How your IP address impacts your browsing experience

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    Every IP address is essential information that makes your device unique and recognizable on a Wide Area Network (WAN). While private IPs can be changed and manipulated to sort devices on your local network, public addresses come from your internet service provider and organize the communication between computers and portable devices.

    Following the rules of the internet protocol, IP addresses carry information about your device, your connection, and even approximate geolocation. With no identical addresses, everyone gets the right data packets delivered without unexpected interceptions.

    With two types of IP addresses, most devices today use the iPv4 IPs, represented as four sets of 4-digit numbers. However, with the number of computers and smartphones with internet access only growing, the available 4 billion combinations will eventually be used up. That is why we also have an iPv6 protocol, which extends the available pool to 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses — a number too big for human comprehension.

    But without technical details, what is so important in an IP address for the average internet user? The answer lies within the geolocation embedded into your network identity. In this article, we will explain why your IP address displays your country, county, and city, why sharing this information is okay, and what action you can take to prevent the exposure of your IP address. You will learn the differences in the browsing experience in different regions, and with the help of internet privacy tools, you even get an option to enjoy a new version of the internet without changing your physical location. For example, you can get a UK proxy to see the web through the eyes of a user within the region. You will be able to visit websites that would not be available in your country, see how popular pages adjust themselves to suit the visitors in the region and experience internet restrictions that affect local users.

    Of course, you do not have to stick to a UK proxy. Most suppliers have servers all over the globe, including millions of IP addresses in Asia. With different options, you can get a UK proxy with thousands of IPs or get an identity in a specific location that suits your needs.

    How IP addresses affect your browsing

    With a specific geolocation tied to network identity, companies and government agencies can choose to allow or restrict visits to specific websites for users with a certain IP address. However, while it can be a tool for internet censorship and surveillance, this information would not exist just for evil purposes. IP address location recognition is necessary for localization, where website owners invest resources to present the desired information in accordance to the desire of visitors from different regions. This way, internet users that do not speak english can still enjoy the web and its most frequently visited pages without feeling left out.

    Still, because so much of the internet can be excluded for any user, web privacy enthusiasts create solutions that let us choose a different digital location and mask the original identity. Proxy servers are a solid lightweight solution that achieves this goal without much struggle. Let’s discuss the reasons you would want a solid proxy provider and its pool of IP available addresses from all over the world.

    Different locations have lower prices

    Especially popular for travel ticket and booking agencies, we constantly encounter companies that inflate the prices for their services in specific regions, especially first world countries like Switzerland or Germany. To ensure fair treatment, you can connect via a remote proxy server and explore different versions of a website in hopes of finding a discount or a cheaper deal, which happens surprisingly often.

    Localized results for search engines

    For our SEO specialists, a fleet of proxy servers is useful for testing ranking efforts in specific regions for local keywords. While your website may perform well in one region, ensuring stable appearance amongst the top results for local keywords is also important for the growth of your business. To kill two birds with one stone, you can test SEO and localization efforts with the same IP address when trying to succeed in both of these areas.

    Web scraping

    Web scrapers are another niche but extremely popular tools for automated extraction of information from desired websites. Data collection bots need proxy servers to enter geo-restricted locations and protect the main IP address from potential IP bans. WIth thousands of available proxy servers, they are your best bet at keeping your network identity safe and providing legitimate identities for efficiency and scaling possibilities for data scraping.


    Your IP location has a profound impact on your browsing experience, and in 2023, there is no such thing as a universal version of the internet. Digital location manipulation can be used for good to personalize your browsing experience and help finding relevant information faster, or for bad — internet censorship and surveillance. That is why it is always good to have an option to choose a new identity, a new IP address, which we do with proxy servers.

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