patterns are constantly apparent, not all videos in one trend are alike (that makes the feed very boring).

    People who interpret trends as the most enjoyable part — and often are rewarded (by algorithms) for breaking the rules. For instance, the “ring light “Infinity” trend became the center of thirst-traps, and many of the best videos are created by people who don’t have a ring light.

    Based on Hootsuite’s Digital Trends Report, the average time an internet user between the ages of 16 and 64 is on social media is two times and 27 mins. This is a long time to advertise to.

    Additionally, Kantar states that TikTok ads are more entertaining than other ads. In reality, a large portion of this positive sentiment is because it’s trendsetting.

    21% of those polled by Kantar reported that advertisements posted on TikTok were more up-to-date than those on other platforms. Businesses can benefit from that by jumping on the trend. The more seamlessly your advertisement integrates with the user’s feed, the more likely they’ll become upset and not see the ad. Incorporating trending advertisements is a guaranteed way to blend into.

    Because of the fluctuating characteristics of TikTok trends, it’s hard to identify the specific TikTok trends that are likely to be popular in 2022. But don’t fret; we’ve got you covered—this list of the hottest general trends and suggestions for identifying trends in the present.

    Read on, be inspired, and incorporate these trends into an effective TikTok business strategy!

    latest tiktok trends

    TikTok is a popular platform for skilled creators in their dance moves, and in reality, many of the most lucrative TikTokers are dancers.

    However, thanks to the hottest dances, it’s unnecessary to be an expert to perform the perfect dance. TikTok dances are generally brief, simple, and beginner-level, and therefore, anyone can learn these dances in a matter of minutes. This leaves lots of room to add an individual spin to it. For instance,

    A glance around the apps will tell you what dances are currently trending. However, you can also search for the hashtags dance challenge, #dancetrend, or #trendingdance to determine what’s hot.

    If you’ve discovered the dance that you like, then tap the beat to find other ways to interpret the dance. You may even locate an instructional video.

    2.Humorous and funny

    TikTok Trends
    new tiktok trends

    There’s a reason TikTok is extremely popular among the younger group of users, and that’s because the short length of the videos and the ability to scroll through them on the app makes it ideal for comedy, snark, and sexual sass. Although numerous content creators and smart marketing professionals have developed ways to transform TikTok into a commercial venture, its primary goal has always been to “inspire creativity and create joy.” So don’t be taking the platform too seriously. The more daring, more edgy, the more fun.


    At its heart, the idea behind a glow-up on TikTok is the equivalent of a “before” and “after.” A majority of creators will upload some photos or videos of themselves as shy teenagers, and then upload they will upload a new, fresh video. (Usually, the one in which they appear confident and amazing).

    The TikToks of this kind are ideal for the waiting-for-it aspect: users tend to view the entire video to view the final result.

    Glow-ups are also well for creating positive engagement. For example, this one has 716 million likes (and more! ).

    4. Seamless transitions  

    Another feature that is unique to TikTok is the way it transitions videos. The editing tools built into the app let you easily move from one clip to the next in a manner that looks as though magic.

    It’s as easy as maintaining the same lighting and ensuring that your camera is in the same place, like in the example below:

    5. Being vulnerable

    The term “trend” sounds like accusing creators of being insecure about gaining views. It’s not the case in this case — there’s an actual need for truthful material on TikTok.

    We live in an extremely controlled online world; however, TikTok has a particular corner for vulnerable people. It’s not unusual for users to upload videos of their tears or remember someone they love. The sharing of difficult experiences can inspire people and make them feel less isolated. Check out the overwhelmingly positive and reassuring reaction on this short video.

    6. Asking for other creators to participate in the comments  

    TikTok Trends
    biggest tiktok trends

    These TikToks are incredibly simple to create and will blow up quickly. Just type a message asking viewers to “make the comments look like [something creative].”

    This video, for instance, requires clever commenters to suggest their most memorable family-oriented Youtube title for their videos.

