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Important dates for Amazon Sellers in 2021

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Important dates for Amazon Sellers – The Amazon seller who sells FBA products should have a calendar. This calendar includes important dates, holidays, inventory deadlines, and links to resources that will help you prepare for major events such as Prime Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. Bookmark this page to return every month to plan promotions and key events in advance. This resource will help you know when to submit inventory for Prime Day, when Black Friday promotions are starting, and when to check your IPI score. You can gain an advantage over your competitors by staying organized and taking proactive steps to make your Amazon selling journey easier.

Important dates for Amazon Sellers


January 01 – The New Year

Action Item:

Be prepared for holiday sales and returns.

February 12 – Chinese New Year
February 14 – Valentine’s Day
February 15 – President’s Day

Action Item:

It’s time to review your IPI Score
Launch Valentine’s Day Sales: Prepare and Launch
Get ready for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and other spring promotions.

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
March 20 – Spring begins
March 29 – Prime Exclusive Discount Sourcing begins on this date and ends two weeks before the event.

Action Item :

Promos for spring and St. Patrick’s Day
Get ready for Easter
Prime Day Preparation Time

April 12 – Easter Sunday
April 15 – US tax Day
April 16 – Deadline for Lightning Deals in the USA and Canada
April 16 – Prime member promotions end in the USA, Canada and Mexico
April 23 – Prime member promotions end in the UK (Germany, France, Italy), Spain, Japan and Australia
April 23 – Last day to submit Lightning Deals in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Spain and the UK

Action Item :

Promos for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are now available
Optimize your listing for Prime Day

May 1-5 – Labor Day in China
May 4-6 – Sellers Summit (conference)
May 10 – Mother’s Day
May 28 – Last day to submit coupons in USA Canada, Mexico UK, Germany France, Italy Spain, Japan, India, Australia
May 31 – US Memorial Day
May 30 – June 13  – FBA inventory cut-off dates for sellers.  To ensure that your products are available for Prime Day shoppers, you should have your inventory at fulfilment centers by this date.

Action Item :

Time to review your IPI
Plan Prime Day Promotions
Summer sale


June 9-10 – White Label Expo

June 20 – Father’s Day

June 21 – Summer starts

Action Item :

Summer Sale and Father’s Day Launch
Last-minute preparations for Prime Day

Important dates for Amazon Sellers in 2021
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July 4, U.S. Independence Day
July 13 – Prosper show
July 16-18 – SellerCon Conference (conference).
TBD – Prime Day

Action Item :

Check out Prime Day results to see where improvements could be made
Back to School Promotions

Back-to school and the start of autumn shopping season

Action Item :

Time to review your IPI

September 1-3 – Amazon Accelerate
September 6 – Labor Day
September 22 – Fall Begins

Action Item :

Get ready for Halloween promotions
Send Lightning Deals by Mid September to Black Friday
Optimize your listing for Q4

Oct 15-Nov 4 – Canton Fair (China)
Oct 31 – Last day for inventory orders before Chinese New Year
Oct 31 – Halloween

Action Item :

Make sure to schedule your holiday inventory shipment well in advance
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving promotions

Nov 6 – Last day for Black Friday and Cyber Monday inventory submissions
Nov 26 – U.S. Thanksgiving
Nov – Black Friday
Nov – Cyber Monday

Things to Do:

Time to review your IPI score
You must ensure that inventory is received by November 6th to be eligible for Black Friday & Cyber Tuesday promotions

Dec 1 – Last day to order inventory from Amazon for Christmas shopping
Dec 10-18 – Hanukkah
Dec 17 – Last day for Amazon to receive inventory for 2021
Dec 24 – Christmas Eve
Dec 25 – Christmas
Dec 26 – Boxing Day
Dec 31 – New Years Eve

Things to Do:

Get Christmas inventory by December 1.
Get Inventory for the New Year in December 17

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