    7. Making TikToks with your family  members

    This is a perfect example of being genuine and vulnerable. There’s nothing better than the appearance of Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa. Try it, for example, and look at this blooper of a family dance without your heart going off.

    Because most TikTok creators are younger (or Gen Z, it’s refreshing (and entertaining) for older users using the application. Of course, the hardest part involves convincing the family members to take part, but if you’ve been one of them, then you’ve hit gold.

    8.Referencing current pop culture

    You can score some likes, remarks, or shares, by tapping into an already huge fan base. In addition, trending films and TV shows frequently inspire some of the TikTok trends (for instance, just two dialogue lines of the show Big Mouth has become an audio track used in more than 90,000 videos and the track that came from “In the Heights” Heights was the song that was chosen by thousands of gossipers).

    In the year that Squid Game swept the globe in 2021, it inspired the creation of dalgona tutorials, musical mashups, and, of course, tracksuits. This is only one of many examples of how inventive TikTok users referred to the show:

    9. Documenting a day in the life  

    Although “No one wants to see your avocado toast” is the mantra of choice for angry anti-Instagramers, the reality is that many people want to see that toast of avocado.

    Something is gratifying (see trend #11) watching someone’s day-to-day routine, regardless of whether they’re a teacher in the second grade or a lawyer, or even a couple living in the van. The term “realistic day in van life” has been

    Many of these videos make fun of the everyday and mundane, but there’s plenty of opportunity for humor in this type of video too. For example, if you’re an artist that gets many questions in your posts (see Trend #10), A day-in-the-life video could answer a lot of them all at once.

    10. Replying to a comment on an older TikTok to create a new one  

    TikTok Trends
    newest tiktok trends

    This is a great method of creating an ongoing conversation among your users. Comment on existing videos to spark new content such as this

    A reputation of being able to respond to comments can only increase the number of comments you receive on every TikTok (and comments lead to more likes, views, and subscribers).

    This is a fantastic way to create content when you’re making use of TikTok to promote your business. For instance, the waterproof sneaker brand Vessi made a post to inform users that their shoes are machine washable.

    11.Satisfying videos

    This could be the most loved and least controversial of genres that is the thrilling video. Whatever it is, soap-cutting as well as cake frosting as well as the freezing of bubbles, there’s something incredibly satisfying and relaxing about this type of video.

    Similar to the daily-life-style videos, These are also an appreciation of the everyday. It’s likely that you’re doing something that’s pleasing to watch (even cleaning a stove is a great way to be entertained).

    12. Catering to different niches or subcultures  

    If you could imagine it, you are a TikTok subculture.

    The stove cleaning feature mentioned above is only the start of cleaning, which is a unique feature of the app dedicated to cleaning. There’s more and includes the gymtok, planttok, dadtok, and swiftok (Taylor’s version, Of course!).

    It’s possible to search for the subcultures you like by using any word that starts with “tok,” which is usually an excellent option when you’re into the cold. Simply browsing the app and commenting or liking the videos that resonate with you is the best method to ensure you’re For You page shows you the side of TikTok you’d like to be on. Find your friends, and offer them what they want.

    13.Behind-the-scenes videos

    14 Most Important TikTok Trends That Every Brand Should Know in 2022 6

    We are awestruck by an insider’s view behind-the-scenes footage is great for education as well as for giving viewers the feeling that they’re receiving something special.

    If you’re a creator that produces something tangible (like food, art, and fashion) and then sells it through TikTok and you want to make a behind-the-scenes video, it will give your brand an additional dimension. It’s possible to create a behind-the-scenes TikTok showing the process you used to create a TikTok.

    14.A solid (personal) brand

    It’s always back to this, doesn’t ‘ it? Being a brand with a strong image (whether it’s for your company or for yourself) is always trendy. People like consistent content, and if your brand is instantly recognized, then you’re doing things right.

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